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Was the Summer Rough on Your Car, Stop by Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca

Central NY collision repair

The seasons can be quite harsh on our vehicles with even summer causing damage. This summer has been hotter than normal with record highs in many places. In addition to the heat and sun, the storms that have passed through may have caused significant damage to your car or truck as it sat innocently in your driveway.

We don’t think ahead to collision repair in Ithaca until something major happens. Perhaps a tree or branch fell on your vehicle, some hit the windshield, and of course paint scratches can occur from wind damage, falling objects or stray shopping carts at the store.

Collision Damage? Who Do You Call?

If you live in the Central NY area, your Ithaca body shop is as close as Wink’s Body Shop right here at 720 West Court St. Our facility has been serving the Central NY area for many years and are proud of the quality of work our i-Car Certified technicians deliver.

collision repair IthacaBody damage repair is an important part of vehicle maintenance no matter how small the damage. Even what appears to be a small scratch or dent can quickly become a serious rust-attracting hole. Repairing damage quickly will keep your car in excellent condition and save you big money down the road when the rust eats through the metal. Winter roads with salt (corrosives) will be here soon, and salt loves to work away on the metal.

So small scratches all the way to significant damage can be dealt with by calling us for collision repair in Ithaca. Experienced facilities with well-trained technicians provide the guaranteed work you expect. Our staff is ready to assist you and we will deal with the insurance claims for you, as well. Our reputation for quality work and fair pricing is well known. Our relationships with local insurance carriers and adjusters is bar none.

You don’t need to sit and worry about the potential continued damage from a small incident, nor do you need to be anxious about dealing with insurance adjusters. Central NY collision repair should include excellent customer service and a guarantee for the work completed. Wink’s Body Shop is no exception and does provide the most reliable repairs with quality parts and performance.

Clean Up Damage From the Summer Today

Collision repair in Ithaca along with straight-forward paint and scratch removal shouldn’t be left to chance. Obtaining estimates can be useful but relying on the lowest price may not be in your best interest. Many times, lower prices can mean corners being cut or sub-par replacement parts. Always research the Ithaca body shop you are considering by looking for reviews (often these can now easily be found online) and asking for recommendations from your friends and family.

Ithaca body shopYou will want to check closely into the body repair shop’s technician experience and training, the cleanliness of the facility, the paint bays being individual (so as not to get paint spray on your car from another job), and the general sense of customer service that you can expect to receive.

Customer service at Wink’s Body Shop doesn’t stop when you drop the car off at the door. We handle every step for you and keep you updated via text and/or telephone as work progresses. Our customers have expressed their pleasure at the service we provide and the quality of the work our technicians do on every vehicle.

If you need collision repair in Ithaca, call or stop by today for your FREE estimate and get your repairs scheduled quickly. We look forward to serving you!

Car Insurance, What to Know Before You Have an Accident

collision repair in Ithaca

Automobile insurance is a necessity but can seem so confusing! New York is one of 12 states that are considered No-Fault states. If you are injured in a crash in New York, the No-Fault coverage you receive comes from the vehicle you drove, rode in, were hit by, or came into contact with. No-Fault is separate and distinct claim from a bodily injury claim.

No-fault insurance is a type of car insurance coverage that helps pay for your and your passengers’ medical bills if you’re injured in a car accident, regardless of who caused the accident. This coverage is also known as personal injury protection, or PIP insurance.

New York State Automobile Insurance Requirements

New York State law requires that motorists carry a minimum amount of liability insurance of $25,000 for bodily injury to one person, $50,000 for bodily injury to all persons, and $10,000 for property damage in any one accident. Mandatory “no-fault” coverage of $50,000 is also required.

Ithaca body shopThe penalties for driving without auto insurance in New York could include fines up to $1,500, an additional fee of $750 to restore your license if it is revoked, the impoundment of your vehicle, jail time, and the suspension of your driving privileges.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at what other insurance is necessary to protect you and your property should an accident result in Auto Body repair in Ithaca. The mandatory coverage required by the state is geared toward remediating injured parties for medical bills sustained in an accident. Property damage (damage caused to others resulting from your negligent actions) is part of the mandatory coverage.

