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May is a Good Time to Visit Winks Body Shop in Ithaca

Now that the chill of winter is finally behind us it’s time to check out your vehicle for signs of erosion, automotive body repair ithaca, collision repair ithaca new yorkwear and tear. It’s not uncommon for cars, trucks or SUVs to get beat up by snow, ice and harsh driving conditions. Not only does weather take its toll, but human drivers do as well. A minor fender bender in the front or rear of your car typically stays there forever, unless you take action to fix it. Even small dings on your car’s surface gradually grow more visible as the paint continues chipping off, and the rust sets in.

Perhaps you’ve heard about an Ithaca body shop called Wink’s and wondered what it is we do. Well, we take all kinds of cars in need of minor to serious repair work and restore them to like new condition. Think of Wink’s as the ultimate car restoration experts. We’ve repaired and restored countless vehicles of all makes and models over our many years in business.

3 Reasons to bring your car to us in May:

Get Rid of Dings and Dents

We’re not going to lie. Cars with dings and dents really annoy us, because they are so easy to get rid of by making an appointment with an auto body shop like Wink’s. Sure, many people procrastinate in having this type of work done, but then regret not doing it when dings and dents are noticed by family, friends and co-workers. It’s embarrassing to drive around town with these obvious blemishes that you pretend aren’t there, but know full well where each one is.

Instead of not doing anything about it, and waiting for more dings and dents to occur, you can nip this Ithaca Body Shop, Ithaca Collision Center, Winks Body Shop Ithacaissue in the bud by having us remove them forever. Our customers love our work in this area and we’ve put happy smiles on the faces of many drivers who let us smooth out those metal eyesores.

Collision RX

When your vehicle is damaged due to a collision of some sort you can’t take it to a hospital, but you can take it to experts who know exactly how to treat internal and external auto body damage. Wink’s Body Shop experts diagnose your car and prescribe a treatment that is sure to get it running like new again.

Paint Makeover

Auto paint wears down over time and eventually succumbs to the ravishes of upstate New York weather. If you plan on keeping your car for a long while, it’s a smart decision to have it completely repainted. Sometimes all a car needs is a new paint job to restore its luster and it feels like driving a new car. Here at Wink’s auto body shop in Ithaca, we use advanced paint techniques and environmentally friendly auto body paint. And, we can color match your existing paint, if you just need areas touched up.

Contact us today and let’s chat about how Wink’s can restore your car to excellent condition.

March is a Good Time to Schedule Your Auto Body Repairs at Wink’s

Wink's Body Shop

Let’s face it. Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca knows that wintertime in Ithaca is rough on cars, trucks and SUVs. No matter how new, or well kept your vehicle is during the warm months, driving over messy winks body shop in Ithaca, Ithaca body shoproads takes its toll eventually. Your vehicles body gets a real workout as you push your vehicle through days of what seems like never ending snow, ice and slush.

And, then there’s the salt factor that increases the likelihood of there being some type of damage to the sub frame of your vehicle. Many Ithaca drivers have no idea how badly salt can corrode your car’s exterior paint. In addition, winter road salting leads to corrosion of essential parts such as coil springs and the muffler. Road salt can even rot away your car’s frame. Of course, you’re usually blissfully unaware of any damage of this nature, because it’s mostly hidden.

That’s why at the slightest hint of car metal erosion you should be contacting Wink’s Ithaca body shop to collision repair ithaca, Ithaca Body Shopschedule an appointment. Our trained auto experts can take a close up look at the front and back bumpers, wheel frames and underneath area. In some instances, the damage is clearly visible to the eye in the form of ugly rust. This is a sign that there could be more extensive rust damage elsewhere. If this problem isn’t taken care of in a timely manner, rest assured, the rust just keeps eating away at the metal until you are no longer able to drive your car safely.

Here at Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca, we are advocates of catching the damage in its early stages so that we can fix it for you while repairs are reasonably affordable. If that hidden damage is so bad that we have no choice, we’ll have to break the news that extensive repairs are the only course of action. Regardless of whether your vehicle needs minor or major repairs, you can always count on us to do a quality repair job.

Has your car sustained damage to its exterior due to a collision of some sort?

