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Spending More Time Outside Means More Chances of Getting Your Car Dinged Up; Winks Body Shop Has You Covered

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Summertime means taking advantage of the beautiful weather and sunshine to do more outside. You’ll naturally spend more time at the park, at the beach, at ball games, at concerts and visiting relatives across town or across the state. It means you’ll be spending more time than ever in your car, so you’re bound to get more dings and dents in your car. Fortunately, Wink’s Body Shop offers dependable collision repair in Ithaca for damage from minor scratches to bent frames.

So Many Cars, So Much Damage

Getting out and doing more in the summertime is wonderful, but any time you drive your car somewhere Ithaca body shopand park it while you do something, you run the risk of damage, particularly in crowded parking lots. How many times have you parked at the ballpark or at a concert venue and come out hours later to find a dent? Someone opened their car door too quickly and dented your door, or they were backing out of a parking spot and didn’t cut it sharply enough to avoid your car’s bumper. It’s so frustrating, but nearly inevitable when so many cars are in one place.

The same thing can happen at the beach or the park for different reasons – Mom and Dad are concentrating on gathering up or putting away the beach towels, buckets, coolers and sunscreen and aren’t paying attention to the vehicles around them. Suddenly, bam! They’ve slammed the cooler into your car and given it a big scratch down the side. You need an auto body shop in Ithaca you can rely on, and Wink’s Body Shop is the answer.

NHTSA Says Summer Accidents Are Common

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that summertime, and August in particular, is when more accidents happen than any other time of year. Saturdays in summer is when most accidents and auto damages occur, primarily because of people taking weekend road trips.

Wink’s Body Shop Provides Relief

You don’t be afraid to venture outside this summer in your car, even with the upswing in damage and accident claims during the hottest months of the year. We have the best collision repair in Tompkins County, including unibody and full frame repair, suspension replacement, quarter panels and much more. Whether someone clipped your sideview mirror in a parking lot or your car was T-boned at an intersection, our I-Car certified technicians are qualified to do the repairs you need at a fair price. We’ll start with a free estimate and we’ll work with your insurance adjustor to make sure your repairs are covered.

Summertime is the ideal time to enjoy being outdoors and spending time with your family. Don’t let worries about damage to your vehicle stop you from taking part in all the fun summertime has to offer. Our auto body shop in Ithaca will get you back on the road quickly so you don’t miss out on all the fun, and your car will be in “better than new” condition. Wink’s Body Shop has you covered from bumper to bumper.

Is the Summer Sun Shining Some Light on Your Dings? Take Your Car to Winks Body Shop

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Ah, the summer sunshine! It warms us up, gives us longer days to enjoy being outside and shines its rays on everything. It’s wonderful in so many ways, but we all know how harsh the sunlight can be when it’s highlighting some things, like how dingy our house may look after a long winter of snow, ice, salt and dirt. Or just how many dings our car sustained over the winter from rock salt, rock chips and those times when someone opened their car door right into ours in a slippery parking lot. It may be time to take your car or truck to our auto body shop in Ithaca to get your car back in top condition for summer fun.

Wintertime Neglect Can Lead to Summertime Regret

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give your car as much TLC in the wintertime. It’s cold, it’s

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woman shoveling and removing snow from her car, stuck in snow

icy and you’re just trying to get where you’re going. You know that car upkeep can be a wasted effort when your vehicle is just going to be covered in gray slush, ice, snow, and salt within a few days. So you don’t wash your car as often as you should and you car may end up with dings you aren’t even aware of.

You just get in your car and go without really looking at the exterior.

Sadly, that means when you finally get around to washing your car and really paying attention, you may discover a few dings and dents you didn’t even know you had. Perhaps someone slid into your car in a parking lot or scraped it with a snow shovel. You’ll never know where the damage came from, but you know it’s there, and with bright summer days ahead, those dings are going to be easy to see and hard to ignore. Wink’s Body Shop offers collision repair in Tompkins County that can take care of all those dings before they turn into big headaches.

Compounding the Damage

If your car has dings from wintertime that you’re just now discovering, you may have an additional problem. What started out as a small ding may have become a larger problem. Road salt is notorious for creating rust and damaging automobile finishes. A little ding can grow into a problem if road salt and grime has been working on it for a few months. The finish may bubble or rust may have set in. Now you have to think about not only getting the ding fixed, but the rust removed and the paint repaired.

What Wink’s Body Shop Can Do To Make Your Car “Summer Ready”

Dings on your vehicle can be easily fixed by our team of professional auto technicians at our collision repair in Ithaca. They are factory trained to repair all manner of damage to cars, from major damage due to accidents or hitting a deer to buffing out scratches and expertly repainting your car so it looks as good as new. We are experts at dent and scratch removal, factory matched refinishing and all other work needed to transform your dinged, dingy winter car into a gorgeous summer ride you can drive with pride.

Contact Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca to schedule your auto body repair today.