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Summer Weather Can Take a Toll on Your Automobile

collision repair in Ithaca

There seems to be an endless onslaught of weather damages and accidents than can affect our vehicles no matter the time of year. Winter brings us slippery roads, wildlife dashing out in front of us, salt and corrosion that eats up the finish and metal on our vehicles.

Summer can be equally fraught with weather damages and accidents due to the higher amount of traffic on the roads. The heat of the sun can burn the paint on your car or truck, and heavy rains can cause leaks that you didn’t know existed.

Wink’s Body Shop Can Help

When it comes to collision repair in Ithaca, Wink’s Body Shop is the most reliable and detail-oriented facility in the area. Our incredible staff of customer service assistants, service writers and i-Car Certified body shop technicians are the best trained and experienced group in Ithaca.

scratch removal winks body shop IthacaDents, dings, scratches, peeling or fading paint, as well as significant collision damage is repaired here using the finest materials, components, computer-matched paint, and state-of-the-art equipment such as our frame straightening system.

Weather-related damage to your vehicles is often not covered under automobile insurance as it is considered normal wear and tear. We understand this exclusion and realize that pricing can make a huge difference in whether you get the damages repaired or not. Our facility is pleased to offer you free estimates so you can see exactly what needs to be done right down to the amount of paint or number of bolts. No surprises.

Weather damage is unsightly and can allow additional damage to occur. Specifically, if the paint becomes faded, this means that the original clear coat protectant has worn off allowing the UV rays to damage the paint. Sure, you are probably thinking that it looks awful but it’s an older car and there is no need to fix it.

collision repair ithaca, Ithaca Body ShopWe would love to be able to agree with you, but the fact is that damage to the clear coat and/or the paint through fading, scratches, dings and such simply expose the under metal to additional damage. Mainly corrosion is the culprit as rust seeks out the weakest points in the auto body armor. Weakened or worn out paint is begging for corrosion to get a start and quietly eat away until you notice a huge rusty area.

Your Ithaca body shop knows exactly how to protect your vehicle form this corrosion before it gets a foot in the door. Your vehicle is important to you and keeping it in good condition will provide you many years of use and when it comes time to sell or trade, having the body looking in excellent condition will facilitate that sale.

Don’t Let Weather Damages Ruin Your Vehicle

Stop by to see us today in order that we can write up a free estimate to show you what needs to be done to keep your vehicle looking its best. Collision repair in Ithaca and the best auto body paint technicians are here to get you back on the road in your vehicle and looking sparkling new.

Give Your Graduate a Used Car That Looks Like New With a Trip to Winks Body Shop

Congratulations to all the 2018 high school and college graduates! The entrance into adulthood often begins with the momentous occasion of graduating from school. Parents and families know that the most important and desired special gift often comes in the form of a vehicle that can get your young adult out and about on their own.

Most first cars for young people are used cars that are affordable and in good running condition. Always be sure to have any used car you are interested in gone over completely by a certified mechanic. There is no sense in buying a vehicle without a complete inspection. Know the risks and the potential repairs needed. You want your young person to be safe and not get stranded.

Body and Paint Work at Wink’s Body Shop

i-Car certified Ithaca body shopHere in Ithaca, Wink’s Body Shop provides excellent customer service, guaranteed repairs, and a state-of-the-art facility that turns damaged vehicles into works of art. Seriously, when you think about collision repair in Ithaca, seeing the before and after photos of the work done by our i-Car Certified technicians will prove the quality and expertise our staff use daily.

A used car (no matter the age) can have some minor or even significant body and paint damage. There may be prior damage that has resulted in minor rust, the paint may be chipped, scratched and sun burnt. Faded paint is often the most common situation found in older model used cars and trucks.

Did you know that even doing a new paint job can bring the sparkle out in a used car? Our individual paint bays provide perfect isolation from other vehicles undergoing paint and body work. There is no concern about cross-contamination with over spray form other jobs. Your vehicle will have its exact paint color matched through our computer color match systems.

Wink’s Body Shop excels in Ithaca collision repair and extraordinary vehicle painting and sealing. All paint jobs are properly clear coated and sealed after the paint is applied to protect the finish for years to come.

Choosing Your Ithaca Body Shop

Bringing your new or used vehicle to an Ithaca body shop may seem a bit daunting. It’s important to look at reviews of shops, technicians, and customer service of any body shops you are interested in. Our customers here at Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca rave about the extraordinary customer service and the quality of the work performed on their cars and trucks.

collision repair in IthacaOur service staff are prompt in responding to calls and questions. We keep you updated by text as to the progress and contact you immediately should any changes need to take place. Happy customers are what make a business thrive as we have for over 25 years.