If so, March is a good time to stop procrastinating on those repairs and bring your car in to us pronto. Driving a beat up car or truck in the winter months is passable, because it’s less noticeable, thanks to harsh weather. However, March is when the snow begins to disappear in preparation for milder temperatures. That means all those dents and dings, rust corrosion, scrapes and pockmarks are going to stand out like a sore thumb. Ouch!

We strongly advise you to take advantage of our local reputation as being top service professionals for auto body collision repair in Ithaca. No one can match our expertise when it comes to the latest techniques in auto body repair work. Getting the repairs done now can spare you the embarrassment of driving a banged up car that nobody else would want to drive.

Contact Wink’s Body Shop today and schedule an auto repair appointment, or we’ll provide you with a free estimate.

Watch Out for Wildlife Along the Ithaca Roadways

Ithaca, and the surrounding area, is one of the most scenically beautiful places in the Finger Lakes. It’s not just us locals that think this, it’s an opinion shared by many people that Body Shop in Ithaca, Ithaca Collision Repaireither live here or come to Ithaca for a visit. Although, the city is quite cosmopolitan in many ways, you don’t have to go too far to encounter some of our local animals. Sure, there are many cats and dogs around. But, we’re talking about wild critters such as squirrels, possums and the favorite of many around here – deer. While seeing deer grazing along our roadways can be enjoyable, if you are unfortunate enough to have a run in with your vehicle you’ll need a collision repair service in Ithaca.

Yes, there are plenty of deer that live within easy walking range of local neighborhoods and roadways. Female and young deer tend to travel in groups, while adult male bucks are often spotted walking or standing alone. Since deer are pretty stealthy, you may be totally unaware of their presence most of the time, and that’s best for humans and deer. However, because this is a heavily populated area, once in a while one or more deer decide to walk along the roadway, or cross a road when a car is dangerously in the vicinity.

Imagine being a mama deer with two young ones, and you need to cross a road to get to a prime grazing spot. The babies have got to eat, so you take your chances that you and your kids can cross safely before a car gets too close. Most of the time the mama deer judges correctly and crosses without incident. But, when her judgment is a bit off and a car is coming up just as her family is smack in the middle of the road, well, she must rely on the driver being fully aware to avoid calamity for both parties. That’s why it pays to keep an eye out for deer during your commute. You never know when you’ll have to stop suddenly to allow a family of deer to cross your path.

Driving along local roads either early in the morning or late at night also poses a high risk to drivers and animals. Possums, skunks, squirrels and raccoons regularly cross roads Ithaca Body Shop, car damage in Ithacawhile traffic is light. That doesn’t mean they are completely out of danger. Drivers that hit these poor critters are usually unsure, or unaware, that they hit something. Most people simply keep driving after hitting a small animal, but if you do swerve to avoid hitting one, take care to avoid skidding off the road. Even a run in with a small animal can cause damage to today’s newer light weight vehicles and Winks Body Shop is the “go to” auto body repair center in Ithaca.

When it comes to deer it’s a whole different ball game. Deer can dart out into a roadway when you least expect to see them. You may have driven on that same stretch of road countless times without incident. But, all it takes is a deer to make an error in judgment to turn your normal commute into an accident nightmare.

If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident due to local wildlife, the damage to your car can be serious. After sorting things out at the scene, contact Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop right away. Wink’s has an established reputation for providing our customers with excellent collision repairs in Ithaca. Hitting a deer is traumatic enough without worrying over getting your car fixed properly. Call us today to discuss how we may help you out in an emergency.

More Drivers are on the Roads of Ithaca Now That College is Back in Session

Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop welcomes all new and returning students back to Ithaca. September marks the start of a brand new college year with everything that entails. Those of us who are year-round locals watch the population swell as students, faculty and career professionals join our ranks. More people living here give the city a renewed sense Ithaca Body Shop, Winks Body Shopof energy and excitement. We also notice that the influx of people puts more vehicles and drivers on the road.

