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Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca Reminds You to Drive Safely This Holiday Season

collsion repair in Ithaca

It’s that time when we are all faced with winter driving conditions and the rush of the Holidays. Any time of year can be full of potential dangers on the road, but right now requires your attention to the road.

We all know how the first snow falls can affect driving ability. No matter how safe a driver you are, there are others who are not. Some may be young first-time drivers, distracted drivers, those who forget that one needs to slow down and give everyone room and of course drivers who are determined to get somewhere fast.

collision repair in IthacaKeep your eyes open and pay attention to what is going on around you. Another hazard is wild animals entering the roadway. Deer, especially can bound into the road and then be startled and blinded by headlights causing them to freeze in mid-stride right in front of you.

Keeping Safe On The Roads

Collision repair in Ithaca certainly skyrockets during the winter months due to slipping and sliding accidents and animal collisions. The holidays bring more people out on the road at later hours and many are rushing to get their shopping done or attend functions with friends or family.

Unfortunately, in the rush to get places, people are distracted with their own thoughts, lists, and concerns over everything. You need to be attentive and careful as you go about your business and travelling.

Besides keeping your eyes on the road and reducing or eliminating distractions, keeping your vehicle in good condition is a must. Please keep snow off your vehicles and windows. Leaving even small amounts of snow can affect your vision and block areas from view. Leaving large amounts of snow on your roof can cause road hazards for other drivers. Certainly you have traveled behind other drivers in snow covered vehicles and had the snow fly off and land on your windshield. Very dangerous and you do not want to cause another driver to lose control.

Keep your headlights clear and cleaned off, along with your directionals and taillights. Safety is always the primary concern. Make sure your tires are up to the task of winter driving. Winter snow tires and/or studs may be a good choice.

Ithaca Collision Repair

Unfortunately, no matter how safe you are, there may be an incident you simply cannot avoid. Wink’s Body Shop provides collision repair in Ithaca regardless of the size of the damage. Paint scratches, buckled bumpers, or major damage is all repaired to your complete satisfaction at our facility.

collision repair in IthacaOur trained and professional i-Car certified body shop technicians have extensive background and experience in all types of body repairs. Our state-of-the-art facility here provides the best collision repair in Ithaca and we want you to know that if the unthinkable happens, we are here for you.

Thank you for making Wink’s Body Shop the best and most respected Ithaca Body Shop. We would like to extend our Best Wishes for a Happy, Safe and Joyful Holiday Season.

Winks Body Shop in Ithaca, A Great Gift for the Holidays

Ithaca body shop

December has arrived and with it the usual hunt for the perfect gift. Are you struggling with ideas for your special someone? Don’t know what to get or do that would make them smile ? Consider one of Wink’s Body Shop’s specialties as a stupendous surprise.

We all know that accidents happen and without insurance, that can be a game changer. Or the damage is under the deductible…out of pocket repairs can be costly and hard for some to be able to do. With the recent wind storms, perhaps some minor damage occurred to your spouse’s car or your parents’ vehicles. Not enough to make an insurance claim for but unsightly and frustrating. Bring the vehicle down to us and let our expert technicians work up a free estimate of repair for you.

Wink’s Body Shop Isn’t Just About Collision Repair

Collision repair in Ithaca is, of course, our specialty. But we don’t stop there. Our trained (iCar certified) body repair technicians have a varied amount of expertise and can do most any project you need done.

gift certificate car repair Ithaca NYMaybe your vehicle needs a paint touch up? Anything from repairing a minor scratch to an entire repaint job is totally available here at Wink’s Body Shop. Our dedicated paint bays insure that each vehicle is fully protected from other vehicles being painted. We computerize paint matching for an exact match to the vehicle’s current paint according to their manufacturer. No more off color paint jobs that just make things look worse. Our body shop paint technicians are the best in the area dn can bring back that new car shine you’ve been dreaming about.

What about rust you say? Of course! Rust is the number one cause of vehicle disintegration and depreciation. Catching small rust spots before they eat away at the metal is of primary importance. Small areas can easily and inexpensively be repaired before you end up having a major problem and costing you way more than you expect.

