Is Your Car Bumper Looking Dinged Up?

One of the most annoying things that can happen to your car’s exterior is a bumper mishap. Bad stuff tends to happen quite often to bumpers. No matter how careful you drive, or how collision repairs in ithaca, ithaca body shopmuch you strive to keep the exterior beauty of your vehicle looking factory new, something always happens eventually to scratch or dent that bumper. After the first little scratch or ding you may shrug it off as a minor disappointment. However, small scratches and dings can grow worse through normal weathering of the car. Or, even more scratches and dings appear as you continue to drive.

One day you look at the front or rear bumper and realize that its pretty beat up. The rest of the car may still look great, but that bumper is hurting the aesthetic appeal of your wheels. If you’re one of those people that is bothered by an ugly bumper each time you go to drive your car, it’s time to take some action to fix it. Fortunately, Wink’s collision repair shop in Ithaca is the place to turn to for fixing ugly bumpers.

Every technician at Wink’s is I-Car certified and follows the highest industry standards when it comes to fixing all sorts of bumper damage. When you bring your car to us we do not treat you as just another car repair customer. We are known for our personalized service and excellent customer care. In fact, we are more than happy to chat with you on the phone concerning your car’s bumper. Let us know what type of damage it is and we can give you an idea about costs and time length of the repairs.

Aesthetics are not the only reason to fix a car bumper. Keeping car bumpers fully functional and up to code is essential to driver and passenger safety. Even a minor fender bender auto body shop in ithaca, ithaca car repairsat a relatively slow rate of speed can jiggle a bumper loose. Driving around with a banged up bumper is risky because you never know when you will need it for protection. Bumpers absorb some of the impact from other vehicles. At the very least, your beat up bumper should be checked out for safety. And, if repairs are needed, Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop is the best place in town to go.

Have you been in an accident?

If your car has suffered extensive bumper damage due to an accident, contact us right away for a free quote on bumper repair. We are the collision experts in Ithaca and many of our customers appreciate our fast response to their needs during an emergency. Our experienced auto body technicians use the latest technologies in our shop. In a nutshell, we know bumpers. Whether your car is a domestic or foreign model, we can do a great job in restoring your car to its pre-accident appearance and functionality.

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