Protecting Your Vehicle in NY

Central NY collision repair can be costly for many people. Carrying Collision and Comprehensive coverage can decrease the amount of out-of-pocket expenses should damage occur. You are not required to carry this coverage unless your vehicle is financed and the title is held by a financing company or bank until paid off. The bank requires full coverage (including collision and comprehensive) as a means to protect “their” investment in giving you the loan.

If your vehicle is paid off and no lien holder has any rights, you are free to choose whether to carry the coverage. Although a matter of personal choice, not carrying vehicle coverage for accidents can put you in a bad position of having to pay for all repairs before you can drive your vehicle again. Trading a badly crumpled car or truck will not work in your favor as far as a trade-in value is concerned.

What Exactly Is Collision and Comprehensive Coverage?

Wink’s Body Shop works with many local insurance companies and can attest to the value of having sufficient automobile insurance coverage. Collision repair in Tompkins County and Central NY is expensive due to the newer model cars requiring specific parts and materials. We encourage our customers to carry damage insurance to protect their vehicle investment and not be left with a huge bill.

Collision Insurance is an optional coverage that will pay for the cost of repairs up to a total loss. Including it on your policy requires the purchase of comprehensive coverage.

*Avoid paying out-of-pocket for repairs above the cost of your deductible.
*Coverage for your loss when your damaged vehicle is deemed to be totaled.
*Obtaining repairs at your Ithaca body shop immediately rather than waiting for the other carrier to approve repairs.

Central NY collision repairWhen your vehicle is damaged as the result of an incident other than a collision, comprehensive insurance is an optional coverage that will pay the cost, minus your deductible, of repairing or replacing it. For example, you’re covered if your vehicle sustains damage from a storm, a flood, a fire, vandalism, or theft. Comprehensive coverage goes into effect should you encounter a wild animal such as a deer, a rock falls and breaks your windshield, or other damages as indicated above.

Be Prepared and Drive Safe

Wink’s Body Shop welcomes you to our facility regardless whether you carry collision coverage or not and will work with you to make sure the repairs are necessary and are safe. Collision repair in Ithaca at our state-of-the-art facility will get you back on the road quickly, safely and with our personal guarantee for the quality of the work done.

If you have questions about repairs to your car, please stop by for a free estimate. Should you have questions about your insurance coverage, contact your local agent or insurance company for clarification.

How Keeping Our Roads Clear During the Winter is Damaging Your Car

collision repair in Ithaca

Ever notice how vehicles that have spent most of their lifetime in the southern states are rust free? In the areas where winter is not an issue, cars and trucks do not take the brutal elements as our vehicles do up here in the northern states.

In the South, snow and ice are rarities. Most areas there are not equipped with sand and salt mixtures to put on roads because it just doesn’t happen often enough to budget for this type of road care. Plus, basically whatever falls on the ground in the way of icy precipitation, evaporates or melts within a short period of time.

As the top-rated body shop in Ithaca, repairing road-related damages to our vehicles is an ongoing battle.

Ithaca body shopWinters here in the Northeast are horrific on our vehicles. The necessity to keep roads clear and safe protects everyone from many accidents. Roads and highways must remain open and safely passable for motorists and emergency response teams. De-icing and snow removal require a constant effort form our towns and cities.

Maintaining Your Vehicle Through The Winter Months

As winter is not far around the corner, maintaining your vehicle will add years to its life. The soon-to-arrive ice and snow is battled by our tremendous road crews through the use of salt, sand and calcium chloride as well as other similar products. Although these materials do, indeed, melt the ice and keep the roads safe, our vehicles suffer.

All the materials used to protect our safety are corrosive in nature and are just waiting to melt and eat away at anything they come in contact with. This means your vehicle. Corrosion causes rust to form or increase in the case of existing rust. Rust quickly spreads and begins as a small area. When left unnoticed or treated, that rust spreads and before you know it, the damage can be extensive.

