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Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca: Your Neighborhood Body Shop

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Ithaca, New York is known for being the “heart of the Finger Lakes.” This is also a place where people are collision repair in Ithaca, Ithaca Body Shopfriendly and, you might say…downright neighborly. Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop is smack dab in the middle of town, which we consider to be in the heart of the city. So, in keeping with the local tradition of friendliness, we run our business as if every customer is a part of our neighborhood.

It doesn’t matter what time of day you come into our shop here on W. Court Street. It doesn’t matter how busy our staff is, or what kind of distractions are happening at the moment. When a customer walks through our Ithaca body Shop doors we focus on you and your immediate automotive problem. Customers have commented on how friendly our staff is, and we love hearing that, because we do believe in providing great customer service.

We know that you are busy too, and having to take time out of your day to deal with getting your car or truck fixed is no picnic. The last thing you need is to be treated like just another number off the street. We hate rudeness, and know you dislike being brushed off as if you aren’t important. So, we go above and beyond to make sure you’ll feel welcome each time you visit our shop.

A lot of our customers come to our Ithaca body shop after being referred by a friend or associate. Other collision repair ithaca, Ithaca Body Shopbusinesses also refer customers to our shop. Why? Because we’ve worked hard to establish a solid reputation in this town when it comes to providing high quality Ithaca collision repair. We take our job seriously, especially since our main focus is on fixing automobiles that have sustained all sorts of damage.

What happens when you contact us?

Well, the first thing that happens is we chat with you to find out all the particulars about what happened to your vehicle. You never have to feel shy or embarrassed about telling us how your car or truck became damaged. We’ve heard just about every type of story you can imagine – and its all true. But, we don’t really care how your car came to get banged up, or looking like its been through a cross country road rally. Nope. All we really care about is how we can help get your car back to its previous condition.

So when you come to our collision repair shop in Ithaca, feel free to share that you accidentally bumped into a concrete barrier while parking your car. Or, that you jumped a curb and smashed the front bumper into a tree. That’s perfectly all right. Nobody’s perfect. Perhaps you’ve slowly watched rust build up on your vehicle until its gotten out of control. Or, you’ve been meaning to take care of that chipped exterior paint, but haven’t gotten around to it. Hey, almost everyone procrastinates over something. The point is…you’re taking action on resolving your car’s auto body issues now.

Get the auto repair ball rolling and contact our customer service hotline at 607-277-7775.

The Falling Leaves of Autumn Are a Hidden Driving Hazard

Fall in Ithaca is a real pleasure for pedestrians and drivers in large part because of the amazing display of fall leaves on trees. A quick drive around town gives you a great view ofIthaca body shop Ithaca’s wonderful colorful display of orange, red, pink, brown and yellow. There’s still a sprinkling of greenery around too for good measure. Of course, you’ve probably also noticed that as the leaves fall to the ground there’s a bunch of them lying in the roads. Some roads are heavily cluttered with leaves, while others are kept fairly clear. It’s those streets that are cluttered with leaves that are the most cause for concern when it comes to road safety.

As those beautiful leaves fall to the ground, they tend to stay pretty much where they are until moved by people, weather or vehicles. Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca reminds you that you may not think much about driving over them as you go to and from work, or run errands. Perhaps you’re confident that the heavy weight of your car is no match for delicate leaves that are slowly drying out. For the most part, you’d be right. Fallen leaves are not of much concern to drivers – until they get wet.

You see not only is fall the time of year when an abundance of leaves fall from trees, it’s also the time of year for an abundance of rain, fog and cool temperatures to visit our lovely city. When rain collects on fallen leaves they turn into a very real driving hazard for unsuspecting motorists. Wet leaves are very slick, and as you drive over them the wheels of your car have less traction when stopping. For example, you may be driving along and stop at a stop sign, but your car breaks don’t work as well due to a mass of leaves. Next thing you know, you’re sitting partially in the intersection – at risk of being hit by oncoming traffic.collision repair in Ithaca

Another hazardous condition created by fall leaves that may leave you looking for collision repairs in Ithaca, is that they can easily obscure potholes. There’s no way for you to know that a huge pothole is just ahead, because those beautiful leaves hide that pothole. So, your car hits it hard, because you don’t bother slowing down. In bad weather, this can set you up for an unexpected collision with another car or tree. Leaves might also be hiding street markings and curbs. Essentially, leaf clutter can make you drive blind.

The best way to handle driving the streets of Ithaca in autumn is to always be alert that those leaves in the street may be hiding an unpleasant surprise. Drive at a reasonable speed, and go slower down streets with lots of leaf clutter. Also, get your vehicle breaks and engine checked out. Being able to stop your car quickly is a must during fall and winter weather. Avoid bad accidents by keeping your car in tip-top driving shape.