While the streets and roads in and around Ithaca are generally easy to navigate, except for those potholes, some people bring their brash driving styles with them. You know those drivers. They are the ones that take all sorts of liberties by passing when they shouldn’t, racing through yellow and red lights, not paying attention to road signs, texting while driving, driving drunk, and so on. More drivers on the road means more fender benders and if you are unfortunate enough to hew a body shop in Ithaca, Winks is here to help.

These people make driving harder for everyone that respects the rules of the road. All you can do is keep an eye out for these reckless drivers. Statistics show that young drivers tend to be the cause of many accidents. Now, we’re not saying that all young drivers are reckless and cause accidents – we know that the majority of young drivers are responsible. However, there is a certain segment of the youth driving population that is immature. These are the drivers that cause a majority of road collisions.

However, reckless drivers come in all ages and stripes. Drivers unfamiliar with the streets may inadvertently make a wrong turn or stop suddenly in traffic. These people don’t mean to cause an accident, they simply momentarily forget other drivers are nearby. The simple precaution of looking before making a maneuver goes flying out the automotive body repair ithaca, collision repair ithaca new yorkwindow. And, let’s not forget those drivers that either have a love affair with speed, or can’t seem to muster up enough energy to step on the gas. Speed freaks are dangerous, because they enjoy showing off a car’s engine power, regardless of speed limits. Other people speed because they are in a hurry to get somewhere. On the other hand, slow drivers are overly cautious, clueless about where they are or having vision difficulties.

We admit that driving in Ithaca is a lot easier on the nerves than driving in a big city. However, drivers on our streets come from all over. So, drivers here still have to watch out for potential traffic hazards. An accident can happen at a moment’s notice. With the roads being more crowded than ever during this time of year, we want every driver, passenger and pedestrian to stay safe.

If the worse does happen, and you are in an auto accident and need high-quality collision repairs in Ithaca, contact Wink’s collision services Ithaca right away. Our expert technicians on staff are trained in the latest collision repair techniques. You can trust we’ll take great care of your car and get it back on the road as good as new.

Summer is the Time to Show Off Your Vehicle

There’s no doubt about it. You take a lot of pride in keeping your car looking its best. As summer in Ithaca approaches, you look forward to taking your car out for a spin around the Winks Body Shop Ithaca, Ithaca Collision Repaircity. Summer is the coolest time of year for car aficionados. It’s no coincidence that cruising inside a cool car is associated with warm weather and casual sunny days. There’s nothing like getting behind the wheel, cranking the music and air conditioning up and driving to wherever the mood strikes.

We here at Wink’s Body Shop totally understand how great it feels to show off your cool wheels while riding around town. Yeah, some of us here have been known to do the exact same thing from time to time. It would be great if a car stayed in mint condition all by itself so that you never had to worry about body maintenance. But, we know that isn’t the case. So, before summer gets here maybe you should think about getting all of those little dings and scratches fixed up.

The winters here in Ithaca can be brutal on a car. Even the nicest of cars take a beating from all of the wind, snow, sleet, rain and salt put on the roads to melt the ice. And then there are those annoying little incidents on the street and in parking lots. Someone comes along and bangs your car with their door. Or, through normal wear and tear, the beautiful paint job on your car gets marred. Hey, when you own a nice car stuff happens. While you can’t do anything about those incidents that damage the car’s exterior. You certainly can do something to get it looking great again.collision repair ithaca, body shop ithaca, ithaca body shop

Wink’s is an Ithaca body shop that knows cars like the back of our hand. We have years of experience in repairing dings, dents, scratches and everything that disturbs the polished look of your car. Do you feel your car needs an exterior makeover?

Well, we’re the shop that can make all of those problems go away. We also specialize in Ithaca collision repair. Car accident vehicle damage is never any fun to deal with. We see the results of small and big collisions all the time. Car owners come in looking anxious and distressed over what has happened to their wheels. We always reassure our customers that their car is in good hands. We have a great reputation in Ithaca and the surrounding communities of doing excellent auto repair work. So, if you are looking for auto glass replacement in Ithaca, or, you need to have a portion of the car repaired and parts replaced don’t hesitate to bring it to Wink’s Body Shop.

We are here to make things right. Our technicians are up to date on the latest auto repair tools and techniques. Contact Wink’s Body Shop today so we can fix up your car and make sure its ready for cruising this summer.