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As the best Ithaca body shop in the area, Wink’s Body Shop is ready to get you started on the road to an excellent travel season.  May is the perfect time to stop by our shop to go over your vehicle, and repair any damage from the winter.  The severe elements during the winter and the salt on the roads can do a lot of damage to your car.  The underbody is very susceptible to rust from the corrosive reaction of the salt.  Then, if any of the vehicle has existing rust, you will notice a significant increase in the size and extent of the damage.

collision repair ithaca, Ithaca Body ShopOne of the major concerns with auto body repair is the expense.  We strive to keep your best interests in mind and your budget.  We stand behind our estimates and know you will be pleased with the results. Now that your tax return has been filed and you’re looking for a way to utilize it for the best return, this would make a  great investment this spring.

Wink’s Body Shop is here to help stop those rust areas from spreading and becoming a major headache. Collision repair in Ithaca is an important part of your vehicle’s upkeep.  Any physical damage to the vehicle will result in damage from rust as the paint and  body material has been compromised.  Keeping your vehicle in tip top shape will help retain the value and allow you to continue to enjoy your ride in style.

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May is the beginning of a wonderful season where many people are anxious to get out, travel, go to events and generally be out of the house.  This is the perfect time to get your vehicle inspected and evaluated for any seen or unseen damage.  Repairing and correcting issues now will prevent costly expenses in the future.

Ithaca collision repair sees many types of vehicles each spring that are in need of body work and repairs.  Preparing your vehicle in advance of the summer season is the best way to be sure to have a safe automobile to travel in.  Your vehicle is your prime source of transportation never mind generally a hefty investment.  Keeping up with auto maintenance is a must-do on your list for the spring.

Wink’s Body Shop

Winks Body ShopWink’s Body Shop is one of the best known and reliable collision repair in Ithaca shops.  Our knowledgeable, professional and I-Car Certified technicians will provide you with the best possible service and reliable estimates.

Based on the experience of our staff, we know the severe conditions that vehicles suffer especially in the winter.  Whether your car or truck has suffered a collision, has rust damage, or your need advanced assistance with repairs, you will find this to be the perfect repair shop for all your needs.

“Wink’s Body Shop collision repair center specializes in the latest collision repair services. From the smallest ding to structural damage including frame straightening, suspension and front end alignments, WINK’S uses state of the art techniques and equipment and works with most all insurance companies. “

We are ready for you.  Call us for an appointment at 607-277-7775 or stop by our facility at 720 West Court Street, Ithaca, NY.


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