Collision repair in Ithaca done right by quality and experienced auto body technicians stand out amongst the crowd. Our work is lifetime guaranteed so you never need to worry. Every component used in the repair along with the proper paint selection and application will turn that ho-hum used car into a beautiful vehicle for your recent grad!

Once you’ve decided on a vehicle for your grad and have had a checked over for all things mechanical, stop by our shop and let us give you a free estimate to spiff up that car and turn it into a gorgeous vehicle for your son or daughter. Again, Congratulations to you and your graduate!

Winks Body Shop is Your Ithaca Leader in Customer Care

Ithaca body shop

Accidents, vehicle damage, insurance claims, and many more worries abound when you car or truck has sustained damage. Collision repair in Ithaca is a phone call away when you reach out to Wink’s Body Shop for all your body repair needs.

Not all body repair shops can provide the same quality of work, the same experience in technicians or the same level of customer care. Just a simple fact. People tend to shop around for a better price, but prices can be deceiving. A lower price may not be the best option as it is entirely possible that correct parts are being used.

Why Customer Care is So Important to Us

Your satisfaction is always our Number One priority. Our work is guaranteed and always handled by knowledgeable, professional and well-trained technicians who take their careers seriously by engaging in ongoing education and trainings.

collision repair in IthacaCustomers deserve the best care and assistance when they need an Ithaca body shop and Wink’s delivers. Our customer care team, everyone form our front desk manager, service advisors, body repair technicians, paint specialists and detail team all work together to bring you the best experience.

We know how stressful accidents and the ensuing body damage to your vehicle can be. Add to that the stress of dealing with insurance companies and adjusters, and you have a recipe for a rough time. Wink’s Body Shop handles every aspect of your collision repair in Ithaca from the moment you step inside until your vehicle is repaired and the keys handed back over to you.

Our customers happily testify as to our customer care and the quality of repairs done here at our facility. Happy, satisfied customers build our brand awareness and encourage new customers to seek out our expertise. Their testimonies* ascertain that we are the Number One Ithaca body shop for all your collision repair needs.

Our customer care team realizes that getting your vehicle back correctly repaired and on time is your major concern. We keep you updated with the progress of the repairs through text messages. Questions or concerns are handled immediately to your satisfaction. And when you get your car or truck back, it is neat, clean and detailed just for you. You will truly enjoy the level of care we offer our customers.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca

Our facility has grown over the years from a small 900 square foot shop to a state-of-the-art Ithaca body shop. We use the most current, up-to-date tools and equipment that makes a huge difference in the specifications of the repair. Our frame straightening equipment is bar none in the area.

i-Car certified Ithaca body shopBody repair technicians at Wink’s Body Shop know the importance of being detail oriented, of making repairs that will last a lifetime, and are excellent at working with local insurance companies and adjusters. Our staff are i-Car Certified which provides yet another level of customer appreciation as they work according to high standards and appropriate repairs.

Collision repair in Ithaca does not need to be a scary process. No matter if this is your first accident or unfortunately you’ve been through this before, our customer service and repair team are on your side. You will always know the status of your vehicle and we will answer any questions or concerns you have.

Remember, free estimates are always available. Stop by to see us and let’s get your car back on the road and looking great.

Winks Body Shop is the Tompkins County Leader in Collision Repair

collision repair in Ithaca

Accidents happen. It’s a fact of life. Nothing can be more frustrating than having to worry about where to have your vehicle repaired. Residents of Tompkins County know the best Ithaca body shop is the one they can trust and be confidant in the quality of repairs. Wink’s Body Shop is well-known for splendid customer service and collision repair in Ithaca.

Taking The What-Ifs Out of Collision Repairs in Ithaca

Most everyone has had a difficult experience at one time or another when using an unknown or recommended repair facility. There can be concerns over the quality of parts used, the painting process, the experience of the technicians, lack of communication, and unpleasant surprises.

collision repair in IthacaWink’s Body Shop takes great pride in our workmanship, customer service and standing behind our repairs. Every job is important to us and each customer is a VIP in our eyes. Your vehicle is your lifeblood in being able to get to work, school, activities and family needs. Being without your car or truck can create a hardship, so we try to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Our staff and technicians are comfortable with working with insurance companies, adjusters and appraisers. The representatives from those companies are familiar with our process, quality of work, and fairness, as well as our dedication to our customers. Remember, we can handle all the insurance claim process for you and we do keep you updated as to status throughout the repairs.

