More Drivers are on the Roads of Ithaca Now That College is Back in Session

Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop welcomes all new and returning students back to Ithaca. September marks the start of a brand new college year with everything that entails. Those of us who are year-round locals watch the population swell as students, faculty and career professionals join our ranks. More people living here give the city a renewed sense Ithaca Body Shop, Winks Body Shopof energy and excitement. We also notice that the influx of people puts more vehicles and drivers on the road.

While the streets and roads in and around Ithaca are generally easy to navigate, except for those potholes, some people bring their brash driving styles with them. You know those drivers. They are the ones that take all sorts of liberties by passing when they shouldn’t, racing through yellow and red lights, not paying attention to road signs, texting while driving, driving drunk, and so on. More drivers on the road means more fender benders and if you are unfortunate enough to hew a body shop in Ithaca, Winks is here to help.

These people make driving harder for everyone that respects the rules of the road. All you can do is keep an eye out for these reckless drivers. Statistics show that young drivers tend to be the cause of many accidents. Now, we’re not saying that all young drivers are reckless and cause accidents – we know that the majority of young drivers are responsible. However, there is a certain segment of the youth driving population that is immature. These are the drivers that cause a majority of road collisions.

However, reckless drivers come in all ages and stripes. Drivers unfamiliar with the streets may inadvertently make a wrong turn or stop suddenly in traffic. These people don’t mean to cause an accident, they simply momentarily forget other drivers are nearby. The simple precaution of looking before making a maneuver goes flying out the automotive body repair ithaca, collision repair ithaca new yorkwindow. And, let’s not forget those drivers that either have a love affair with speed, or can’t seem to muster up enough energy to step on the gas. Speed freaks are dangerous, because they enjoy showing off a car’s engine power, regardless of speed limits. Other people speed because they are in a hurry to get somewhere. On the other hand, slow drivers are overly cautious, clueless about where they are or having vision difficulties.

We admit that driving in Ithaca is a lot easier on the nerves than driving in a big city. However, drivers on our streets come from all over. So, drivers here still have to watch out for potential traffic hazards. An accident can happen at a moment’s notice. With the roads being more crowded than ever during this time of year, we want every driver, passenger and pedestrian to stay safe.

If the worse does happen, and you are in an auto accident and need high-quality collision repairs in Ithaca, contact Wink’s collision services Ithaca right away. Our expert technicians on staff are trained in the latest collision repair techniques. You can trust we’ll take great care of your car and get it back on the road as good as new.

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