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Ithaca Area Drivers Can Rely on Wink’s Body Shop

What happens to you when you have a collision?
That’s a question that you probably don’t think too much about as a driver, because it’s not a 11-19-04pleasant topic to ponder. Yet, there may come a time when this question becomes relevant to your immediate situation after getting into a collision. Please understand that this is merely a rhetorical question, and we hope that you never have to be in such an unfortunate situation. But, knowing the answer to this question can give you peace of mind, because you’ll know what to do should an emergency crop up, putting you in the cross hairs of a car collision.

Remain as Calm as Possible
Car collisions typically happen in an instant and they can be quite upsetting. Accidents can cause your heart to beat faster and your adrenalin to kick in. You might feel as sense of panic, fear or even anger. It’s important that you do your best to calm down and keep a clear head. Getting the help that you need – when you need it is a top priority, and you can best do this when you’re able to think clearly and act responsibly.

Assess the Damage and Interact with the Other Driver
Grab your phone (if you have one) and get out of the car. Hopefully, you (and any passengers) are uninjured, so all you have to do is assess the damage to your vehicle. If there are injuries at the scene, call 911 immediately. Stroll around your car and snap pictures of any damage you see. These photos can be used for insurance claims, if needed.
Car damages can range from a few mild scrapes to extensive crushing, bending or twisting of metal and parts. Determine if you are able to drive the car or not, and then meet with the other driver involved in the accident.
Regardless of how upset you are, maintain enough cool to speak with the other driver involved and exchange insurance information. Keep in mind that the other driver is not happy to be in an accident, and is feeling unfortunate as well.

Give a Police Report
A police officer is bound to show up at some point. An officer needs to speak with you in order to file a policereport-150x150report, and this is your opportunity to tell your side of the story. Recount all of the details of what happened before, during and after the accident as best as you can remember.

Call a Reliable Ithaca Body Shop
If the damages to your vehicle are so extensive that you aren’t able to safely drive it home, you must call for assistance, and have it towed to a local body shop for repairs. When it comes to trustworthy Ithaca collision repair Wink’s Body Shop gets high marks. Contact us and we’ll assist you with making arrangements for having your car towed to our downtown shop. Once your car is in our possession, we’ll provide you with a quick quote, and we’ll work with your insurance company on getting your car back in great running shape.
Contact Wink’s Body Shop today for fast collision repair assistance.