September in Ithaca is the Perfect Time to Get Ready for Winter Weather

Fall marks a return of students, faculty and career professionals to Ithaca. The city is re-energized and gearing up for a fantastic fall season. With the lazy days of summer behind you, ithaca body shop, ithaca collision repairit’s time to begin thinking about car care.

Although, Ithaca, and the surrounding areas of the Finger Lakes, is stunningly scenic during the summer and fall months, inevitably, winter arrives. This area has a reputation for cold winters that bring ample amounts of snow, ice and wind into town. Driving up and down the hilly streets in Ithaca can take a real toll on a car. If your car already has some issues, those small problems can snowball into bigger ones during harsh winter weather.

At Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop, we often see the aftermath of car damage after a collision or mishap on icy roads. The result of these accidents is that the owners, or insurance companies, have to pay for expensive restoration repairs. In addition, the vehicle owners have to make due without their main mode of transportation until the car is repaired. All of this is a real hassle when it happens during the winter. So, we want to share a few winter weather car preparation tips that can help keep your car in good running condition.

Rust Proofingithaca collision repair

Rust is your car’s worst enemy during the winter months. Driving over roads with wet puddles of slushy snow eventually take a toll. Unfortunately, rust damage usually doesn’t become noticeable until the rust has set in and eaten away metal at certain spots. The best way to avoid expensive rust repair in the future is to have your car thoroughly rust-proofed.

Dent Removal

There is no better time than now to get rid of annoying dents and dings by contacting Winks Body Shop in Ithaca. Dents not only impact the appearance of your car, they also decrease its value. In addition, a small ding can easily grow into a larger dent. That’s why it’s better to get rid of dents and dings before the winter driving season begins.

Touch Up Paintithaca body shop, body shop in Ithaca

Does your car have missing paint? Touch up your car’s paint job, before it is exposed to winter hail, ice and salt. A new coat of paint gives the metal underneath some much-needed protection from the being hit by hard particles. Besides, your car will look a whole lot nicer after those spots are repainted.

Tires, Headlights and Window Wipers

Other things we recommend you do include checking the tires for worn out treads. Tires should have excellent road grip to prevent slipping and sliding on icy roads. Check to make sure the car’s headlights are in good working order. Also, check wiper blades for wear and tear, and replace worn wipers with new ones that are designed to withstand winter weather.

For all your car’s ding and dents give Winks Body Shop a call and our Ithaca collision repair and body shop will have your car looking showroom new in no time.

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