If You’ve Had a Run in With the Local Ithaca Wildlife Give Wink’s Body Shop a Call

It happens when you least expect it. You’re driving along as normal as pie on route 79. Looking out at the road ahead everything looks perfectly normal. You come to a stretch of road that is body shop ithaca new york, auto body repair ithacasurrounded by trees and dense brush. Eh, no big deal. You’ve driven this route plenty of times. All of a sudden, a flash of brown enters the road right in front of you. Before you have time to react, your car hits that brown object and the impact is jarring. You come to a stop and sit in the car a moment collecting your composure.

What just happened?

You gingerly get out of the car and realize instantly what has happened. You’ve hit a deer. Darn. The beautiful animal is laid out in the road, obviously deceased. The poor creature never stood a chance against a heavy vehicle going at a good rate of speed. While the deer didn’t make out too good your car sure didn’t come out of this accident without a scratch. In fact, there’s quite a bit of damage to the front area. As you look at the damage up close, you bemoan not having seen the deer in time to avoid hitting it. That’s a normal reaction. No one wants to run over the local wildlife that live in and around Ithaca.

Once it happens there’s nothing to do but call for immediate assistance. The city will take care of removing the deer, but who is going to take care of your damaged car?ithaca body shop, ithaca collision repair

That’s where we come in. Wink’s Body Shop is a leader in Ithaca collision repair. We’re a local Ithaca body shop that many area residents have turned to when they encounter this exact situation. We know that hitting a deer can cause a lot of body damage to a vehicle.

Deer accidents can also cause serious front-end damage to vehicles. Our Ithaca body shop has seen plenty of cars come into our shop with one end smashed to smithereens. As local vehicle repair experts our technicians will assess all of the damage to your car and provide a fast estimate of what work needs to be done. We don’t beat around the bush or make you wait days for a solution. We’ll give you a fast quote so the repairs can get rolling as soon as possible.

The wildlife here in Ithaca is part of the area’s charm. However, if you should go through a scenario like the one above, don’t hesitate to call Wink’s Body Shop.

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