In addition, unlike other Ithaca body shops, we offer other services to our customers like, front and rear bumper repair and replacement, door mirror replacement, suspension replacement, headlight alignment and replacement, AC and cooling repairs, Unibody and full frame repair. Available to most all foreign and domestic vehicles.

What’s The Perfect Gift?

gift certificate car repair Ithaca NYWhen we started out in business, our shop was a mere 900 square feet. As time has moved on and our reputation for providing quality collision repair in Ithaca, our shop has grown to more than three times the original size.
We have constantly upgraded equipment and tools, added dedicated bays for painting, and invested in the most state-of-the-art diagnostic and frame pulling equipment in the area. We are, without a doubt, your premier Ithaca body shop.

All of this would not be possible without the support of our loyal customers who have found that our customer service is second to none and our expert repairs keep their vehicles looking in tip top shape.

Call or stop by today for your free estimate! We look forward to providing you with excellent service and top-quality repairs.


Winks Body Shop, Your Hometown Collision Center in Ithaca

Winks Body Shop

Ithaca is a community that provides unending activities and experiences to all its residents. You live here, work here, and often are going to college here at one of the best universities in the country. Wink’s Body Shop has a long-standing reputation and presence in the Ithaca area. Our shop has grown from a tiny 900 sq ft location to a state-of-the art auto body repair shop.

The cause of our growth is due to our loyal customers who not only have their car and truck repairs done by our professional trained technicians but also refer many new customers. The quality of our collision repair in Ithaca is noted in the amount of pleased and satisfied customers. Our growth to the current size of our repair facility would not have been possible without you.

Why An Ithaca Body Shop When You Need Repairs

collision repair in IthacaWe know that having vehicle damage is a difficult and often traumatic time, especially if this is your first car and/or collision. You will hear many suggestions from well-meaning friends and family. What is most important is not the number of estimates you obtain (though 3 is often the insurance company’s recommendation), but the quality of the Ithaca body shop, the level of education the repair technicians hold, and the actual workmanship of their service.

Wink’s Body Shop is an open and friendly facility that is willing to show you how we approach repairs, what tools and methods we will use, and keep you up-to-date on the repair process. Our technicians are i-Car Certified which brings to the table the necessary skills, training and understanding of the newest technologies available for collision repair in Ithaca.,

We know that it is tempting to search outside the area for repair estimates…and a repair shop out of the area may be tempting, but do consider how you will get there to recover your vehicle, how you will be able to stay on top of the repairs, and again, how much quality is going into their work? Not all body shops are created equal.

Working with us here at Wink’s Body Shop will give you a much needed peace of mind and guarantee that your collision repair in Ithaca will be done to your complete satisfaction. Our proximity to everything in town and to where you live makes the whole process easier and less stressful.

Your Hometown

We live and work here in Ithaca as you do. We insist on providing the best customer service and collision repair in Ithaca because our reputation depends on it and your safety is of utmost importance. All our repairs are done according to industry standards and are in line with excellent best practices. We do work closely with insurance companies and their adjusters, which also reduces your stress when dealing with Ithaca collision repair.

Ithaca body shopKeeping your business local helps the community grow and in the end, brings more business and opportunities to the area. Ithaca is a vibrant area and we are so pleased to be part of the community here. No matter if you have a minor paint scratch, ding, dent or major damage to your vehicle, we are ready and able to make the necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

Accidents happen and repairs must be attended to in a timely manner in order to prevent additional damage from forming later on down the road. Let Wink’s Body Shop, your Hometown collision repair experts, take the worry and stress out of the repairs and process. Call or stop by today for your free estimate.

Winks Body Shop in Ithaca, Your I-Car Certified Professionals

collision repair in Ithaca

Over the past 100 years or so, car and truck body repairs have gone from the backyard repair to an ever increasing level of skill needed to provide the best collision repair in Ithaca. Dents and dings were often banged out, pulled out with a plunger, or left to rot and rust away. The old vehicles were made of a stronger and more rust resistant metal (back in the good old days), but with the advancement of materials, the need for lighter vehicle weight, emissions needs, gas mileage requirements, the body of a car or truck is made from lighter and lighter material.

