Is Summer Road Construction Taking a Toll on Your Car?

At Wink’s Body Shop, we do a lot of collision repair in Tompkins County, particularly during the summer months. People travel more and there is a lot more road construction that can take a toll on cars. Warm, sunny weather means many road crews are out on the highways and byways patching potholes, adding guardrails, repaving roads and more. Unfortunately, driving through construction zones can lead to serious damage to your car that will need repaired.
To minimize your need for summer collision repair in Ithaca, keep these tips in mind when driving through construction areas:

Be on the Lookout for Orange Diamond Signs
These prominently displayed signs will tell you when you’re approaching a construction zone and there will be men working. Most of these signs will say, “Work Area Ahead.” This is the time to slow down and scan the area for machinery, workers and barriers.

Keep Your Speed Slow and Steady
On highways, the speed limit is 55 when no workers are present. That’s right – even if nothing is being done when you drive through, you have to stay at 55 miles per hour or slower. This helps prevent hitting an uneven patch of pavement or unexpected road debris at rate of speed that could cause you to lose control of your car or damage it. If workers are present, the speed limit will be considerably lower. Always watch for speed limit signs, which should be prominently posted.

Be Aware of the Traffic Cones
Many drivers don’t pay attention to the traffic cones and end up clipping one or two as they leave an exit or change lanes in a construction area. Although these are designed to be flexible and absorb impact, they can still cause considerable damage to your automobile or truck. They can also fly up and hit another vehicle, compounding damage that you may have to pay for. You may end up looking for an auto body shop in Tompkins County for both you and another car owner.

Prepare for a Bumpy Ride
In many construction areas, the pavement will be uneven or missing. If you drive over these seams in the

collision repair in Tompkins County

Construction crew flagger holding stop sign, British Columbia, Canada

road, you run the risk of hitting it too hard and knocking your car out of alignment, rupturing a tire or losing a hubcap. You may also have to drive over graveled areas or large metal plates that could lead to a trip to your friendly auto body shop in Ithaca. The slower you can drive over these areas, the safer you and your car will be.

Respect the Flaggers
In any road construction zone, the directions given by a flagger supersede any traffic signs or posted limits. Always be aware of flaggers, who will be wearing safety orange and who may move around in the construction area while flagging. Watch for them, follow their instructions carefully and keep your car as far away from them as you can while still staying within the safe limits of the area.

At Wink’s Body Shop, we repair all damage done to you cars who have been caught in traffic situations in summer construction zones, but we’d prefer you be safe and avoid an accident instead. The tips above can help you minimize the toll of construction zones on your car this summer. Happy Driving!

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