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How Keeping Our Roads Clear During the Winter is Damaging Your Car

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Ever notice how vehicles that have spent most of their lifetime in the southern states are rust free? In the areas where winter is not an issue, cars and trucks do not take the brutal elements as our vehicles do up here in the northern states.

In the South, snow and ice are rarities. Most areas there are not equipped with sand and salt mixtures to put on roads because it just doesn’t happen often enough to budget for this type of road care. Plus, basically whatever falls on the ground in the way of icy precipitation, evaporates or melts within a short period of time.

As the top-rated body shop in Ithaca, repairing road-related damages to our vehicles is an ongoing battle.

Ithaca body shopWinters here in the Northeast are horrific on our vehicles. The necessity to keep roads clear and safe protects everyone from many accidents. Roads and highways must remain open and safely passable for motorists and emergency response teams. De-icing and snow removal require a constant effort form our towns and cities.

Maintaining Your Vehicle Through The Winter Months

As winter is not far around the corner, maintaining your vehicle will add years to its life. The soon-to-arrive ice and snow is battled by our tremendous road crews through the use of salt, sand and calcium chloride as well as other similar products. Although these materials do, indeed, melt the ice and keep the roads safe, our vehicles suffer.

All the materials used to protect our safety are corrosive in nature and are just waiting to melt and eat away at anything they come in contact with. This means your vehicle. Corrosion causes rust to form or increase in the case of existing rust. Rust quickly spreads and begins as a small area. When left unnoticed or treated, that rust spreads and before you know it, the damage can be extensive.

Central NY collision repairEach year you allow the corrosive materials to attach themselves to your car, you will experience further decay of the metal parts. The undercarriage and exhaust system can really take a beating. This is another reason why we end up having to replace exhaust systems in short periods of time.

Having your vehicle checked before the road conditions deteriorate is a recommended maintenance service. Your Ithaca body shop can go over your vehicle and determine if there is any rust that needs repair.

Oftentimes, collision repair in Ithaca for a recent accident is when corrosion damage is first found. That corrosion could cause increased costs in repairing the accident damage due to larger portions of the body damage needing to be replaced. Finding and repairing the rust before it gets ahead of you is the best solution.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca offers free estimates and can get your vehicle prepared for the oncoming road conditions. Keeping your vehicle free from rust and body damage will protect your investment for years to come.

Basic Maintenance Keeps You Going

Between the salt mixtures used on the roads, pot holes that appear due to the heavy equipment used to clear the roads, and those unexpected accidents resulting in Central NY collision repair, our vehicles have a tough time in the winter months.

Stop by to see us here at Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca for a free estimate to repair any existing damages or rust. You will be pleased with the results and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why Investing in Auto Body Repairs for your Used Car Makes Sense$

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Today’s volatile market and impending interest hikes can put a serious kibosh on your plans to replace your older vehicle with something new. New cars with any amount of amenities and track record for safety and holding value is going to put you back somewhere in the 30,000 to 40,000 range and that’s a conservative figure.

Trading in on a used car is still a costly endeavor for something that possibly has been driven hard and past warranty. At certain points, every vehicle has mechanical issues that are prone to failing after a certain time. Cars just do not last the way they used to and manufacturers know that. They know most people will trade out of the used new car within 5 years.

How to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Shape

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca knows the value you place on your car or truck. This vehicle is your primary source of transportation. It gets you to and from work, takes you to run errands, and keeps you safe on long road trips and vacations.

collision repair in IthacaUnfortunately, an older vehicle has seen many things over its years. Paint damage, dents, rust, scratches, collision damage, and parking lot atrocities can give your car the appearance of having been in a war zone. Previous drivers may have been a bit rough and the vehicle sustained fender benders, curbs that came out of nowhere, and careless driving. You may have inherited this fading commodity and just planned to trade it at some point.

Collision damage in Ithaca can be repaired at Wink’s Body Shop where experienced technicians have the tools, knowledge and foresight to bring your car or truck back to life. Repairing all those “little” damages can truly have you seeing your vehicle in a whole new light.

If your car or truck is mechanically sound (or close to it) and you believe keeping your best friend is the choice you want to make, repairing collision damage and dents is a good option. One thing about older vehicles is that you know the car intimately. You know if there are any issues and you can feel comforted in its longevity. Buying something else can set you back financially and there are apt to be numerous mechanical repairs needed that you didn’t see in the beginning.

Ithaca Collision Repair Saves the Day

You love your car but hate how it looks. Not necessarily a good reason to trade. Plus, trading a beaten up, faded vehicle drops the value tremendously and the chances of getting much for it in a trade is not going to happen.

dent pulling IthacaYour Ithaca body shop specializes in all forms of body and frame work. Anything from dent pulling, paint matching, collision repair, body section replacement to frame straightening is available to you. Wink’s Body Shop has built a reputation on quality repairs, excellent customer service and assistance through the process.

Repairing your current vehicle and restoring it (along with detailing) will allow you to continue driving your vehicle for years to come (with proper maintenance). Spending the money on the repairs or new paint is a far better option than purchasing a newer vehicle with high payments and an unknown history.

Stop by to see us and let us give you a Free estimate on restoring the appearance of you car. You will be pleasantly surprised at what repairs will save you in the long run.