May is a Good Time to Visit Winks Body Shop in Ithaca

Now that the chill of winter is finally behind us it’s time to check out your vehicle for signs of erosion, automotive body repair ithaca, collision repair ithaca new yorkwear and tear. It’s not uncommon for cars, trucks or SUVs to get beat up by snow, ice and harsh driving conditions. Not only does weather take its toll, but human drivers do as well. A minor fender bender in the front or rear of your car typically stays there forever, unless you take action to fix it. Even small dings on your car’s surface gradually grow more visible as the paint continues chipping off, and the rust sets in.

Perhaps you’ve heard about an Ithaca body shop called Wink’s and wondered what it is we do. Well, we take all kinds of cars in need of minor to serious repair work and restore them to like new condition. Think of Wink’s as the ultimate car restoration experts. We’ve repaired and restored countless vehicles of all makes and models over our many years in business.

3 Reasons to bring your car to us in May:

Get Rid of Dings and Dents

We’re not going to lie. Cars with dings and dents really annoy us, because they are so easy to get rid of by making an appointment with an auto body shop like Wink’s. Sure, many people procrastinate in having this type of work done, but then regret not doing it when dings and dents are noticed by family, friends and co-workers. It’s embarrassing to drive around town with these obvious blemishes that you pretend aren’t there, but know full well where each one is.

Instead of not doing anything about it, and waiting for more dings and dents to occur, you can nip this Ithaca Body Shop, Ithaca Collision Center, Winks Body Shop Ithacaissue in the bud by having us remove them forever. Our customers love our work in this area and we’ve put happy smiles on the faces of many drivers who let us smooth out those metal eyesores.

Collision RX

When your vehicle is damaged due to a collision of some sort you can’t take it to a hospital, but you can take it to experts who know exactly how to treat internal and external auto body damage. Wink’s Body Shop experts diagnose your car and prescribe a treatment that is sure to get it running like new again.

Paint Makeover

Auto paint wears down over time and eventually succumbs to the ravishes of upstate New York weather. If you plan on keeping your car for a long while, it’s a smart decision to have it completely repainted. Sometimes all a car needs is a new paint job to restore its luster and it feels like driving a new car. Here at Wink’s auto body shop in Ithaca, we use advanced paint techniques and environmentally friendly auto body paint. And, we can color match your existing paint, if you just need areas touched up.

Contact us today and let’s chat about how Wink’s can restore your car to excellent condition.

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