How Do You Know For Sure?

People talk. Ask around about collision repair in Ithaca and you will hear stories from all sides of the fence. Ask about Wink’s Body Shop and you will be pleasantly surprised with what you hear. Personal recommendations are a good sign that you can trust our Ithaca body shop to treat you right.

Here are some recent reviews posted on :

Randall (Honda owner) reviewed 4/9/18

My Experience
Kept me posted by texts. Accurate time prediction and no surprises for the cost all make me a satisfied customer. Besides that, they did a great job fixing and cleaning my car!

Likely to Recommend

Repair Quality

Customer Service

Returned Clean

Kept me Informed?Yes
Ready on Time?Yes

Teri (Honda owner) reviewed 4/4/18

My Experience
Very clean. Repair time was fast everyone was professional and pleasant

Donald (Dodge owner) reviewed 4/3/18

My Experience
Did a great job on my truck. I love they cleaned the inside of the truck. It looked great, thank you.

Robert (Chevrolet owner) reviewed 4/2/18

My Experience
The customer experience was flawless. One of the best all-around consumer experiences I’ve ever had anywhere.

Matt (Volkswagen owner) reviewed 3/31/18

My Experience
I enjoyed getting periodic notifications regarding my vehicle. I was surprised, but pleased, when my vehicle was ready a full week earlier than planned.

Kristin (Toyota owner) reviewed 3/27/18

Likely to Recommend

Repair Quality
I was extremely pleased with the service. The duration of he repair for my car was quicker than I expected which I greatly appreciated. I also was very pleased of the result of my car with the repair and the cleaning.

Customer Service

Returned Clean

Kept me Informed?Yes
Ready on Time?Yes

Choose Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca

collision repair in IthacaNo matter if your vehicle needs a small scratch or ding repaired, a paint job, or a serious collision damage repair, our staff of professional and experienced technicians will do the job right and to your satisfaction.

We offer Free estimates, Insurance company assistance, lifetime warranty on repairs, towing, glass replacement, detailing, suspension and frame repair. Contact us today for your personal collision damage repair estimate.

What You Should Know About No Fault Collision Repair

collision repair in Ithaca

The most recent Tompkins County, NY motor vehicle records (for 2014) indicate over 4500 accidents occurred on the roadways in the area. Of these, approximately 25 resulted in hospitalization. Obviously, that figure could be well higher at this point in time. The resulting collision repair in Ithaca can mount up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance and out-of-pocket repairs.

New York is a No-Fault state when it comes to automobile insurance. Basically, this means your damages will be covered under your personal insurance policy. New York is one of only 12 states that have adopted the No-Fault status and this is in an effort to make sure legitimate claims are paid quickly to injured parties.

No-Fault insurance deals specifically with medical bills and services. Pain and suffering are not covered under the No-Fault statues, but can be obtained through a separate lawsuit against the responsible party.

Your Vehicle Collision Repair in Ithaca

As you know, repairs for collision damage in Ithaca are covered by your personal automobile policy as long as you carry Comprehensive and/or Collision coverage on your vehicle. If you do not carry either vehicle damage coverage, you may well be looking at paying for the repairs out of your own pocket.

Ithaca body shopWink’s Body Shop has been working with customers and insurance companies for many years. Our technicians and repair facility are well-known and reputable. As most collision damage in Ithaca is covered by an insurance policy, we are well-versed in working directly with the companies and their representatives when it comes to repair and negotiation of damages and costs.

Once you have filed a claim with your carrier, have brought your vehicle here to Wink’s Body Shop for an estimate, we then take over the process with your insurance company. Our technicians will work directly with your company’s adjuster and auto appraiser to determine the correct repairs to be made and the agreed upon cost.

Although insurance companies want to save money on claims (a solid business practice for any business), the truth is that they are not out to get you. They are not out to refuse to repair damages unless the damage can be found to be unrelated to the current accident. As an example; if the vehicle has old rust damage and then is in an accident causing damage to the area where the rust was and surrounding areas, repair of the rusted area usually would not be covered or significantly depreciated.

Ithaca collsion repairSame thing with prior body damage; prior damage then impacted by a second accident has to be figured out as to what was there before. This is often simply determined by the visualization of “old” rust. Other methods do also help in this situations.