Bring your car into Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop for a thorough fall checkup or get expert collision repair. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Longer November Nights Will Effect Driving Conditions

November is here again, which means that we roll back the clock and begin living on standard time. With the change in time comes a change in the way you’ll be driving on the roads collision repairs in Ithacaafter dusk. At some point, those cold northern winds will blow in our direction and bring along with it chilly evening temperatures, along with snow and ice. When the first storm hits, hopefully, your car is prepared to get you through it without breaking down. Goodness knows, driving around at night in Ithaca may seem like it takes longer to get from point A to point B, just because of the rain, slush and freezing temperatures.

We know it can be frustrating at times when you really want to get somewhere quickly, but you’re in the midst of slow moving traffic. Our advice is to stay calm and turn on your favorite music. Music tends to make driving in bad weather more tolerable. November is going to ease us all into winter and there’s nothing you can do but accept it, and adjust the way you drive. Also note that this is not the time of year to hit the accelerator hard when driving around town. People who do that often have their cars end up in our Ithaca collision repair shop. Their impatience with the road conditions is evident when we take a look at the bent metal at the front or back end.

On cold November evenings rain quickly turns to ice, and the roads can become slick before you know it. Speeding even just a little bit can cause you to have an accident. One minute your car is completely under your control, and the next minute you’re struggling to regain control of the wheel as your car spins sideways. This is what happens when vehicles hit a sudden patch of icy road. What happens in many cases is that the car skids and panic takes over. Drivers commonly turn the wheel back and forth trying to Ithaca body shopkeep the car straight. When going too fast on a slick road you put you, others and your car in jeopardy. If you happen to have a fender bender and need a body shop in Ithaca, don’t forget to call Wink’s Body Shop.

If we’ve learned anything during our many years of providing auto repair services to people in this area, it’s that when you slow down and drive cautiously in bad weather, you’ll have less need for our services. Road mishaps happen anyway, of course, even to the best of drivers. However, when you are alert and fully aware of changing road conditions, damages to your car from those mishaps are usually much lighter. Keep in mind too that there’s no such thing as a safe driving speed in poor weather. You must use your best survival driving instincts to determine what is too slow or too fast. At the same time, don’t let pressure from impatient drivers force you into making unsafe maneuvers. Those drivers are often the cause of major accidents.

Stay safe this month and call Wink’s today for the best collision repair services in Ithaca.

Is Your Car Bumper Looking Dinged Up?

One of the most annoying things that can happen to your car’s exterior is a bumper mishap. Bad stuff tends to happen quite often to bumpers. No matter how careful you drive, or how collision repairs in ithaca, ithaca body shopmuch you strive to keep the exterior beauty of your vehicle looking factory new, something always happens eventually to scratch or dent that bumper. After the first little scratch or ding you may shrug it off as a minor disappointment. However, small scratches and dings can grow worse through normal weathering of the car. Or, even more scratches and dings appear as you continue to drive.

One day you look at the front or rear bumper and realize that its pretty beat up. The rest of the car may still look great, but that bumper is hurting the aesthetic appeal of your wheels. If you’re one of those people that is bothered by an ugly bumper each time you go to drive your car, it’s time to take some action to fix it. Fortunately, Wink’s collision repair shop in Ithaca is the place to turn to for fixing ugly bumpers.

Every technician at Wink’s is I-Car certified and follows the highest industry standards when it comes to fixing all sorts of bumper damage. When you bring your car to us we do not treat you as just another car repair customer. We are known for our personalized service and excellent customer care. In fact, we are more than happy to chat with you on the phone concerning your car’s bumper. Let us know what type of damage it is and we can give you an idea about costs and time length of the repairs.

Aesthetics are not the only reason to fix a car bumper. Keeping car bumpers fully functional and up to code is essential to driver and passenger safety. Even a minor fender bender auto body shop in ithaca, ithaca car repairsat a relatively slow rate of speed can jiggle a bumper loose. Driving around with a banged up bumper is risky because you never know when you will need it for protection. Bumpers absorb some of the impact from other vehicles. At the very least, your beat up bumper should be checked out for safety. And, if repairs are needed, Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop is the best place in town to go.

Have you been in an accident?

If your car has suffered extensive bumper damage due to an accident, contact us right away for a free quote on bumper repair. We are the collision experts in Ithaca and many of our customers appreciate our fast response to their needs during an emergency. Our experienced auto body technicians use the latest technologies in our shop. In a nutshell, we know bumpers. Whether your car is a domestic or foreign model, we can do a great job in restoring your car to its pre-accident appearance and functionality.