The Changing Temperatures in Winter Can Cause Tough Road Conditions

December is almost finished and the new year is approaching, this is the time of year of unpredictability when it comes to driving around Ithaca and the surrounding areas. While ithaca body shop, ithaca collision repairpeople often wonder how cold it’s going to be on any given day, the temperatures during the winter months are only part of the weather equation. You can bet your bottom dollar that we’re in for some snowy days that will litter the roadways with the white stuff. But, you can also count on that snow melting and turning to slush on warmer days. Oh yeah, and to make things more interesting, count on there being days when it rains, or we get rain mixing with snow.

Yeah, winter driving around Ithaca is kind of a mixture of cold, cloudy, windy and mild. Therefore, our Ithaca body shop cautions you to adjust your driving habits accordingly. Sometimes roads may look deceptively clear, and be covered in spots with sheets of ice. This is what’s called patchy ice road conditions. It’s usually caused by a warming trend that melts snow, followed by plummeting cold temperatures. You know from making ice in your freezer how quickly water freezes. Imagine what happens when your tires hit those ice patches, and you’re driving at a good rate of speed…not expecting to suddenly find your car skidding into a spin.

The other side of the winter temperature coin is sudden snowstorms that blanket the road with snow. While we’re lucky not to live in Buffalo, where tons of snow literally gets dumped on the city overnight, Ithaca is next to Cayuga Lake, and because of this proximity to a large body of water, you can expect the city to occasionally experience heavy snoBumper Dent 02w storms. Packed snow can make driving conditions rough, especially during and right after a storm.

Our Ithaca repair shop hopes that you make a habit of checking the weather conditions before going out on the road this month. That way, you’ll have an idea of what to expect. Drivers don’t have control over Mother Nature, but you do have control over how you handle your car out on those wintry roads. Most drivers do a good job of maneuvering through ice and packed snow. However, you never know when a distraction is going to cause you to briefly take your eyes off the road. And, you never know when another driver is going to be driving impatiently when they should be cautious. These are the things that typically cause major and minor car accidents in the winter.

At Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop, we specialize in quality auto body repair that is a cut above your average auto garage. And, we’ve built up a great reputation over the years as the Ithaca collision repair specialists to call should you wind up having an accident. We sure hope that doesn’t happen to you or anyone you know, but it’s mighty good to know that we’re just a phone call away when you need reliable auto body work during these rough driving winter months.

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