But, again, the insurance company wants to return your vehicle to pre-accident status. That is the expected result. When you choose us as your Ithaca body shop, you can be assured that our work with the insurance company and adjuster will always be to return your vehicle to you with appropriate repairs done. We do not take short cuts or use below average parts and replacement materials. Collision repair in Ithaca must be executed to the best ability possible, otherwise our reputation would not continue to grow as it does. Our work is second-to-none and with a staff of highly trained and experienced technicians, we are pleased to offer you the best repair available.

No-Fault Collision Repair

Simply put, No-Fault collision repair in Ithaca puts the repair in your hands and not subject to another company’s attempt to lower their expenses on behalf of their customer. You have complete control over what and how you vehicle is repaired.

If you’ve experienced an accident or damage to your vehicle, contact us immediately for a completely free estimate of repairs. Let us help you get your vehicle back on the road.

Smooth Out Your Ride With Wink’s Body Shop Suspension Replacement Services

collision repair in Ithaca

Whoa! Those potholes that suddenly appear out of nowhere mean business. It is truly amazing how they can suddenly become a bottomless pit that sucks your car in. The damage our vehicles incur because of potholes, frost heaves and accidents can have us searching for collision repair in Ithaca.

It’s no wonder that an Ithaca body shop is inundated with repairs as Spring arrives. Wink’s Body Shop knows that this can be a hectic time of year. Our staff and fantastic body technicians are here and ready to get your vehicle back to normal.

Frame and Suspension Repair in Ithaca

Collision repair in Ithaca can address everything from accidents involving other vehicles, wild animals and stationary object. But did you know that a lot of Ithaca collision repair centers around suspension and frame damage?

collision repair in IthacaThat pothole you hit this morning may very well cause extensive damage to the suspension of your vehicle. In fact, very few cars manage to hit a pothole without causing some issue needing repair. The suspension is the first thing to take a beating. This is what causes your car or truck to ride smoothly over normal roads. You don’t want to be hearing squeaking, or have your car pulling one way or the other. Significant damage can occur to the major axle parts and to the wheels themselves.

Wink’s Body Shop has the best suspension equipment in Ithaca and the trained technicians to actually repair the damage right the first time. If the damage is too significant to be safely repaired, we can provide suspension replacement services to get everything back as it should be.

Safety is the biggest concern here. Damage to the suspension, frame and/or hidden damage to the axles and wheels could leave you stranded if (and when) it finally breaks. Driving a vehicle with suspension or frame damage puts you and your family at risk for a very dangerous situation should the affected part break while traveling.

Ithaca body shopOur Ithaca body shop requires our technicians to be thoroughly and expertly trained in all aspects of body, frame and suspension repair and best practices. When you bring your car or truck to us to evaluate and provide an estimate for the damage repair, you can be assured we will explain everything to you as far as what needs to be done and why. Collision repair in Ithaca requires each Ithaca body shop to be sure all safety measures are adhered to and that damage that renders a vehicle unsafe to drive be handled appropriately.

Don’t Drive a Damaged Vehicle

This is common sense, but seriously, if you have hit a pothole hard and are feeling wobbling, pulling left or right or hearing sounds that shouldn’t be there, contact us immediately for instructions. Hidden damage (damage that you can’t see from the exterior of the vehicle) could put your life in danger.

Collision damage, suspension damage, paint damage; all these are repaired here at Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca.  Our local reputation to provide the best repairs for our customers is second to none.

Allow us to assist you in determining the best method to get your vehicle here. We will go through the damages with you, provide a free estimate and help you schedule in the work. Getting you back on the road safely is our goal. Should the unexpected happen to your car, call or stop by today for your free estimate.

Spring Back into the Season With a Trip to Winks Body Shop

Another long winter is making way for Spring! Hopefully your vehicle emerged unscathed from suffering any damage. But if it didn’t, you have right now to get your car or truck back into excellent condition for the coming seasons.

We work with many people this time of year to provide collision repair in Ithaca and spiff up their vehicles for better weather. There are so many reasons to repair and clean up your car or truck. Most importantly is to prevent small damages from becoming big headaches.

To Repair or Not Repair? That is the Question.

Winter is sure tough on vehicles. Between accidents with other vehicles, wildlife, falling trees, hail damage and the salt on the roads, it’s a dangerous world out there. Most of the body damage resulting from collisions or falling trees are covered under your automobile insurance policy. Be sure to check with your carrier and review your coverage.

