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Don’t Get “Dinged” By the High Costs of Collision Repairs

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Being in a car accident is always stressful, particularly when the damages to your vehicle are extensive. In addition to any injuries you may have to cope with, there are the damages to your car to contend with. Ithaca collision repairYou have to find an auto body shop in Ithaca who will not only do the repairs properly but work closely with your insurance company to make sure all repairs are covered by your policy.

Will Collision Repair In Ithaca Be Covered by Your Policy?


Finding out too late that your insurance company won’t cover the cost of needed repairs to your vehicle can be extremely upsetting. You’ve already lost the use of your car while repairs are being done and had to deal with the details of filing an insurance claim. Nobody wants to argue with their insurance provider after an accident, but it can happen if you look for an estimate for collision repair in Ithaca and don’t go to the right auto body shop. Some body shops inflate the cost of repairs in order to make more money. It can be a shock when your insurance adjuster tells you the quote you got isn’t in line with industry standards. At Wink’s Auto Body, you can rest easy knowing we will work with your insurance company to make sure all repairs are covered by your policy and that the repairs are done right the first time.

Why Car Insurance Companies Love Wink’s Auto Body Shop

Wink’s Auto Body Shop has been working closely with insurance companies for over forty years. During that time, we’ve earned a reputation for quality repairs at a fair price. There are several reasons why insurance companies appreciate it when customers rely on Wink’s for collision repair in Tompkins County.

Accurate Evaluation

Wink’s Auto Body Shop will always give you a fair and honest estimate for any repairs. We provide a detailed quote that outlines the cost of all parts and labor so there are no surprises when the work begins. Because we carefully wash and inspect every vehicle before providing an estimate, our technicians and your insurance adjuster can see clearly what the damages are and what will need to be done to fix them properly. It’s a simple step that leads to a more accurate evaluation by everyone involved.

I-CAR Gold Certification

I-CAR Gold Certification means all of our technicians are specialists in auto body repair. They regularlyi-Car certified Ithaca body shop attend I-CAR professional development programs to ensure they have the most up-to-date skills and knowledge to repair any vehicle brought to Wink’s. Auto insurance companies appreciate working with us because they know our technicians are properly trained and have skills many other shops just don’t have. We are one of the few auto body shops in Ithaca that maintains I-CAR gold certification for all our technicians.

Complete Service

Whether your car has a few dents or has sustained structural damage to the frame, you can get all repairs done at Wink’s Auto Body Shop. We are a full service provider, so you’ll never have to get multiple quotes for frame repair, painting, alignment, etc. We are your one-stop shop for repairs both big and small. We work with all major auto insurance companies to make sure the repairs you need are covered by your policy so your repairs don’t turn into another headache after your accident.

Fair Pricing

Because we maintain the highest quality standards for all parts and labor, we can confidently offer you fair pricing for exceptional service. We can maintain those prices by doing all work in-house from computerized diagnostics that ensure no damage is overlooked to precision paint matching for a “like new” appearance every time. Because we don’t outsource any of our services, we can pass the savings on to you and your insurance company.
At Wink’s Auto Body Shop in Ithaca, you and your insurance company will be happy with your repairs.

WINK’S Body Shop: #1 Choice for Collision Repair in Ithaca

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Premiere Collision Repair in Tompkins County

Accidents can be extremely stressful situations especially when heavy collision repair is needed. Finding a trusted body shop only makes fixing your car more stressful, and depending on how soon you need automotive repair in Tompkins Countyyour vehicle back the entire process can be an absolute nightmare.

WINK’S Body Shop is collision repair in Ithaca, New York that offers trusted services for clients throughout Tompkins County. WINK’S has been in business for over 25 years, and they specialize in the smallest repairs to the most extreme cases of vehicle damage. They also work on a variety of different makes and models, so bringing your car into their body shop for any type of repair is a smart decision.

Trust WINK’S for ANY Collision Repair

Our body shop  is a family-owned auto body shop in Ithaca that offers a variety of different collision repair services that are guaranteed by the professional staff. Our trained technicians can tackle heavy collision damage and are the best option if you’re in need of collision repair in Tompkins County.

On top of their expertise when it comes to collision repair in Ithaca, we accept and work with ALL insurance companies. You won’t need to worry about whether your particular insurance is covered!

WINK’S Body Shop also specializes in expert paint services. Heavy collision damage can result in a myriad of different vehicle issues, and trusting technicians to match and fix your vehicle’s unique paint only adds to the confusion and frustration car repairs come with. WINK’S Body Shop’s REAL customer Collision repair in Ithacareviews offer an additional avenue for you to utilize when choosing the best auto body shop in Ithaca for paint damage!

Why WINK’S is Unique

The most important aspect of finding trusted collision repair in Tompkins County is working with a body shop you can depend on. Receiving professional collision repair in Ithaca, fair and affordable quotes, and repairs guaranteed by the auto body shop are essential when searching for collision repair in Tompkins County.

Our body shop offers repair warranties that guarantee the services you receive are legitimate and insurable, just like big, expensive dealerships offer. On top of warranties for repairs, WINK’S offers customers free estimates for collision repair in Ithaca so you know what price range you’ll be working with BEFORE you commit.
When looking for professional collision repair in Tompkins County, choose the auto body shop that implements state of the art collision repair techniques and equipment to ensure you receive the best collision repair in Ithaca. WINK’S customer testimonials give you an inside look into their exceptional services while also showcasing before and after photos of vehicles that have required a wide variety of different repairs.

WINK’S Body Shop is the BEST Auto Body Shop in Ithaca

Whether the car repairs you need are miniscule or massive, choosing a trusted auto body shop in Ithaca doesn’t need to be frustrating. WINK’S Body Shop has been Tompkins County’s family-owned, operated, and trusted auto body shop in Ithaca for over 25 years.

Contact WINK’S Body Shop for a free estimate on your vehicle’s repairs and to speak to their dedicated and professional staff about the collision repair you’re searching for!