The vehicles now require extensive experience in body work repairs and Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca offers you a staff of I-Car Certified professional technicians who will work on your prized possession. I-Car certified technicians undergo extensive training and education, and must be dedicated to completing additional training during their employment with us. This provides you, the consumer, with peace of mind and reassurance that our Ithaca body shop will be done right the first time.

I-Car Certified Repairs Makes Sense

Sure, you can probably find other technicians who have some training or learned from their brother or uncle but they may be deeply lacking in various skills and knowledge. Our I-Car certified technicians work daily with some of the most advanced and state-of-the-art tools and machines. Our frame straightening machine system is incredible in its ability to bring your vehicle’s frame back to the exact measurements it had when it came off the assembly line. There is no guess work here.

I-Car certified technicians know the value of knowledge and education. They bring this expertise to you and provide you with the best, most reliable collision repairs in Ithaca. When you need an Ithaca body shop, don’t let low prices fool you.

Ithaca body shopAlthough we highly recommend that you obtain several estimate (and your insurance company, if involved, will want you to do so), we encourage you to go through the estimates completely and ask as many questions as possible.

When reviewing repair estimates, be sure to check out the shop, staff, tools, certifications, experience, and local recommendations. Prior and present customers are always a good place to obtain references and recommendations.

Not all collision repair in Ithaca is done by i-Car certified technicians. Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca can and does provide excellent professionals trained and educated through the i-Car system. Their knowledge is bar none and the tools we have available in the shop are state-of-the-art. Your vehicle deserves to be repaired with the best parts possible and by people who really care about you and the quality of work they put out.

Take The Guesswork Out of Collision Repairs

Experiencing a dent, ding or collision damage to your vehicle is an upsetting and sometimes traumatic situation. Many people also become quite anxious about the insurance process, and we want you to be assured that our staff will handle all the insurance process, estimates, negotiations and repair directly with your insurance carrier. This takes a lot of the stress off of you and makes the whole event far less difficult.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca is your trusted body shop for all types of vehicle body damage. We can fix small dents, paint scratches, dings, rust, minor and major collision damage as well as frame issues. Contact us today for your free estimate. No job too big or too small for our staff.

Don’t Wait Until the Winter Weather Sets in to Take Care of Those Dings and Dents

rust repair in Ithaca

Colder temperatures and frosts herald the change of seasons once again and we could be looking at an early winter if you believe the Farmer’s Almanac. This is a wise time to do a bit of maintenance and repairs on your vehicles to get them ready for winter.

Besides the usual mechanical maintenance like changing the oil, checking the antifreeze and topping off as necessary, checking your tires or getting ready to put winter tires on, the body and paint of your vehicle needs equal attention.

Winter Hazards That Affect Your Vehicle

It’s a known fact that the brutal winter weather, moisture, and road conditions can affect the body of your vehicle. The materials like salt and such that are used on roads to reduce slippage and dangerous areas, though awesome for safe driving, are extremely detrimental to your car or truck.

collsion repair in IthacaThe main ingredient in road treatment is salt. Rock salt. You know those large crystals on the road? Those are very happy spraying up on your car and attaching themselves to areas of the paint that are scratched, dinged or dented. And yes, they are like major rust causes.

Paint that is dented or dinged often times have damaged the paint and removed the finish exposing the metal. Even a small scratch can leave it wide open for salt to get in and start the rusting process unseen for a time. But within a short period, that little tiny area will show signs of rust and it slowly spreads throughout the body metal.

Collision repair in Ithaca should be dealt with quickly to prevent a larger problem and a higher bill. Small dents, dings and scratches are easily repaired at Wink’s Body Shop and will greatly reduce your expense and keep your vehicle looking perfect. Our professional body shop technicians can remove dents and dings with our state-of-the art dent pulling equipment leaving the surface of your car or truck looking brand new. Any paint scratches or damage is repaired in our dedicated paint bays and use color match computer systems to make sure the paint used is exactly the color on your vehicle.