Central NY collision repairEach year you allow the corrosive materials to attach themselves to your car, you will experience further decay of the metal parts. The undercarriage and exhaust system can really take a beating. This is another reason why we end up having to replace exhaust systems in short periods of time.

Having your vehicle checked before the road conditions deteriorate is a recommended maintenance service. Your Ithaca body shop can go over your vehicle and determine if there is any rust that needs repair.

Oftentimes, collision repair in Ithaca for a recent accident is when corrosion damage is first found. That corrosion could cause increased costs in repairing the accident damage due to larger portions of the body damage needing to be replaced. Finding and repairing the rust before it gets ahead of you is the best solution.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca offers free estimates and can get your vehicle prepared for the oncoming road conditions. Keeping your vehicle free from rust and body damage will protect your investment for years to come.

Basic Maintenance Keeps You Going

Between the salt mixtures used on the roads, pot holes that appear due to the heavy equipment used to clear the roads, and those unexpected accidents resulting in Central NY collision repair, our vehicles have a tough time in the winter months.

Stop by to see us here at Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca for a free estimate to repair any existing damages or rust. You will be pleased with the results and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why Investing in Auto Body Repairs for your Used Car Makes Sense$

Wink's Body Shop

Today’s volatile market and impending interest hikes can put a serious kibosh on your plans to replace your older vehicle with something new. New cars with any amount of amenities and track record for safety and holding value is going to put you back somewhere in the 30,000 to 40,000 range and that’s a conservative figure.

Trading in on a used car is still a costly endeavor for something that possibly has been driven hard and past warranty. At certain points, every vehicle has mechanical issues that are prone to failing after a certain time. Cars just do not last the way they used to and manufacturers know that. They know most people will trade out of the used new car within 5 years.

How to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Shape

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca knows the value you place on your car or truck. This vehicle is your primary source of transportation. It gets you to and from work, takes you to run errands, and keeps you safe on long road trips and vacations.

collision repair in IthacaUnfortunately, an older vehicle has seen many things over its years. Paint damage, dents, rust, scratches, collision damage, and parking lot atrocities can give your car the appearance of having been in a war zone. Previous drivers may have been a bit rough and the vehicle sustained fender benders, curbs that came out of nowhere, and careless driving. You may have inherited this fading commodity and just planned to trade it at some point.

Collision damage in Ithaca can be repaired at Wink’s Body Shop where experienced technicians have the tools, knowledge and foresight to bring your car or truck back to life. Repairing all those “little” damages can truly have you seeing your vehicle in a whole new light.

If your car or truck is mechanically sound (or close to it) and you believe keeping your best friend is the choice you want to make, repairing collision damage and dents is a good option. One thing about older vehicles is that you know the car intimately. You know if there are any issues and you can feel comforted in its longevity. Buying something else can set you back financially and there are apt to be numerous mechanical repairs needed that you didn’t see in the beginning.

Ithaca Collision Repair Saves the Day

You love your car but hate how it looks. Not necessarily a good reason to trade. Plus, trading a beaten up, faded vehicle drops the value tremendously and the chances of getting much for it in a trade is not going to happen.

dent pulling IthacaYour Ithaca body shop specializes in all forms of body and frame work. Anything from dent pulling, paint matching, collision repair, body section replacement to frame straightening is available to you. Wink’s Body Shop has built a reputation on quality repairs, excellent customer service and assistance through the process.

Repairing your current vehicle and restoring it (along with detailing) will allow you to continue driving your vehicle for years to come (with proper maintenance). Spending the money on the repairs or new paint is a far better option than purchasing a newer vehicle with high payments and an unknown history.

Stop by to see us and let us give you a Free estimate on restoring the appearance of you car. You will be pleasantly surprised at what repairs will save you in the long run.

What Steps to Take When You are in a “Fender Bender”

Ithaca body shop

Millions of people travel our roads and highways on a daily basis. Accidents are bound to happen no matter how safe a driver you are. You may be responsible for one, it may be another driver, or it may be no fault of your own.