Ithaca body shopWink’s Body Shop has been working with the insurance companies and adjusters for many years. Our reputation for providing quality work and negotiating appropriate repairs is second to none. Our mission is to get you and your vehicle back on the road in the condition it was in prior to the damage.

All insurance work is coordinated between our facility and your insurance adjuster. We keep you informed as to progress and discuss options with you as the job goes along. You are welcome to contact us at anytime with questions.

Collision repair in Ithaca that is not covered by insurance can be dealt with individually. We will work up a complete estimate of repair for you and explain all the details. Our body shop technicians have many years of combined experience and work with state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

Repairing your vehicle is the best way to keep value in your car or truck. There may come a day when you want to trade up for a new car. Trying to trade your automobile with damage that has not been repaired can really affect your bottom line when it comes to value.

collision repair in IthacaThe other major point here, though,is that by not taking your car to an Ithaca body shop like Wink’s could result in additional damage down the road. We all know the effects of corrosives on metal. The salt on our roads during the winter just attacks any exposed metal including the frame. Even small dents, dings and scratches can become major issues if left untreated.

So you see that little scratch on the fender? Yes, that one with the paint scratched. Doesn’t look like anything to worry about now but just give it time. Before you know it, that scratch will become an open wound spreading with rust. The paint and clear coat on your vehicle is your only lines of defense against rust. Get it taken care of now and save yourself a huge bill later one.

Maintaining your vehicle will allow you to keep it on the road longer, help you rediscover those new car feelings and provide you with a higher trade-in value when the time comes.

Get Ready for Spring!

Don’t Break Up With Your Car, Bring It to Winks Body Shop Instead

collision repair Ithaca

So you looked into purchasing a new car and trading in your trust vehicle. Most likely, you experienced significant sticker shock if you haven’t bought a new car in a while. And if you looked further into the process, you also found out that your automobile insurance would skyrocket and the sales and registration taxes would put you out of budget.

Don’t worry. Many people are in the same situation and here is an option that can provide many years of enjoyment and not break the bank.

Repair or Replace That Car?

It’s a tough question. Reliability and safety are always primary concerns and may be the reason you are looking to trade your current vehicle in. If this is the case, by all means keep looking until you find the deal that works for your budget and will give you peace of mind.

If your current vehicle is mechanically sound and has been cared for regularly, but the body is suffering from age, stop by your Ithaca body shopIthaca collision repair here at Wink’s for your free estimate. Our specialty is repairing vehicles and restoring them to like new condition.

Once you’ve gotten to the point of walking away from a new car deal and the lengthy repayment schedule, take a good look at your current vehicle. What is wrong with it? Does it have paint scratches? Fading paint or finish? Dents or dings? Collision repair in Ithaca is your best bet for getting your vehicle back into shape.

The cost to repair damage, buff out scratches (if possible) and repaint your car or truck can be a major budget saver. If your vehicle is all ready paid for, this makes a perfect solution. No more car payments so you can work out your budget to include these body repairs.

Our primary goal as your Ithaca collision repair facility is to provide you with the absolute best in customer service and a finished product you will be happy with. Our i-Car Certified technicians have undergone extensive and continuing education in their specialties.

Our facility offers state-of-the-art tools, diagnostics, frame straightening, and dedicated paint booths to ensure no cross painting or spray from other projects will ever touch your vehicle. We are able to totally computer match your paint color so there will not be any color mismatch.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca

collision repair in IthacaYes, we are the premier collision repair in Ithaca and take great pride in our work and our community reputation. You are our most important customer and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We can help you work out a repair schedule that fits your budget and allows you to get your vehicle back into excellent shape. You may wish to keep your vehicle for many years, or perhaps the thought of trading is still on your mind for in the future. Having body damage, scratches and paint repaired will add significant value to your vehicle which you will realize once you trade it in.

Like a home remodel in the kitchen or bath, your investment in repairing your vehicle at our Ithaca body shop will be well worth having done.

Call or stop by today for your free estimate and to talk more with our technicians and owners. We look forward to serving you!

A Little Body Work Could Mean More Money for Your Trade In

collision repair in Ithaca

The New Year is here and many people are considering trading their vehicles in for a newer model. This is one of the best times of year to find incredible deals on the last year models. Auto dealers are anxious to move out last year’s vehicles to make room for this year’s, which will be coming onto the lot daily for the next few months.

If buying a new car is in your current plans, take the time to evaluate the vehicle you wish to trade. Top dollar trade in values vary from dealer to dealer, but they take into consideration the overall condition of the car or truck in arriving at their figures.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward (or is that Bumper?)