Ithaca Collision Repair Makes Your Vehicle New Again

With winter fast approaching, you certainly don’t want to let that little dent or ding fester and be exposed to the road treatments. Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca has the exact repairs that you need at an affordable cost.

collision repair in IthacaAs a premier Ithaca body shop, we take great pride in our work and our customer service. Estimates are always free and we can get the repairs done that you need within budget and without hassle. Collision repair in Ithaca is equally professionally done and we work closely with your insurance companies and adjusters to obtain the best repair possible and properly.

We can handle all of the insurance process for you and keep you up to date on any changes in schedule or parts. Your body shop technician assigned to your repairs will work directly with you to provide the best repair possible.

Ithaca Body Shop

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca is your Number One choice when it comes to body repairs on your vehicles. Contact us to schedule and appointment for an estimate detailing the work that needs to be done. Protecting your car or truck’s paint and finish is an important step in a good maintenance schedule.

We look forward to your business and welcome you to our family of happy customers. Any questions, feel free to call or stop by and speak directly with our staff.

Winks Body Shop in Ithaca, Your Auto Body Repair Specialists

Ithaca collsion repair

Our vehicles live rather tough lives when you think about it. Many vehicles spend all their time outside in the weather, and while on the road or in parking lots, damage can happen when you least expect it. Anything from minor weather hail dings, key scratches, sunburn (yes, vehicles get sunburn which ruins the paint and finish), minor traffic fender-benders and even major collision damage.

Collision repair in Ithaca can bring your vehicle back to life with some of the amazing new technology available. Our experienced auto body technicians can quickly and easily repair most vehicle damage using our expert knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment and advanced repair techniques.

Common Types of Vehicle Damage

Weather related damage

collision repair in IthacaUnless your vehicles are garaged when not in use, they tend to sit out in the weather 24/7. They experience extremes in temperature, hot sun, snow, ice, rain and even hail. The moisture (humidity) in the air can cause some vehicles to begin to rust after a period of time. If left unattended, those little surface rust spots can slowly, but steadily, eat away and the metal of your vehicle. Some rust can be sanded off and repainted, but deeper damage may need to be cut out and replaced with new metal. And what about hail damage? Those little dings on the roof, trunk and hood of your car or truck look unsightly but opens up the finish to allow rust to set in.

Paint Scratches

Paint scratches can happen anywhere. Driving down a narrow road can subject your vehicle to over hanging tree branches that scrape the paint, parking lots are prime areas where shopping carts and roll into your vehicle and scratch up the paint and even careless people exiting their own vehicle and swinging their door open too far can cause significant dents and scratches. Small, light scratches can be buffed out, but deeper ones may need some body filler and computer matched paint repair. Again, these scratches damage the finish on the car and allow the possibility of rust to attack the paint and metal.

Dings and Dents

Small body damage happens when minor collisions occur, either from an impact with another vehicle, a stationary object, or an encounter with wildlife. Many small dents and dings can be repaired easily. If the paint is not damaged, then repair is often tapping out the dent from the interior (underside) of the panel. Larger, deeper dents may require your Ithaca collision repair facility to drill a small hole in the panel, and engage a special tool to pull the dent out. This type of repair does require patching of the hole, and spot paint the damage. More significant dents could necessitate a new panel being installed and painted.

Collision Damage

Ithaca body shopWink’s Body Shop in Ithaca has the latest in auto body repair tools and machines. Significant body and frame damage can result from even what feels like a mild bump with another vehicle. Due to later model cars and trucks being made in lighter weight body materials, damage can be far more intense than expected.

Frame damage is very common, but rest assured that our advanced frame straightening machine will resolve the issue and keep your car going straight down the road for years to come. Granted, there are some instances when frame damage is too severe to repair safely. We will work with you to discuss the best method of repair or other options available.

