Before You Travel This Holiday Season, Take Your Car to WINK’S Body Shop

Car driving during winter snow taken through a windshield covered with blured snowflakes.

If you’ll be traveling home or visiting friends or relatives this holiday season, take the time to stop in at Wink’s Body Shop to take advantage of our new automotive repair services in Ithaca. Even minor damage to your car can lead to potential problems when you’re driving farther than normal. Spending collsion repair in Ithacathe holidays in a repair shop in another town or stranded on the road won’t make your holidays jollier.

Minor Damage Can Lead to Major Rust

You may be thinking you’ll wait until after the New Year to take care of recent dents and dings but waiting even a few weeks this time of year can quickly lead to rust, which in turn can lead to other problems, including a hole in your muffler.

Get an Oil Change Before You Go

If you’ve been putting off an oil change or if you aren’t due for one for a few hundred miles, go ahead and take care of it now. We offer oil changes in Ithaca that are quick and convenient. You can even relax in our clean and bright office area while we take care of the change and be on your way in no time. While you’re here, we’ll be sure to check your oil filter and air filter as well so your car will be purring on your holiday travels.

Nix the Shimmy

Is your car shimmying or shuddering when you drive? This isn’t just annoying, it can be dangerous, particularly on slick or snowy roads. Bring your car into Wink’s Body Shop for proper wheel alignments. In Ithaca, no one does alignments better; we guarantee you’ll be on the road with the smoothest possible ride for more confident driving and a safer journey.

Don’t Let Your Exhaust Ruin The Sounds of the Season

Is your muffler too loud due to a hole or rust-through? Is the exhaust system poorly maintained, leading to overly loud exhaust emissions or backfiring? No one wants to hear your car coming from a distance, particularly when they’re trying to listen to Christmas carolers or holiday music. Don’t be that person who announces his arrival long before his car is seen because he hasn’t bothered to take advantage of our exhaust services in Ithaca.

Braking Properly in Winter

Brakes that work properly and respond quickly are crucial when you’re driving long distances in cold, wet and icy conditions. Your brakes may respond more slowly in extreme weather conditions, so it’s important to take advantage of our brake services in Ithaca before you hit the road. We’ll check your brakes, pads and rotors to make sure they’re functioning at peak performance and repair or replace them if they aren’t.

Don’t jeopardize the joys of the holidays by neglecting your car’s upkeep and risking an accident or damage to your vehicle this holiday season. Wink’s Body Shop is here to make sure you’ll arrive safe and sound no matter where your travels take you.

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