Newer Model Cars Bring Their Own Set of Challenges When it Comes to Body Repair

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Newer model cars are more complex than autos of years ago and bring with them new challenges when it comes to collision repair in Tompkins County. While many people assume newer auto bodies don’t require as much work than older models, this isn’t the case. In fact, they bring new problems and require more complicated solutions. All of these new challenges mean our body shop mechanics need to continually educate themselves to keep up with changes in the industry. Ongoing education and training are essential so that our mechanics can confidently work on all auto makes and models.

From Steel to Fiberglass

Many new model cars have composite or fiberglass panels rather than steel panels for some sections. This makes vehicles lighter, but there are complications that come with this kind of frame. We can’t simply pound out a few dents if you’ve been in a fender bender. In many cases, an entire fiberglass section of your car will have to be replaced, then painted to match your existing paint job. When entire sections of the car have to be replaced, we also have to make sure the vehicle is properly balanced and aligned after new fiberglass panels are installed.


While bumpers on older cars were relatively simple pieces that could be easily replaced, today’s bumpers are more complex. Many of them have shock absorbing systems, sensors and even cameras behind them that have to be repaired in addition to the bumper itself. Backup sensors and cameras, collision avoidance systems and lane alignment features are all housed in the bumpers of newer model cars, so fixing a bumper is more labor intensive than it used to be.

Crumple Zones & Airbags

Today’s cars are designed around crumple zones that are designed to minimize injuries to passengers by absorbing more of the impact and dispersing it over the car’s frame. This means more damage to the steel or aluminum sections of a car’s frame that has to be repaired. After the frame is repaired, precision balancing and aligning is needed to ensure the car is ready to drive. If a car has been in an accident and an airbag or airbags have been deployed, these must be replaced. It’s a time-consuming process, but we i-Car certified Ithaca body shopare experts in collision repair in Ithaca and proud to share our expertise with our customers to ensure their safety.

Precision Equipment

There is a great deal of technology involved in repairing new model cars. Laser measuring, ultrasound equipment and computerized diagnostics are all part of the process. Our employees aren’t just mechanics; they also have to be proficient technicians familiar with computer systems. From paint matching to determining the amount of damage to a backup camera system, our technicians have to constantly educate themselves as newer, more complex cars enter the market.

The next time your newer model car needs body work, keep in mind the extensive education and attention to detail that is required for auto body technicians to successfully complete the task. At our auto body shop in Tompkins County, every technician is fully trained and strives to keep up with the latest innovations in auto body repair.

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