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Is Summer Road Construction Taking a Toll on Your Car?

At Wink’s Body Shop, we do a lot of collision repair in Tompkins County, particularly during the summer months. People travel more and there is a lot more road construction that can take a toll on cars. Warm, sunny weather means many road crews are out on the highways and byways patching potholes, adding guardrails, repaving roads and more. Unfortunately, driving through construction zones can lead to serious damage to your car that will need repaired.
To minimize your need for summer collision repair in Ithaca, keep these tips in mind when driving through construction areas:

Be on the Lookout for Orange Diamond Signs
These prominently displayed signs will tell you when you’re approaching a construction zone and there will be men working. Most of these signs will say, “Work Area Ahead.” This is the time to slow down and scan the area for machinery, workers and barriers.

Keep Your Speed Slow and Steady
On highways, the speed limit is 55 when no workers are present. That’s right – even if nothing is being done when you drive through, you have to stay at 55 miles per hour or slower. This helps prevent hitting an uneven patch of pavement or unexpected road debris at rate of speed that could cause you to lose control of your car or damage it. If workers are present, the speed limit will be considerably lower. Always watch for speed limit signs, which should be prominently posted.

Be Aware of the Traffic Cones
Many drivers don’t pay attention to the traffic cones and end up clipping one or two as they leave an exit or change lanes in a construction area. Although these are designed to be flexible and absorb impact, they can still cause considerable damage to your automobile or truck. They can also fly up and hit another vehicle, compounding damage that you may have to pay for. You may end up looking for an auto body shop in Tompkins County for both you and another car owner.

Prepare for a Bumpy Ride
In many construction areas, the pavement will be uneven or missing. If you drive over these seams in the

collision repair in Tompkins County

Construction crew flagger holding stop sign, British Columbia, Canada

road, you run the risk of hitting it too hard and knocking your car out of alignment, rupturing a tire or losing a hubcap. You may also have to drive over graveled areas or large metal plates that could lead to a trip to your friendly auto body shop in Ithaca. The slower you can drive over these areas, the safer you and your car will be.

Respect the Flaggers
In any road construction zone, the directions given by a flagger supersede any traffic signs or posted limits. Always be aware of flaggers, who will be wearing safety orange and who may move around in the construction area while flagging. Watch for them, follow their instructions carefully and keep your car as far away from them as you can while still staying within the safe limits of the area.

At Wink’s Body Shop, we repair all damage done to you cars who have been caught in traffic situations in summer construction zones, but we’d prefer you be safe and avoid an accident instead. The tips above can help you minimize the toll of construction zones on your car this summer. Happy Driving!

Your Vehicle “May” Need a Make-Over, Better Call Winks Body Shop in Ithaca

collision repair in Tompkins County

May is the month of new beginnings, making it the ideal time to take a look at your vehicle with fresh eyes after months of wear and tear by winter weather, icy roads and perhaps a fender-bender. A visit to Ithaca body shopWink’s Body Shop in Ithaca is the perfect way to take care of damage sustained during the long, cold winters in New York. Your car has probably sustained damage from shopping carts in slick parking lots, minor accidents when you weren’t able to stop on icy roads or inexperienced drivers.

It’s Time to Repair the Winter Damage

Many of us put off vehicle repairs when the weather is bad. We need our cars and we’re afraid we’ll just get more damage from road salt, careless drivers and the many hazards of winter. Now that May has arrived, however, you may be looking at your dinged, scratched vehicle and realizing it’s time to make it shine again. Vacation time will soon be here. Trips to the beach or into the city for some much needed relaxation is on the horizon. You don’t want to be driving a clunker when our collision repair in Tompkins County can take care of all those blemishes and put you back on the road in style.

Selling Your Car? May is the Right Time

According to U.S. News and World Report, spring is the best time of year to sell your car. People are actively looking for vehicles and planning road trips. Your car can get top dollar if you bring it to our auto body shop in Tompkins County for some body work. We’ll get rid of those dents and dings, repair that crumpled fender and will match the paint perfectly so your car looks like new. Without the proper body work, potential buyers will notice every scratch, touch of rust and dent. That means they’ll insist on a price reduction and you’ll make less money on your sale.

