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Don’t Let That Scratch Go Unattended

Ithaca collision repair

One of the things car owners take great pride in is having a pristine looking paint job. Winks Body Shop in Ithaca knows when you got your car you checked out the exterior and admired every inch from bumper to scratch removal winks body shop Ithacabumper. If there had been a noticeable scratch, you would have turned away from the deal. Car sellers understand that they must present the car in great shape inside and out in order to attract buyers. Now that you are the owner it is your responsibility to keep your car’s body in primo condition. And, while you do your best to keep it that way, your car eventually ends up getting a scratch or two somewhere along the way and you’ll need a paint shop in Ithaca. There are several reasons cars suffer scratches.

Many scratches happen when you’re parked somewhere in public and taking care of business. It’s impossible to be near your car at all hours of the day. And, of course, you can’t put up a sign that asks people not to come near your precious vehicle. For instance, parking lots are notorious for causing scratches to magically appear on cars. Someone parks too close and the door opens and scrapes your car. Or, a shopping cart bangs into the back.

Your car could be parked on the street and be subjected to random vandalism. Someone at your workplace decides to use your car as an impromptu counter top. You could have an unfortunate encounter with an overgrown bush that sits near a driveway. Minor fender bender accidents are another prime source of exterior damage. There are a number of scenarios that can cause small and large scratches to your car. Unfortunately, once the damage is done, your car has lost that pristine appearance. This is probably upsetting to you, but you put off taking your car in to a Ithaca body shop to fix the damage.Winks Body Shop

Maybe you’re procrastinating on getting those scratches repaired because they do not interfere with driving the vehicle. That’s fine and dandy. However, the problem with waiting too long is that scratches can get worse. Once the paint has been disturbed it becomes a stress point on the exterior. It doesn’t take much for that paint to continue chipping off as you drive around town. This is why it is best to go ahead and take your car in to a reputable collision repair Ithaca shop. Scratches really devalue a car by eroding its appearance.

At some point, you are going to want to sell or trade in your vehicle for a newer model. When that happens you need your car to look as pristine as possible. Taking your car to Wink’s paint shop Ithaca is the fastest way to get rid of those ugly scratches and restore your car’s value. Stop procrastinating and do it now before the paint wears down further. Contact Wink’s Body Shop today and get a free estimate.

How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

Every car comes out of the factory with a brand spanking new paint job. The color of the paint varies, but the professional precision paint gives a car that certain aura that adds a lot to its Winks Body Shop Ithacaappeal and value. Sure, you purchased your car because of the features it came with. Maybe you wanted a roomy interior. Or, those comfortable seats drew you in. Gas mileage is always a consideration in today’s economy. However, regardless of whatever cool features your car has, Winks Body Shop knows there is one thing that stood out instantly – that awesome painted exterior.

If you are someone that obsesses over keeping your car’s appearance in tiptop shape, there is only one way to maintain that new car look. Your car needs periodic exterior maintenance. In a perfect world, driving carefully and dutifully washing and waxing your baby would be all that is needed to keep her looking beautiful. However, we live in the real world where accidents, mishaps and weather all take a toll on that gorgeous paint job. No matter how hard you try, the forces of Murphy’s Law are working against you. Somewhere along the way your car picks up dings and scratches that mar its appearance. Each time there is a noticeable imperfection in the paint, your heart sinks a little.

The thing is, you hate driving around in a car with a less than perfect paint job. It totally goes against your sense of aesthetics. The reality is that you’re right to be upset about it. A car with a messed up paint job looks tacky. Nobody that notices will say anything out loud, but those paint dings stand out like a sore thumb. Another problem that we here at Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca see is weathered paint. Finger Lakes winters can be harsh on car exteriors. In fact, any type of weather including wind, rain, snow, sleet and extreme heat can adversely affect the paint job on your car.Paint Shop Ithaca, Body Shop Ithaca

Trust us when we say that there’s no use fretting over the loss of your car’s pristine appearance. Paint jobs never remain untouched and perfect during the lifetime of the vehicle – unless it is hardly driven. Therefore, it is best to periodically look into having your local paint shop in Ithaca restore your baby to its like new appearance. The only thing to ponder is where to take it?

You can, of course, take your car to an ordinary repair shop for this type of maintenance. The problem with that idea is that a regular repair shop does a whole bunch of other stuff besides paint. They do not specialize in this type of work. On the other hand, a collision repair shop in Ithaca such as Wink’s has a reputation for doing excellent paint jobs. When it comes to restoring your car to its original beautiful appearance we recommend choosing our years of expertise. Contact us today to discuss restoring your car’s luster.