Don’t Put Off Taking Care of Those Noises Coming from Your Engine

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There are few things worse than heading down the road and hearing strange noises coming from your car. It may be an occasional pinging sound, a persistent grinding, or a screech. No matter what you’re

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hearing, if it isn’t normal, you should have it checked as soon as possible. Even an intermittent sound can indicate a severe problem. It could lead to extensive damage to your car if it isn’t taken care of quickly and professionally. Wink’s Body Shop offers complete automotive services in Ithaca, so no matter what’s causing the noise, we can get you back on the road quickly.

Backfiring and Clicking

If you’re having trouble getting your car started, particularly if it makes a clicking sound when you turn the key, you may have a bad battery. Surprisingly, a car that backfires a lot may also be a sign of battery trouble. It may be leaking or damaged but not completely dead if it backfires, sounding like a gunshot. If you hear either clicking sounds when you try to start or frequent backfiring, bring your car in for battery testing in Ithaca at Wink’s. We’ll do a complete battery diagnostic to determine whether it’s a bad battery or not. Backfiring may also be caused by a damaged or worn out muffler, and we can take care of that as well.


If your car makes a grinding sound, it could be worn bearings in the alternator or worn brake pads. Either one of these problems is dangerous. Because the bearings or the brake pads have worn away, you now have metal grinding against metal, which can lead to a variety of problems. If you hear the grinding when you start your car, it’s probably the alternator. If you hear the grinding when you slow down or brake, it’s most likely a brake problem. To find out for sure, bring your vehicles to us, and we’ll check the entire system to make sure all the parts are working correctly and that all worn parts are repaired or replaced.


This is another brake-related sound that could signal problems with the brakes themselves. A warped brake shield or worn brake components cause brakes to screech or scrape when the brakes are applied. There could even be debris such as small stones stuck in the brakes. Whatever is causing it, it’s best to let the experts at Wink’s Body Shop determine the cause and correct the problem.


If you hear a hissing sound from under the hood when driving, it could indicate a problem with your cooling system, which should never be ignored. If your engine overheats,  your car will stop running, and you could damage some of the moving parts in the engine or burn up the oil. Hissing could also be caused by a leaky hose. Either way, you can have your cooling systems and hoses checked in Ithaca at Wink’s Body Shop to put your mind at ease. We’ll fix the problem before it turns into an expensive repair.

No matter what sound your car is making, if you don’t know what’s causing it, bring it into Wink’s, where we’ll do a full diagnostic and repair or replace any problem parts. For major repairs in Ithaca, Wink’s Body Shop guarantees their work and keeps you on the road.

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