Summertime Occasions

May is the time for all kinds of special occasions and you’ll want your car looking sharp. Whether your son is borrowing the car for his Senior Prom, you’re attending a baby shower for your best friend or there’s a wedding in the family, you don’t want anyone driving your car if it’s been knocked out of alignment on one of the many potholes that seem to bloom in the spring. Make sure your car is safe and driving straight by having Wink’s Body Shop do a computerized alignment and, if needed, replace the suspension. Our body shop handles it all, from minor scrapes to full body repairs with a brand new paint job, we have the technology, parts and expertise to make your vehicle like new again.

The Best in the Business

Our I-CAR gold certification means your car will be repaired to the highest quality standards for operation, safety and appearance. Our technicians are continually trained in the latest technologies and use the latest resources from I-CAR, an independent organization dedicated to driver safety. Our satisfaction guarantee means you’ll never be disappointed when you trust Wink’s Body Shop for collision repair in Ithaca.

Newer Model Cars Bring Their Own Set of Challenges When it Comes to Body Repair

collision repair in Ithaca

Newer model cars are more complex than autos of years ago and bring with them new challenges when it comes to collision repair in Tompkins County. While many people assume newer auto bodies don’t require as much work than older models, this isn’t the case. In fact, they bring new problems and require more complicated solutions. All of these new challenges mean our body shop mechanics need to continually educate themselves to keep up with changes in the industry. Ongoing education and training are essential so that our mechanics can confidently work on all auto makes and models.

From Steel to Fiberglass

Many new model cars have composite or fiberglass panels rather than steel panels for some sections. This makes vehicles lighter, but there are complications that come with this kind of frame. We can’t simply pound out a few dents if you’ve been in a fender bender. In many cases, an entire fiberglass section of your car will have to be replaced, then painted to match your existing paint job. When entire sections of the car have to be replaced, we also have to make sure the vehicle is properly balanced and aligned after new fiberglass panels are installed.


While bumpers on older cars were relatively simple pieces that could be easily replaced, today’s bumpers are more complex. Many of them have shock absorbing systems, sensors and even cameras behind them that have to be repaired in addition to the bumper itself. Backup sensors and cameras, collision avoidance systems and lane alignment features are all housed in the bumpers of newer model cars, so fixing a bumper is more labor intensive than it used to be.

Crumple Zones & Airbags

Today’s cars are designed around crumple zones that are designed to minimize injuries to passengers by absorbing more of the impact and dispersing it over the car’s frame. This means more damage to the steel or aluminum sections of a car’s frame that has to be repaired. After the frame is repaired, precision balancing and aligning is needed to ensure the car is ready to drive. If a car has been in an accident and an airbag or airbags have been deployed, these must be replaced. It’s a time-consuming process, but we i-Car certified Ithaca body shopare experts in collision repair in Ithaca and proud to share our expertise with our customers to ensure their safety.

Precision Equipment

There is a great deal of technology involved in repairing new model cars. Laser measuring, ultrasound equipment and computerized diagnostics are all part of the process. Our employees aren’t just mechanics; they also have to be proficient technicians familiar with computer systems. From paint matching to determining the amount of damage to a backup camera system, our technicians have to constantly educate themselves as newer, more complex cars enter the market.

The next time your newer model car needs body work, keep in mind the extensive education and attention to detail that is required for auto body technicians to successfully complete the task. At our auto body shop in Tompkins County, every technician is fully trained and strives to keep up with the latest innovations in auto body repair.

Don’t Wait Until the Winter Weather Sets in to Take Care of Those Dings and Dents

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Colder temperatures and frosts herald the change of seasons once again and we could be looking at an early winter if you believe the Farmer’s Almanac. This is a wise time to do a bit of maintenance and repairs on your vehicles to get them ready for winter.

Besides the usual mechanical maintenance like changing the oil, checking the antifreeze and topping off as necessary, checking your tires or getting ready to put winter tires on, the body and paint of your vehicle needs equal attention.

Winter Hazards That Affect Your Vehicle

It’s a known fact that the brutal winter weather, moisture, and road conditions can affect the body of your vehicle. The materials like salt and such that are used on roads to reduce slippage and dangerous areas, though awesome for safe driving, are extremely detrimental to your car or truck.

collsion repair in IthacaThe main ingredient in road treatment is salt. Rock salt. You know those large crystals on the road? Those are very happy spraying up on your car and attaching themselves to areas of the paint that are scratched, dinged or dented. And yes, they are like major rust causes.

