The Falling Leaves of Autumn Are a Hidden Driving Hazard

Fall in Ithaca is a real pleasure for pedestrians and drivers in large part because of the amazing display of fall leaves on trees. A quick drive around town gives you a great view ofIthaca body shop Ithaca’s wonderful colorful display of orange, red, pink, brown and yellow. There’s still a sprinkling of greenery around too for good measure. Of course, you’ve probably also noticed that as the leaves fall to the ground there’s a bunch of them lying in the roads. Some roads are heavily cluttered with leaves, while others are kept fairly clear. It’s those streets that are cluttered with leaves that are the most cause for concern when it comes to road safety.

As those beautiful leaves fall to the ground, they tend to stay pretty much where they are until moved by people, weather or vehicles. Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca reminds you that you may not think much about driving over them as you go to and from work, or run errands. Perhaps you’re confident that the heavy weight of your car is no match for delicate leaves that are slowly drying out. For the most part, you’d be right. Fallen leaves are not of much concern to drivers – until they get wet.

You see not only is fall the time of year when an abundance of leaves fall from trees, it’s also the time of year for an abundance of rain, fog and cool temperatures to visit our lovely city. When rain collects on fallen leaves they turn into a very real driving hazard for unsuspecting motorists. Wet leaves are very slick, and as you drive over them the wheels of your car have less traction when stopping. For example, you may be driving along and stop at a stop sign, but your car breaks don’t work as well due to a mass of leaves. Next thing you know, you’re sitting partially in the intersection – at risk of being hit by oncoming traffic.collision repair in Ithaca

Another hazardous condition created by fall leaves that may leave you looking for collision repairs in Ithaca, is that they can easily obscure potholes. There’s no way for you to know that a huge pothole is just ahead, because those beautiful leaves hide that pothole. So, your car hits it hard, because you don’t bother slowing down. In bad weather, this can set you up for an unexpected collision with another car or tree. Leaves might also be hiding street markings and curbs. Essentially, leaf clutter can make you drive blind.

The best way to handle driving the streets of Ithaca in autumn is to always be alert that those leaves in the street may be hiding an unpleasant surprise. Drive at a reasonable speed, and go slower down streets with lots of leaf clutter. Also, get your vehicle breaks and engine checked out. Being able to stop your car quickly is a must during fall and winter weather. Avoid bad accidents by keeping your car in tip-top driving shape.

Bring your car into Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop for a thorough fall checkup or get expert collision repair. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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