Falling objects, flying objects, wild animals, and parking lots can make for a dangerous environment for our vehicles. No matter the source of your damage, collision repair in Ithaca is a phone call away. Wink’s Body Shop can provide you with excellent and correct collision repair in Tompkins County. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What to Do When a Fender Bender Occurs

You probably know that automobile accidents must be reported to the proper authorities. Insurance and contact information needs to be exchanged between the parties involved in the accident. No damage is too small to report. Be sure to take photos of the damage to both vehicles!

Next, call your insurance agent or carrier’s claims department to report the incident. Most likely you will have to eventually fill out an accident report form, but the insurance representative will take down information from you on the phone call.

collision repair in IthacaFender benders generally cause minor damage and you can drive your vehicle after all the paperwork is completed at the scene. Do try to get photos of both vehicle damages should they be needed later. Although most fender benders result in minor damage to fenders, quarter panels, bumpers, etc., there is also a good chance that frame damage has occurred. Do not delay in having your vehicle inspected by an Ithaca body shop that specializes in collision repair in Ithaca.

While you are waiting for further instruction from the insurance company, you need to choose the appropriate collision repair in Tompkins County to do the work. You may be instructed to obtain three estimates, though do remember you have the right to choose the shop you want to have repair your vehicle.

Some insurance companies and their adjusters will try to steer you to going to a shop they prefer. Most of these shops are good and reputable but there are always questionable facilities. You want to be sure your vehicle is repaired using the right parts and the quality parts that your vehicle deserves. Just so you know, an Ithaca body shop that makes a rule out of using after market parts is one you should avoid at all costs. After market parts are not made to the same standard as the original parts and can deteriorate quickly.

collision repair in IthacaWink’s Body Shop knows how to repair collision damage in Ithaca and provides our customers with the absolute best solutions for their vehicle damage. Our technicians are experts in their field and work to negotiate the best possible outcome when dealing with insurance carriers and adjusters. You are our priority and your satisfaction comes first.

Our customer service staff will keep you informed of all developments and status of the repair. Once we have the estimate completed, a appointment scheduled to do the work, we handle the rest for you. Our aim is to reduce the stress you have endured with the incident and return your vehicle to you in a timely manner.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca: Collision Repair in Tompkins County

Don’t trust the repair of your vehicle to any other shop in Tompkins County. Our reputation for being the best collision repair in Ithaca continues to grow and we invite you to check out our testimonials. Call or stop by today for your estimate of repair and let us help you wade through the maze of the insurance claims world.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca is Your Central, New York Collision Repair Experts

collision repair in tompkins county

The stress involved in experiencing collision damage to your vehicle can be overwhelming. Between the actual impact, dealing with insurance companies, police, the other party…your vehicle is damaged and there may even be injuries involved.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca can help take the strain off you when it comes to working with the insurance companies and adjusters. Our experienced body shop technicians and our entire staff have built a solid reputation for quality repairs and fairness. We can handle all the negotiations with the insurance carriers’ adjusters and get you back on the road in no time.

Collision Repair in Ithaca

Sure, there are other body shops in Central, New York but finding one that is convenient, reliable, reputable and focuses on customer service can be difficult. Wink’s Body Shop has been a mainstay in Ithaca and due to our customer loyalty, what started out as 900 square foot shop has now become a state-of-the-art collision repair facility.

i-Car certified Ithaca body shopOur technicians have all completed i-Car certification and engage in continued education to not only hone their skills but learn new and better repair methods. All this returns to you, our customer, in bringing you improved repairs as new technology is available.

Summer time can be a busy season with many travelers in the area and more of us out on the road for vacations and day trips. Accidents happen and never at a good time. When you need Central NY collision repair, make your first stop here at Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca.