Mechanical issues are always a detriment to trade in value, but not nearly as much as body damage or rust. Depending on how old your vehicle is, you might find it well worth the cost to have minor damage repaired at your Ithaca body shop.

Ithaca collision repairVehicles with body and rust damage command much lower trade in values and are often sent off to auction or scrapped. Thus what a dealer will offer you is going to be on the very low end of the spectrum.

There is a very good pricing guide called Kelley Blue Book. You can determine a base trade-in value by going through the options your car has, mileage, and overall condition. Compare that to a vehicle with no damage or in excellent condition and you can figure out how much work may be affordable to do repairs before trading.

Wink’s Body Shop, your first choice for collision repair in Ithaca, can evaluate the damage on your vehicle and provide you with a free estimate to do the work. Doing your homework prior to trading in a vehicle could mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

New Vehicle Markup

Ithaca collision repairIt’s no secret that new vehicles are marked up a fair amount. How else could there be an MSRP yet dealers take off for trades, rebates, and negotiation? Research what vehicles have sold for before you walk into a dealer. And don’t forget to get offers from several dealers for the vehicle you want.

So when the seller takes into account the trade in value for your current vehicle, they are going to start low. Be prepared with knowing the range you should actually expect. Ithaca collision repair and body damage specialists can also help you to determine if doing some body work will command you a better deal at the facility.

Taking the Pain Out of Low-Ball Offers on Trades

Do not take the first offer on your trade. No ifs, ands, or buts. You have researched and know what a vehicle similar to yours should trade at. The dealer knows this, too. But they really do have a bit more leeway when negotiating with you. Getting your car or truck into the best condition possible will help you in the long run.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca can show you exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost. Our estimates are always free and our experienced, professional technicians are available to restore your vehicle to a much better condition.

Stop by or call us today and obtain your estimate. We are happy to provide you as much information as possible and help you get a better price on your trade.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Get Your Car in Shape

rust repair in Ithaca

Welcome to 2018 everyone! January is the month we all like to consider resolutions for the New Year. Many of us are considering buying a new car this year or at least spiffing up our current mode of transportation. Getting your car in shape has multiple benefits including increasing value.

Today, let’s talk about simply getting your vehicle maintained and cleaned up. With winter here, the roads are just loaded with rust seeking destroyers. If your vehicle has rust on it now, by spring you will see so much more damage that you will regret not dealing with it now.

Ithaca body shopWink’s Body Shop in Ithaca has the time and tools needed to repair any damage on your vehicle. We specialize in collision repair in Ithaca but also have tremendous technicians who work on rust repair. Our dedicated paint bays insure a proper paint color match and coating. We use protective layers and clear coat barriers to protect all repairs.

Rust Needs Immediate Attention

We are sure you’ve seen the results of allowing a small rust spot to sit and fester for months on end. That little spot can turn into a huge, metal eating monster. Add the road salt and calcium chloride treatments, you are going to see a quick advancement of the rust as it spreads and takes over more of the area.

The biggest issue is that once rust sets into the paint through a scratch or ding or collision, the protective barrier is breached from the original damage and it’s like a breeding spot wide open to rust. There is no further protection under the paint to prevent the rust damage from eating into the metal.

Although it is tempting to wait to repair the rust or convince ourselves that it is not going to get much worse, it’s always an error in judgment. As your premier Ithaca body shop, we would like to encourage you to have the minor rust issue worked on now. Repairing the damage right now will prevent a significantly larger bill in the future.

collision repair in IthacaSmall rust repair can be done quickly, efficiently and at a budget-friendly price offering you protection and increased value in your vehicle. Our shop is fully equipped with the latest in paint matching technology and knowledgeable technicians who work full-time on our customers’ vehicles.

We pride ourselves in providing the best in customer service, full disclosure of repairs, free estimates and timely work done to your complete satisfaction.

Make a Date With Wink’s Body Shop

Include your vehicle in your New Year’s resolutions. Maintaining your car or truck is beneficial to you and your family. Safety is always number one. Keeping your vehicle rust free and checked on a regular basis will protect you and your family from unseen dangers. The undercarriage of your vehicle could be experiencing rust issues which you cannot see. Rust under the vehicle or along the exhaust system could be dangerous to your health and your family.

Call or stop by our collision repair experts in Tompkins County today for a free estimate. Our friendly staff is ready to help you get your vehicle back in shape for the New Year.