Before Selling Your Used Vehicle Visit Wink’s Body Shop

Spring is finally here and you’re ready to carry out your plan of getting rid of your old car in order to make way for a newer model. Or, perhaps it’s simply time to dump your car, because you’re moving back to the city, and won’t need it anymore. Whatever you’re reason for selling your used vehicle, oncollision reapir shop in Ithacae thing is definite…our Ithaca body shop knows it needs to be in good shape to appeal to the best buyers.

Unless you want to sell your car for far less that its actual worth, you’ll need to think strategically about how to best market it to people seeking a good set of wheels. The secondary used car market is very competitive, and you’ll be competing with big used car dealers who can afford to purchase advertising to appeal to prospects.

Maybe you’re planning to sell your car by listing it online, which is a good idea. But, the fact is that potential buyers want to see what they are getting. So, you’ll have to take pictures of the car and present its condition honestly, if you want to get any serious offers. And, if your car isn’t in the best of shape right now, you must do what’s necessary to make any needed repairs, before attempting to put it on the market.

Wink’s Body Shop is the perfect partner to have in this endeavor. Not only are we well known in the area for performing top-rate collision repair in Ithaca, we’re also the best auto body shop in town that can recondition your car and get it ready for sale. Local citizens have depended on Wink’s for years to make their old cars look new again.collision repair ithaca, body shop ithaca, ithaca body shop

Selling a used car is a big deal, and it involves a lot of trust between the buyer and seller. Buyers want to be assured that they aren’t being sold a lemon. Not that you would try to sell someone a lemon on purpose, but when a used car isn’t properly attended to before offering it to unsuspecting buyers, you may certainly be accused of that if your car has visible signs of wear and tear. These days, people expect car owners to sell cars that are in good driving shape, regardless of the amount of miles its been driven.

As a matter of fact, the more miles your car has, the more care needs to be taken to ensure it can be driven safely the moment you hand over the keys to a new owner. Bring your car into Wink’s and have our body shop in Ithaca do a complete car makeover. Don’t worry. We’ll take a look at your vehicle and give you a full estimate of the costs before we touch a thing. That way, you can budget for the essential fixes and get those taken care of first.

If your old car is in pretty decent shape mechanically, but could use a new coat of paint to make it sparkle again, we’re the shop that can do that for you. Call Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca today to schedule a used car assessment.

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