Don’t Delay Collision Repair in Ithaca

Winter is coming and with it there are many weather elements that will affect your vehicle. Small scratches or rust will be subject to salt on the roadway and it is just waiting to find an unprotected part of your vehicle to attack. Don’t let procrastination cause you a big headache. Come on down to Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca for your free estimate. We are open 8-5 Monday through Friday at 720 West Court Street.

College Students in Ithaca Can Count on Winks Body Shop

Ithaca collision repair

Welcome to all our new and returning college students here in Ithaca. You’ve chosen not only a fantastic area to attend college but a wonderful community. Many of you have brought your vehicle to town and may quickly come to realize that you not only need to manage your housing needs but keep your vehicle in good condition on your own.

Stepping out into independence can be overwhelming, but caring for your car or truck doesn’t have to be a headache. Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca is here to assist you with your vehicle needs. Collision repair in Ithaca can be a daunting prospect, but be assured our facility is state-of-the-art, we are certified and experienced iCar technicians with many years of combined experience and education.

Ithaca collision repair studentsAs part of this flourishing area, we are well-acquainted with local insurance carriers and their vehicle appraisers and adjusters. If your vehicle suffers damage while you are here in the area, we want to be your Ithaca body shop.

Our customers are our prime focus and providing excellent workmanship and service is our goal. Your vehicle is your transportation to and from school, your wheels to get around the area and to get back home for those special occasions and holidays. Don’t let auto body damage slow you down.

Ithaca Collision Repair

Collision damage to a vehicle has more than simply surface disfigurement. Sure, that crunched in fender or hanging bumper looks awful, but it can be a serious accident waiting to happen. Our technicians are trained to deal with everything from small dings, dents, scratches to major collision damage.

Our facility which has grown from a small 900 sq ft shop to one three times the original size offers the best equipment for repairs in the Ithaca area. We have dedicated painting bays, state-of-the-art dent pullers, superb frame straighteners, and a team of amazing staff who can put your vehicle back together to your complete satisfaction.

Ithaca collision repairWe know there are other Ithaca collision repair facilities in the area, but we want you to choose carefully. Most likely you’ve been told to obtain several estimates and this is an excellent recommendation. But, do not think that the lowest price is the best. Be very careful in reviewing the estimate and watch for subpar parts, missing items and insufficient finishing.

You, as a consumer, have the right to choose the body shop you want to use. You do not have to go where anyone (insurance company or anyone) tells you to go. You choose and being a wise and educated consumer means looking closely at both the estimate and the potential Ithaca collision repair shop.

Is the shop clean and well organized?

Are the technicians working happily?

Are the office staff and/or owners open to talking with you about repairs?

Are the estimates free?

Can the repair shop provide you with a guaranteed finished product?

Are the technicians experienced and up-to-date on certifications?

Will they work with your insurance company?

What about word-of-mouth? Can you get references?

There are many aspects of obtaining collision repair n Ithaca and we want to be sure you find the best shop for your repairs. Wink’s Body Shop has been a primary repair facility in Ithaca for many years. Our reputation for excellent workmanship and satisfied customers are well known.

If your vehicle has suffered damage while here in Ithaca, stop by our facility here at 720 West Court Street or call us directly at (607)277-7775. Open 8-5 Monday through Friday. Always offering Free estimates.

Winks Body Shop in Ithaca, Your Customer Care Specialists

Ithaca collision repair

When we started out in business, our shop was a mere 900 square feet. As time has moved on and our reputation for providing quality collision repair in Ithaca, our shop has grown to more than three times the original size.

We have constantly upgraded equipment and tools, added dedicated bays for painting, and invested in the most state-of-the-art diagnostic and frame pulling equipment in the area. We are, without a doubt, your premier Ithaca body shop.

All of this would not be possible without the support of our loyal customers who have found that our customer service is second to none and our expert repairs keep their vehicles looking in tip top shape.

When You Need Collision Repair in Ithaca

The unthinkable happens. A minor fender bender, an altercation with a transient shopping cart, a wayward tree branch or a major accident…any of these could have you shaking your head in despair. Not only has your prize possession been damaged but the potential costs and the aggravation of dealing with insurance carriers and adjusters is a real concern.

