Don’t Rely on the Luck of the Irish to Keep Your Car Running; Call Wink’s Body Shop

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Top o’ the morning to you! St. Patrick’s Day will soon be here, but if you’re relying on the luck of the Irish to keep your car running smoothly, you’re in for a disappointment. There are no leprechauns who can take care of the problem if you need simple fixes like tire rotations or oil changes in Ithaca. In fact, if you ignore minor issues with your car now, you’ll soon need that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to pay for major problems down the road.

How Oil Changes in Ithaca Keep Your Car Running

This is one of the quickest and least expensive maintenance jobs your car or truck needs, but it’s also one of the most important. Topping off your oil is periodically is okay, but you do need to change it regularly to prevent more expensive problems. As oil is used to lubricate the engine parts, it becomes thicker and clogged with dirt and debris. This translates to more friction, which over time, damages the components it is lubricating. You’ll also see reduced gas mileage and shorter engine life if you don’t have your oil changed regularly, costing you more money in the long run.

Cross Your Fingers if You Ignore Brake Problems

Luck won’t help you if your brakes go bad when you’re heading down a steep grade. Professional brake services in Ithaca, NY will keep your brakes and rotors working properly so you can stop quickly and safely without relying on luck to save you. Your braking system is complicated, so having it checked regularly is essential to making sure all elements, including brakes, brake pads, brake fluids, and rotors, are in good condition. This not only keeps you safer, but keeps potential, future repair costs down. It also lengthens the life of your car’s engine.

Tire Care Beats Carrying a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

Don’t rely on luck to keep your tires in top condition. You should not only replace them when the tread is worn, but you should also bring them in for wheel alignments in Ithaca regularly. If your tires aren’t properly aligned, your car can pull to one side when you’re driving, making it more difficult to keep your vehicle on the road. It also makes driving more exhausting if you’re on a long trip and causes annoying vibrations.

How Wink’s Body Shop Keeps Your Car on the Road, No Luck Needed

Wink’s Body Shop offers a complete line of automotive repair services in Ithaca, New York when you need them, but we’d rather you bring your care in before repairs are needed. It’s less expensive to invest in routine maintenance than it is to pay for complex repairs after the damage has gone too far. Regular exhaust services in Ithaca’s best body shop will keep your care running smoothly. Waiting until you need a complete exhaust system replacement will cost you more and will shorten the overall life of your vehicle. There’s no luck in the world, even on St. Patrick’s Day, that can help with that!

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