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A Little Body Work Could Mean More Money for Your Trade In

collision repair in Ithaca

The New Year is here and many people are considering trading their vehicles in for a newer model. This is one of the best times of year to find incredible deals on the last year models. Auto dealers are anxious to move out last year’s vehicles to make room for this year’s, which will be coming onto the lot daily for the next few months.

If buying a new car is in your current plans, take the time to evaluate the vehicle you wish to trade. Top dollar trade in values vary from dealer to dealer, but they take into consideration the overall condition of the car or truck in arriving at their figures.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward (or is that Bumper?)

Mechanical issues are always a detriment to trade in value, but not nearly as much as body damage or rust. Depending on how old your vehicle is, you might find it well worth the cost to have minor damage repaired at your Ithaca body shop.

Ithaca collision repairVehicles with body and rust damage command much lower trade in values and are often sent off to auction or scrapped. Thus what a dealer will offer you is going to be on the very low end of the spectrum.

There is a very good pricing guide called Kelley Blue Book. You can determine a base trade-in value by going through the options your car has, mileage, and overall condition. Compare that to a vehicle with no damage or in excellent condition and you can figure out how much work may be affordable to do repairs before trading.

Wink’s Body Shop, your first choice for collision repair in Ithaca, can evaluate the damage on your vehicle and provide you with a free estimate to do the work. Doing your homework prior to trading in a vehicle could mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

New Vehicle Markup

Ithaca collision repairIt’s no secret that new vehicles are marked up a fair amount. How else could there be an MSRP yet dealers take off for trades, rebates, and negotiation? Research what vehicles have sold for before you walk into a dealer. And don’t forget to get offers from several dealers for the vehicle you want.

So when the seller takes into account the trade in value for your current vehicle, they are going to start low. Be prepared with knowing the range you should actually expect. Ithaca collision repair and body damage specialists can also help you to determine if doing some body work will command you a better deal at the facility.

Taking the Pain Out of Low-Ball Offers on Trades

Do not take the first offer on your trade. No ifs, ands, or buts. You have researched and know what a vehicle similar to yours should trade at. The dealer knows this, too. But they really do have a bit more leeway when negotiating with you. Getting your car or truck into the best condition possible will help you in the long run.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca can show you exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost. Our estimates are always free and our experienced, professional technicians are available to restore your vehicle to a much better condition.

Stop by or call us today and obtain your estimate. We are happy to provide you as much information as possible and help you get a better price on your trade.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Get Your Car in Shape

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Welcome to 2018 everyone! January is the month we all like to consider resolutions for the New Year. Many of us are considering buying a new car this year or at least spiffing up our current mode of transportation. Getting your car in shape has multiple benefits including increasing value.

Today, let’s talk about simply getting your vehicle maintained and cleaned up. With winter here, the roads are just loaded with rust seeking destroyers. If your vehicle has rust on it now, by spring you will see so much more damage that you will regret not dealing with it now.

Ithaca body shopWink’s Body Shop in Ithaca has the time and tools needed to repair any damage on your vehicle. We specialize in collision repair in Ithaca but also have tremendous technicians who work on rust repair. Our dedicated paint bays insure a proper paint color match and coating. We use protective layers and clear coat barriers to protect all repairs.

Rust Needs Immediate Attention

We are sure you’ve seen the results of allowing a small rust spot to sit and fester for months on end. That little spot can turn into a huge, metal eating monster. Add the road salt and calcium chloride treatments, you are going to see a quick advancement of the rust as it spreads and takes over more of the area.

The biggest issue is that once rust sets into the paint through a scratch or ding or collision, the protective barrier is breached from the original damage and it’s like a breeding spot wide open to rust. There is no further protection under the paint to prevent the rust damage from eating into the metal.

Although it is tempting to wait to repair the rust or convince ourselves that it is not going to get much worse, it’s always an error in judgment. As your premier Ithaca body shop, we would like to encourage you to have the minor rust issue worked on now. Repairing the damage right now will prevent a significantly larger bill in the future.

collision repair in IthacaSmall rust repair can be done quickly, efficiently and at a budget-friendly price offering you protection and increased value in your vehicle. Our shop is fully equipped with the latest in paint matching technology and knowledgeable technicians who work full-time on our customers’ vehicles.

We pride ourselves in providing the best in customer service, full disclosure of repairs, free estimates and timely work done to your complete satisfaction.

Make a Date With Wink’s Body Shop

Include your vehicle in your New Year’s resolutions. Maintaining your car or truck is beneficial to you and your family. Safety is always number one. Keeping your vehicle rust free and checked on a regular basis will protect you and your family from unseen dangers. The undercarriage of your vehicle could be experiencing rust issues which you cannot see. Rust under the vehicle or along the exhaust system could be dangerous to your health and your family.

Call or stop by our collision repair experts in Tompkins County today for a free estimate. Our friendly staff is ready to help you get your vehicle back in shape for the New Year.