Our staff of experienced and knowledgeable technicians have built up excellent communications with area insurance companies and will handle all the claim paperwork and negotiations with the adjusters. We will keep you informed every step of the way and explain why various parts will be used in the repair of your car or truck.

The insurance adjusters know the quality of our work and cooperate with us to provide you the best repair possible. As your chosen Ithaca body shop, it is our responsibility to make sure your vehicle is repaired with the best parts possible and that the car is returned to its original condition.

Why Is Customer Service Important?

This would seem like a rather silly question, but in reality customer service is what makes a business stand out from the rest. Your complete satisfaction is necessary and we aim to provide you with stellar service and care throughout your experience here at Wink’s Body Shop.

Ithaca collision repairWhen you need Ithaca collision repair, you want to be sure that you are getting the right work done for the money. You want people that care about you and the situation, and who will strive to provide you with the best experience possible.

Many are tempted to shop around for estimates (which we strongly suggest you do) and go with the lowest price (which we strongly suggest you don’t). Lower pricing may be not in your best interest. Part quality may be sub par, corners may be cut to avoid higher costs, inferior materials may be used, or some repairs are being missed.

Ithaca collision repairBe a savvy consumer and compare the estimates. We are more than happy to go through our estimates line-by-line with you in order to fully disclose the work that needs to be done. This is for your benefit and to allow you the opportunity to ask questions. We want your experience here to be the best one in Ithaca. Why?  A happy and satisfied customer will put their trust in us, return for future repair needs, and share their positive experience with their friends, family and neighbors.

Stop by for your free estimate no matter how small the job may be or how extensive. We are here to provide you with the best collision repair in Ithaca and want your business. We’re open 8-5 Monday through Friday and look forward to working with you!

Winks Body Shop is The Tompkins County Leader in Collision Repair

Ithaca body shop

Each year we promise to take better care of ourselves, health, finances and family. We should also make a serious commitment to taking better care of our vehicles. If you’ve been impacted by an auto collision, whether a dent, ding, scratch or a major accident, knowing what to look for in choosing an Ithaca body shop can make an incredible difference in the quality of the repairs, your experience and your wallet.

You want your vehicle to be fixed correctly the first time and to allow you to get your life back in order quicker.

Choosing the best collision repair in Ithaca for your vehicle can feel like an overwhelming process. With the stress and anxiety caused by the accident itself, you need a repair shop that will ease that stress for you.Ithaca body shop

Top 5 Things to Look for When Choosing an Ithaca Body Shop

Pay Attention to Word-of-Mouth

Businesses advertise all the time and it doesn’t really tell you how good they are. Advertising is simply a way to bring attention to their shop in order to get customers. You’ll do better with an Ithaca body shop that friends, family or acquaintances recommend. That shows it is a business that has proven it can satisfy customers.

Consider the Operation’s Location and Overhead

Here in the Ithaca area, you should expect to see labor rate charges fairly consistent, though look closely at those which charge significantly higher or lower than the competition. Lower rates may not be the best deal.

Shop prices for labor rates often depend on their location (how convenient) and their shop overhead, which includes size of their facility and how large their front end staff numbers are.

Get Several Estimates

As with anything you do, compare prices and obtain several estimates on the collision repairs. Go over the estimates in detail to determine why the differences. A lower estimate may not be your best choice.

The lower estimates may look good on paper, but they could certainly be doing something not quite up to par, or leaving things out. Collision repair in Ithaca needs to be done right the first time in order that you don’t end up regretting it down the road.

Ask the Right Questions

Choosing the Ithaca body shop that will do the best work requires that you go in with questions and expect firm answers. One of the major questions you should be asking is: Does the shop provide a written warranty? And if so, for how long? What does the warranty cover? A reputable shop will guarantee their work.

Another key question is whether the shop carries fire and theft insurance. You want to be sure you’re covered if your car is destroyed, stolen or burglarized. Don’t forget to ask how long the shop has been in business. Make sure it has a business license.