Paint that is dented or dinged often times have damaged the paint and removed the finish exposing the metal. Even a small scratch can leave it wide open for salt to get in and start the rusting process unseen for a time. But within a short period, that little tiny area will show signs of rust and it slowly spreads throughout the body metal.

Collision repair in Ithaca should be dealt with quickly to prevent a larger problem and a higher bill. Small dents, dings and scratches are easily repaired at Wink’s Body Shop and will greatly reduce your expense and keep your vehicle looking perfect. Our professional body shop technicians can remove dents and dings with our state-of-the art dent pulling equipment leaving the surface of your car or truck looking brand new. Any paint scratches or damage is repaired in our dedicated paint bays and use color match computer systems to make sure the paint used is exactly the color on your vehicle.

Ithaca Collision Repair Makes Your Vehicle New Again

With winter fast approaching, you certainly don’t want to let that little dent or ding fester and be exposed to the road treatments. Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca has the exact repairs that you need at an affordable cost.

collision repair in IthacaAs a premier Ithaca body shop, we take great pride in our work and our customer service. Estimates are always free and we can get the repairs done that you need within budget and without hassle. Collision repair in Ithaca is equally professionally done and we work closely with your insurance companies and adjusters to obtain the best repair possible and properly.

We can handle all of the insurance process for you and keep you up to date on any changes in schedule or parts. Your body shop technician assigned to your repairs will work directly with you to provide the best repair possible.

Ithaca Body Shop

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca is your Number One choice when it comes to body repairs on your vehicles. Contact us to schedule and appointment for an estimate detailing the work that needs to be done. Protecting your car or truck’s paint and finish is an important step in a good maintenance schedule.

We look forward to your business and welcome you to our family of happy customers. Any questions, feel free to call or stop by and speak directly with our staff.

For The Best Body Shop in Tompkins County, Stop by Winks Body Shop in Ithaca

collision repair in Ithaca

When your car or truck is looking a bit shabby or in need of attention, make sure you consider the best body shop in Tompkins County. Wink’s Body Shop has been helping satisfied customers for over 20 years and we continue to grow because of your support and trust.

Collision repair in Ithaca should only be handled by qualified and knowledgeable technicians. You wouldn’t have an untrained electrician rewire your home, so why use a body shop without experienced technicians?

collision repair in IthacaVehicle repair, rust repair, body work, painting, scratch removal and collision repair in Ithaca seriously requires the expertise of well-trained staff with experience in the industry. Our technicians have the background, education and state-of-the-art tools to make sure your vehicle comes out perfectly.

Ithaca Collision Repair

Wink’s Body Shop can provide you with services such as:

  • Major and Minor Repairs
  • Factory Matched Refinishing
  • Dent and Scratch Removal
  • Computerized Paint Color Matching System
  • Front and Rear Bumper Replacement or Repair
  • Roof Repair
  • Hood Repair

Don’t see what you need for collision repair in Ithaca?  Just stop by or give us a call and let us know how we can help.

Today’s technology has advanced so quickly in the body repair industry, its paramount for a shop to stay on top of the latest techniques and products. There are constant improvements to materials and products used in body repair and we pride ourselves (and our staff) to be up to date on current best practices.

collision repair in IthacaWink’s Body Shop is the best collision repair shop in Tompkins County and we want to keep it that way. Your personal satisfaction is our primary goal!  Your vehicle is unique and important to you. Repairing small damages early can mean the difference between a little bit of work…or later down the road, an extensive overhaul. Don’t let a small dent, ding or scratch linger.

Why We Are Your Ithaca Body Shop

You want your car or truck repaired and repaired correctly the first time. We take the time to understand exactly what you want done, your budget and we walk through the repairs with you so you have a clear understanding of what needs to be done. In the event hidden damage is discovered, we will let you know right away and proceed only with your permission.

Our shop has the most useful and advanced equipment including MIG welders, TIG welders, plasma cutters, frame straightening machine and a dedicated paint booth which provides a cleaner and glossier paint result. Our dent pulling equipment is advanced and we straighten the metal on damaged areas rather than covering it up.

If you want the best repair done at the best price without surprises, then Wink’s Body Shop is the ultimate repair facility in Tompkins County. Check out our testimonials page for some customer comments.

And don’t forget, if you have collision damage in Ithaca, and an insurance company is involved, send your vehicle here and we will work directly with the adjuster to come to a fair and reasonable repair.  You have the choice of where your vehicle is repaired.