What Makes Us Different

It all comes down to customer service. And this doesn’t mean that we simply smile and take your keys. Our front counter staff takes each individual as priority. We listen to what you need done, explain the process to you, we stay in contact with you throughout the repair process and we return to you a clean car that has been expertly repaired. We are your hometown Ithaca body shop and want to continue to be that for you and your friends.

Ithaca body shop insurance adjusterDealing with the insurance companies and their adjusters can be taxing. There is an innate distrust in the insurance industry with many upsetting stories and rumors around. Although it’s true that not all insurance companies work for the best interest of the damaged party, the majority do want to do the best possible job all around.

We are well known as an expert in Central NY collision repair. Insurance adjusters are familiar with working with us and do a responsible job. Of course the company wants to save money on claims, but they cannot and will not encourage or demand sub par repairs. The customer has the right to appropriate repairs that are safe and will last the life of the vehicle. We guarantee that the collision repairs we provide will be to your complete satisfaction.

Stress Free Collision Repair in Ithaca

Let us take the stress out of your automobile damage by dealing with the matters at hand. Our body shop technicians will return your vehicle to you in excellent condition, will keep you informed as to the progress, will advise any additional issues that appear and procure your permission to repair. Every vehicle is returned clean and beautiful.

Our paint bays are each protected so your vehicle does not acquire over spray from other jobs and our paint matching system is totally computerized to give you the exact color match. If you need collision repair in Ithaca, call us or stop by today for your free estimate. If your vehicle is not driveable, please direct the tow company to bring the car or truck here for inspection.

Summer Weather Can Take a Toll on Your Automobile

collision repair in Ithaca

There seems to be an endless onslaught of weather damages and accidents than can affect our vehicles no matter the time of year. Winter brings us slippery roads, wildlife dashing out in front of us, salt and corrosion that eats up the finish and metal on our vehicles.

Summer can be equally fraught with weather damages and accidents due to the higher amount of traffic on the roads. The heat of the sun can burn the paint on your car or truck, and heavy rains can cause leaks that you didn’t know existed.

Wink’s Body Shop Can Help

When it comes to collision repair in Ithaca, Wink’s Body Shop is the most reliable and detail-oriented facility in the area. Our incredible staff of customer service assistants, service writers and i-Car Certified body shop technicians are the best trained and experienced group in Ithaca.

scratch removal winks body shop IthacaDents, dings, scratches, peeling or fading paint, as well as significant collision damage is repaired here using the finest materials, components, computer-matched paint, and state-of-the-art equipment such as our frame straightening system.

Weather-related damage to your vehicles is often not covered under automobile insurance as it is considered normal wear and tear. We understand this exclusion and realize that pricing can make a huge difference in whether you get the damages repaired or not. Our facility is pleased to offer you free estimates so you can see exactly what needs to be done right down to the amount of paint or number of bolts. No surprises.

Weather damage is unsightly and can allow additional damage to occur. Specifically, if the paint becomes faded, this means that the original clear coat protectant has worn off allowing the UV rays to damage the paint. Sure, you are probably thinking that it looks awful but it’s an older car and there is no need to fix it.

collision repair ithaca, Ithaca Body ShopWe would love to be able to agree with you, but the fact is that damage to the clear coat and/or the paint through fading, scratches, dings and such simply expose the under metal to additional damage. Mainly corrosion is the culprit as rust seeks out the weakest points in the auto body armor. Weakened or worn out paint is begging for corrosion to get a start and quietly eat away until you notice a huge rusty area.

Your Ithaca body shop knows exactly how to protect your vehicle form this corrosion before it gets a foot in the door. Your vehicle is important to you and keeping it in good condition will provide you many years of use and when it comes time to sell or trade, having the body looking in excellent condition will facilitate that sale.

Don’t Let Weather Damages Ruin Your Vehicle

Stop by to see us today in order that we can write up a free estimate to show you what needs to be done to keep your vehicle looking its best. Collision repair in Ithaca and the best auto body paint technicians are here to get you back on the road in your vehicle and looking sparkling new.