You will also want to know about the materials the shop intends to use. Are new, used or aftermarket body parts going to be used? New parts are obviously the best and used parts are fine, though they don’t offer the savings people imagine. Depending on the damage to your vehicle, aftermarket parts can save a lot of money and can be just as good as the ones that come from the original manufacturer. If paint work is involved, ask how many coats of paint and clear coat the shop intends to use.

Follow Your Gut Instinct

Life requires us to make decisions and going with your internal feeling is often the best policy. You need to pay attention to what you feel about a repair shop and the staff there. If a shop isn’t busy, maybe that’s because customers are avoiding it because of shoddy repairs. If the place is really dirty, cluttered or disorganized, this might reflect the kind of work you could expect the shop to do with your car. Is the shop owner or manager a short or evasive in answering questions? Stay away… You’ll be happier with a shop where the owner communicates well and is straightforward with customers.


An Ithaca body shop needs to be bringing its best foot forward and providing a solid reputation in the community and among its customers. Check out their reputation by asking around, remember to obtain several estimates and follow your gut when choosing collision repair in Ithaca.

Wink’s Body Shop brings you quality repairs, experienced and iCar certified technicians, and repairs done right the first time. Call or stop by for your free estimate.



Don’t Let That Dent Get You Down Stop By Winks Body Shop

So you parked your car and it was minding it’s own business while you went about your errands. Imagine your dismay at returning and finding a huge dent or major scratch on your vehicle. Maybe the perpetrator left a note with contact information, but more likely than not, it was a hit and run. Why do people take off like that?  The answers vary and you probably have a good idea why.

Wink’s Body Shop offers you the best in collision repair in Ithaca. We have well-trained and iCar certified technicians who are up-to-date on the best and latest repair products and techniques. You need an Ithaca body shop that knows how to properly and effectively repair your vehicle, negotiate with the insurance company and adjuster, and provide you with excellent customer service.

Dents, Dings and Other Things

In today’s world there are no guarantees and no vehicle is safe from potential dangers. Parking in a parking lot, even though there is no choice in the matter, leaves your vehicle exposed to potential Ithaca collision repairdamage. A stray shopping cart, an inattentive driver, a vandal who gets joy from scratching up vehicles with their keys, or a myriad of other potential hazards.

A dent, ding or scratch needs immediate attention to prevent intrusion of rust forming particles. The weather and road conditions can quickly set about to eating away the finish, paint and body of your car. The longer you leave the damage, the more chance there is for what could have been a simple repair to become a major expensive repair.

The finish on your car is the first line of defense, then comes the paint. Even a small scratch can open up the area to allowing rust to set in. Preserve your vehicle’s exterior by getting those repairs done quickly and efficiently at your Ithaca body shop.

Ithaca collision repairWink’s Body Shop has state-of-the art tools and dent repair machines that will have that annoying ugly section back to new in no time. Our careful attention to detail assures you that not only will the damage be repaired properly, but that the completed repair will last.

Ithaca collision repair done right at Wink’s Body Shop will give you peace of mind.  Our highly experienced technicians know what needs to be done and will do it right the first time. Our experience working with insurance companies and adjusters is second to none. Building relationships with vendors and customers makes all the difference. Our relationships with the local insurance carriers allows us to protect your interests and negotiate with the adjusters to do the job right and not for the insurance company’s gain.

Ithaca Collision Repair

With the industry standards, tools and certifications required now, you need to be absolutely sure that the Ithaca body shop you choose subscribes and carries out those requirements and seeks to provide you, the customer, with outstanding service.

A dent, ding or scratch needs not destroy your vehicle. But you do need to move quickly to have repairs done.  Wink’s Body Shop can get your vehicle in quickly and write up a free estimate for repair. If you are ready to repair the damage on your own, we can work with you to your satisfaction. Have an insurance claim in process?  Let us know and we will handle all the paperwork and deal with the insurance company so that you don’t have to.

Call us today or stop by our facility for your free estimate and a full understanding of the work that needs to be done. We are ready to make your experience here a positive and enjoyable one.