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Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca Offers Unibody and Full Frame Repair

When people learn they have damage to the frame or unibody of their vehicle, it usually comes a quite a surprise.  The unibody is the solid frame on which the body of the automobile sits.  This is typical in most passenger cars.  Most often, people feel they have persistent problems with the suspension or alignment.  Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca offers expert unibody and full frame repair.

Collision Repair in Ithaca

When a vehicle with frame or unibody damage comes in, it’s usually for other reasons or symptoms such as:

  • My car keeps “going out of alignment”
  • My vehicle seems to be leaning to the right or left
  • There is a strange vibration in my car
  • My vehicle doesn’t seem stable on the road
  • My car is tracking funny

Pre-Purchase Inspections at Wink’s Body Shop

Collision repair in Ithaca comes with many unseen problems that have to be corrected to collision repair ithaca, Ithaca Body Shopprovide for a safe vehicle that doesn’t wear components unnecessarily.

An Ithaca body shop often discovers frame and unibody damage to a vehicle when a potential new owner brings it in for a mechanical inspection. Possibly the vehicle was traded-in because of persistent problems, the previous owner was unable to solve. This does not necessarily mean the vehicle has been in a collision. We have found unibody and frame damage can occur in many ways.

  • Hitting a curb or large hole in the road.
  • Improper towing of the vehicle.
  • Running into a ditch.
  • Improper previous repair.
  • Cracks and rust damage.
  • Running over something in the road.

No matter how the frame and unibody damage has occurred, a knowledgeable collision repair in Ithaca such as Wink’s Body Shop can normally correct it. To correct frame and unibody damage, we need specialized frame repair equipment and a highly-trained frame repair technician.

The best frame straightening equipment cannot properly repair a vehicle without a skilled technician. Advanced equipment makes the job quicker, but never replaces the skill of the operator. Frame repair personnel have a thorough knowledge of metals, including HSLA, HSS and Martensitic steel. They also must understand hydraulic force, stress relief and have welding skills.

Dog-tracking describes a vehicle that appears to move to one side of the forward motion of the vehicle. Many people have noticed vehicles that look very funny when viewed from the rear while in motion.

Ithaca Body Shop

In the Ithaca area, it’s important to have a collision repair shop that has the ability to successfully determine any frame or unibody damage that needs repair.  Many issues result from an unstable frame and your Ithaca body shop should be well-trained is how to properly diagnose and repair this damage.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca has the knowledge and professionally trained technicians that are Winks Body Shopneeded to not only diagnose issues, but to use the frame and unibody straightening machines.  Improper repairs will lead to further problems down the road.

When considering the purchase of a vehicle, always be sure to have your automobile mechanic and body shop examine the vehicle for any unseen damage.  The safety of you and your family starts with the stability and solidness of your vehicle.

Wink’s Auto Body in Ithaca is available to meet your needs with a splendid team of technicians to help you along the way.  Contact us directly to arrange a vehicle inspection today.

Even Mild Winters Can Be Rough on Your Automobile

Winters bring many challenges to our lives, and our automobile is no less susceptible to the weather changes. With the slippery roads, snowfall, and the temperature fluctuations, your car or truck can take a beating.

There doesn’t need to be massive snowstorms to cause damage to your vehicle.  With roads being untreated or just patches with black ice, you may Winks Body Shopfind yourself out of control and into a snow bank or worse.  Collision repair in Ithaca is provided by Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca. They want you to know that any damage to your vehicle, large or small, can be remedied at their professional, expert shop. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why You Need an Ithaca Body Shop

Whether you’ve been in an accident, have experienced hail or storm damage, need to repair some rust on your vehicle or simply need to fix a couple dents, you should have a good idea for an Ithaca collision repair shop.  Choosing ahead of time, knowing who you would like to do the work on your automobile saves a panic when you are in a bind.

Winters bring many difficulties for vehicle owners.  Damage can occur from falling tree branches, falling ice, hail, and wind damage.  Accidents are only a small part of the types of repairs we work on. Our expert technicians are ready to provide you with the most efficient repair methods that are sure to get you back on the road and looking like new.

It’s really quite hard to believe that something as soft as snow can cause such extensive damage to your car.  Wink’s Body Shop provides excellent collision repair in Ithaca and can be found on 720 West Court St.

WINK’S Body Shop collision repair center specializes in the latest collision Winks Body Shoprepair services. From the smallest ding to structural damage including frame straightening, suspension and front end alignments, WINK’S uses state of the art techniques and equipment and works with most all insurance companies.

All technicians are I-Car Certified and conform to EPA and OSHA standards and regulations.

Services we provide include:

  • Major & Minor Repairs
  • Personalized service
  • Free estimates
  • Unibody and full frame repair
  • Computerized alignments
  • Repairs to Domestic and Foreign vehicle
  • Headlight alignment and replacement
  • Computerized paint color matching systems
  • AC and Cooling Repairs
  • Factory matched refinishing
  • Suspension Replacement
  • Dent & scratch removal
  • Air bags
  • Front / Rear bumper repair & replacement
  • Door mirrors
  • Quarter panels
  • Fenders
  • Hoods
  • Roofs & more


If your vehicle has sustained any damage during the wild winter months, take advantage of the new Spring season to set up an appointment for an estimate to repair the damage.  Let Wink’s Body Shop be your collision repair center in Ithaca for the best results!  Call us today at (607) 277-7775.