Give Your Graduate a Used Car That Looks Like New With a Trip to Winks Body Shop

Congratulations to all the 2018 high school and college graduates! The entrance into adulthood often begins with the momentous occasion of graduating from school. Parents and families know that the most important and desired special gift often comes in the form of a vehicle that can get your young adult out and about on their own.

Most first cars for young people are used cars that are affordable and in good running condition. Always be sure to have any used car you are interested in gone over completely by a certified mechanic. There is no sense in buying a vehicle without a complete inspection. Know the risks and the potential repairs needed. You want your young person to be safe and not get stranded.

Body and Paint Work at Wink’s Body Shop

i-Car certified Ithaca body shopHere in Ithaca, Wink’s Body Shop provides excellent customer service, guaranteed repairs, and a state-of-the-art facility that turns damaged vehicles into works of art. Seriously, when you think about collision repair in Ithaca, seeing the before and after photos of the work done by our i-Car Certified technicians will prove the quality and expertise our staff use daily.

A used car (no matter the age) can have some minor or even significant body and paint damage. There may be prior damage that has resulted in minor rust, the paint may be chipped, scratched and sun burnt. Faded paint is often the most common situation found in older model used cars and trucks.

Did you know that even doing a new paint job can bring the sparkle out in a used car? Our individual paint bays provide perfect isolation from other vehicles undergoing paint and body work. There is no concern about cross-contamination with over spray form other jobs. Your vehicle will have its exact paint color matched through our computer color match systems.

Wink’s Body Shop excels in Ithaca collision repair and extraordinary vehicle painting and sealing. All paint jobs are properly clear coated and sealed after the paint is applied to protect the finish for years to come.

Choosing Your Ithaca Body Shop

Bringing your new or used vehicle to an Ithaca body shop may seem a bit daunting. It’s important to look at reviews of shops, technicians, and customer service of any body shops you are interested in. Our customers here at Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca rave about the extraordinary customer service and the quality of the work performed on their cars and trucks.

collision repair in IthacaOur service staff are prompt in responding to calls and questions. We keep you updated by text as to the progress and contact you immediately should any changes need to take place. Happy customers are what make a business thrive as we have for over 25 years.

Collision repair in Ithaca done right by quality and experienced auto body technicians stand out amongst the crowd. Our work is lifetime guaranteed so you never need to worry. Every component used in the repair along with the proper paint selection and application will turn that ho-hum used car into a beautiful vehicle for your recent grad!

Once you’ve decided on a vehicle for your grad and have had a checked over for all things mechanical, stop by our shop and let us give you a free estimate to spiff up that car and turn it into a gorgeous vehicle for your son or daughter. Again, Congratulations to you and your graduate!

Winks Body Shop is Your Ithaca Leader in Customer Care

Ithaca body shop

Accidents, vehicle damage, insurance claims, and many more worries abound when you car or truck has sustained damage. Collision repair in Ithaca is a phone call away when you reach out to Wink’s Body Shop for all your body repair needs.

Not all body repair shops can provide the same quality of work, the same experience in technicians or the same level of customer care. Just a simple fact. People tend to shop around for a better price, but prices can be deceiving. A lower price may not be the best option as it is entirely possible that correct parts are being used.

Why Customer Care is So Important to Us

Your satisfaction is always our Number One priority. Our work is guaranteed and always handled by knowledgeable, professional and well-trained technicians who take their careers seriously by engaging in ongoing education and trainings.

collision repair in IthacaCustomers deserve the best care and assistance when they need an Ithaca body shop and Wink’s delivers. Our customer care team, everyone form our front desk manager, service advisors, body repair technicians, paint specialists and detail team all work together to bring you the best experience.

We know how stressful accidents and the ensuing body damage to your vehicle can be. Add to that the stress of dealing with insurance companies and adjusters, and you have a recipe for a rough time. Wink’s Body Shop handles every aspect of your collision repair in Ithaca from the moment you step inside until your vehicle is repaired and the keys handed back over to you.

