Did That Festival Leave Your Car a Little Dinged Up?

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca knows that summertime is festival season and there are a few in the Ithaca area that are popular with locals and Collision Repair in Ithacavisitors alike.

Did you go to one or more of these?

Ithaca Festival, Rochester International Jazz Fest, PeakFest, NYS Blues Festival, Grassroots Festival or Spiedie Fest and Balloon Rally.

These are just some of the popular festivals that are within local driving distance, but we know some people travel even farther away just to attend their favorite festival.

One of the great things about having a car is that you can hit the road and head to a festival to enjoy lots of great music, dancing, food, crafts, entertainment and socializing that you don’t normally get to do, and festivals are always worth the cost of the gas to get there and back.

Something that’s not so fun about festivals is the arbitrary nature of people’s driving. Just like concerts scratch removal winks body shop Ithacaand other events that attract diverse groups of people, festivals have their share of erratic and unsafe drivers. Unfortunately, some festival goers drink beer or wine at the festivities and then feel like they are okay to drive. Well, this can prove to be dangerous for responsible motorists who follow all the rules and care about the safety of others.

It’s not uncommon to park your car at a festival, go and have a great time, and hours later come back to your car and find out that someone has hit it without leaving a note. You observe the damage and see that your car has a noticeable ding, or maybe a few small dings left there by one or more careless drivers. Once in a blue moon, a fun-loving group will play ball or Frisbee near your car and accidentally ding it.

However, your car gets dinged up at the festival, you’re still the one who has to drive around in a car that doesn’t look as nice as it did when you arrived. Now, you’re faced with the choice of either letting the damage slide or getting those dings repaired. You might be tempted to ignore those dings and just live with the ugly damage. Hey, there’s no law against driving an ugly car.

It’s all about maintaining your car’s resale value. At some point you’re going to want to trade your car in Ithaca Body Shop, Ithaca Repair Shop, Auto Body Repair, Collision Repairfor a newer model, or sell it to someone. Nobody wants to buy a damaged car. So, you’re better off getting the necessary repairs done now, before you’re ready to move on to another one. And, if you’re looking for a great local auto repair shop that specializes in removing car dings, Wink’s Auto Body Shop in Ithaca does excellent collision repair in Ithaca.

Call our Ithaca collision repair customer service line for assistance on getting a free quote to repair your vehicle. It’s fast and easy, and we’ll even shoot the breeze with you about local festivals.


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