Fall in Love with Your Car Again with a Trip to Wink’s Body Shop

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Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca whats to know when is the last time you gave your car some much needed TLC?
If you can’t answer that question, then maybe it’s time that you consider all the useful things your car collision repair ithaca, body shop ithaca, ithaca body shopallows you to do. It’s easy to take your car for granted and assume that it’s always going to keep going no matter what kind of scrapes and bumps you get into. But, sooner or later your car is going to stop running as good as it used to run. Its appearance is going to continue getting worse over time, and before you know it, you’ve got an expensive auto repair on your hands.

Remember how you felt about your car the first time you saw it?
Yeah, those were the good old days. Each time you laid eyes on your mechanical “baby” there was nothing but love between the two of you. Perhaps you even gave your car a name, and made sure that it had everything it needed in order to travel the roads smoothly. Those were the days when you fretted over every little ding on its exterior. A funny noise had you heading to the mechanic for a checkup, and you couldn’t rest until you knew it was nothing serious.

You proudly showed off your car to others, and didn’t mind having your photo snapped standing next to it. Your car represents a reflection of your good taste in vehicles. Sure, it also gets you from point A to point B, but you enjoyed driving a nice car that made you feel good behind the wheel.

Inevitably, things between you and your car started to become routine. That gleam in your eyes dimmed, and you started not really caring one way or the other whether your car looked great or not. A scratch on the exterior here and there no longer bothers you. When you find a dent, and then another dent, that tooShop-Image-02-466x198 simply rolls off your back. As far as you’re concerned, bumps, dings and scratches are just a regular part of being a car owner. Every car owner deals with these issues at some point, right?

That’s all well and good, but if you plan on keeping your car for a number of years, it’s time to rekindle that old feeling of admiration with a trip to our collision repair shop in Ithaca. Take a look at your car from top to bottom, and take note of any significant damages that should be repaired. Even cosmetic damages such as scratches and dents are not things to be glossed over. Damaged cars tend to depreciate a lot faster than undamaged ones. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to understand that the way you take care of your car now, affects its resale value in the future.

Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop is here to help restore your vehicle, and get it running in tip top shape. After we’re done, you’ll get that loving feeling again as you drive out of our shop and into the sunset.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca Reminds You to Slow Down This Winter Season

Winter weather can be unpredictable at times, and that unpredictability can sometimes lead you to believe that roads are safer to drive than they really are. Ithaca is a city that is especially prone to drastic Collision Repair in Ithacaweather changes. In a single day, winter weather can go from mild to cold rain to heavy snow. After you’ve lived in Ithaca for a while, these type of weather changes are not that unusual.

Why We Care About Safe Driving
Our dedicated technicians here at Wink’s Ithaca collision repair know what can happen to drivers who run into driving mishaps in the winter. Frankly, it’s often not a pretty sight to see a car come into our shop with severe collision damage after an unfortunate accident. While you can go to work and not have to think much about that accident you passed by on the roadway, our technicians are often on the front lines of dealing with automobile damage after collisions, and the sad truth is that many of these damages could have been avoided.

Our staff here at Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca, love what we do, and we’re always happy to help out our customers when they need us the most. However, we also want to let customers, and all drivers, know that the best way to avoid expensive auto damages is to drive carefully during the winter months. Being a little more cautious while you’re out there on the roads can mean the difference between a minor fender bender and major collision damage, making your car inoperable.

Additionally, we hate to hear about customers getting injured during one of these bad weather collisions. Sometimes drivers and passengers in one or more vehicles get hurt. That’s sad, and again, we just want you to understand that it’s crucial for you to be extra careful while driving around town when snow and ice are abundant. Remember, it’s much easier to fix a car than a body.

Slow It Down
We don’t mean to sound like nagging parents, but one of the main reasons people get into road accidents body shop in Ithacais due to speeding. It’s very tempting to race through the intersection as you see the light about to turn from yellow to red. This is a risky driving decision during good weather, but when the roads are icy, and patches of black ice are difficult to see, it’s downright dangerous to try beating every red light.

All it takes to spin out of control is rubber hitting a patch of ice, and before you know it, you’re in trouble. Cars end up in snowbanks, smash into guardrails, utility poles or other vehicles. Going faster than the posted speed limit is another risk you shouldn’t take, because again, you often won’t see that hidden ice, or be able to stop quickly when the driver ahead of you stops suddenly.
Winter auto accident? Bring your car into Wink’s for the best collision repair in Ithaca.