Our customers happily testify as to our customer care and the quality of repairs done here at our facility. Happy, satisfied customers build our brand awareness and encourage new customers to seek out our expertise. Their testimonies* ascertain that we are the Number One Ithaca body shop for all your collision repair needs.

Our customer care team realizes that getting your vehicle back correctly repaired and on time is your major concern. We keep you updated with the progress of the repairs through text messages. Questions or concerns are handled immediately to your satisfaction. And when you get your car or truck back, it is neat, clean and detailed just for you. You will truly enjoy the level of care we offer our customers.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca

Our facility has grown over the years from a small 900 square foot shop to a state-of-the-art Ithaca body shop. We use the most current, up-to-date tools and equipment that makes a huge difference in the specifications of the repair. Our frame straightening equipment is bar none in the area.

i-Car certified Ithaca body shopBody repair technicians at Wink’s Body Shop know the importance of being detail oriented, of making repairs that will last a lifetime, and are excellent at working with local insurance companies and adjusters. Our staff are i-Car Certified which provides yet another level of customer appreciation as they work according to high standards and appropriate repairs.

Collision repair in Ithaca does not need to be a scary process. No matter if this is your first accident or unfortunately you’ve been through this before, our customer service and repair team are on your side. You will always know the status of your vehicle and we will answer any questions or concerns you have.

Remember, free estimates are always available. Stop by to see us and let’s get your car back on the road and looking great.

Is the Springtime Sun Shining a Light on Those Dents and Dings

Ithaca body shop

It’s here! The glorious sunshine and warmer days have arrived. Springtime is so welcome after a long, cold winter. Now, the plans, vacations, trips and fun begins as we get into these warmer seasons. This is the perfect time to take a good look at your car or truck and ascertain whether any work needs to be done. Your Ithaca body shop can help you review potential repair spots and give you a free estimate.

As the sun shines more brightly, we often see damages, dents, and dings in our vehicles that we hadn’t noticed all winter. Some of these may be starting to rust both from the elements and the salt on the roads. Minor paint scratches can quickly begin to rust and it’s better to deal with them immediately rather than wait. Rust does not wait. It eats away the metal very quickly and soon the “spot” becomes an eyesore.

Collision Repair in Ithaca

Not all vehicle damage is caused by collisions with another vehicle. Paint scratches, vandalism, shopping carts, falling tree branches, hail damage, and so many other incidents can cause minor to major damage. Most damages described above are covered under your automobile insurance policy as long as you carry the appropriate coverage such as Comprehensive and Collision.

i-Car certified Ithaca body shopWink’s Body Shop is your hometown Ithaca body shop. We work with most all insurance companies, appraisers and adjusters, so are well-versed in obtaining the absolute best collision repair in Ithaca for your vehicle.

Our state-of-the-art facility and equipment, backed by i-Car certified professional technicians, have everything needed right here to repair body damage quickly and correctly. We have the best individual paint bays which protect your vehicle from sustaining any paint spray from other projects. Our computer coded paint match system makes sure the color we use matches your vehicle exactly.

One thing many people don’t realize is that even a small (or what looks like small) collision with a vehicle or stationary object can cause frame damage. Frame damage can cause major alignment issues, wear out your tires quickly from a poor tracking pattern, and put excess strain on the axles and joints. Another major issue can be that the frame is compromised significantly which may result in a dangerous situation.

Our frame straightening equipment works to repair and straighten the frame back to it’s original specifications. There no longer is any guesswork involved. Computerized frame straightening equipment is the best on the market and will assure you the frame is repaired correctly. Ithaca collision repair involves many aspects with frame straightening, paint repair, and dent removal being only a small part of what we do.

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer

collision repair in IthacaYou know that summer is going to be upon us soon. You will want your car or truck to look its best and operate safely as you plan vacations and road trips with your family. Collision repair in Ithaca is as handy as Wink’s Body Shop where you will be greeted by friendly and professional customer service staff. Our mission is to provide you with the absolute best collision repair in Ithaca and show you how a state-of-the-art facility can take the worry and headaches out of repairing your vehicle. Call or stop by today for your free estimate.