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Wink’s Body Shop will Work With Your Insurance Carrier to Get You Back on the Road Quickly

Ithaca collision repair

Wink’s Body Shop know how to work with your insurance carrier to make sure repairs are done properly.

Insurance companies and adjusters usually bring to mind difficult settlements and not getting what your vehicle is worth or needs.  Claims adjusters are working for both the policy holder (insured) and the company.  They are looking to save the company money by preventing blatant misuse of the repairs needed.  But, they are seriously looking to make the damaged vehicle whole with proper parts and repairs.

Winks body shopAn Ithaca body shop needs to work closely with insurance carriers and the auto body adjusters to the satisfaction of each party involved.  Wink’s Body Shop has built strong, working relationships with the insurance companies in the area and their claims adjusters.  Having this relationship provides a quicker and appropriate settlement for damages.

When you need collision repair in Ithaca and you are going through an insurance company for reimbursement, know that there are specific steps and negotiations that go on to come to a final conclusion.

How An Insurance Adjuster Works

When an accident happens and your vehicle suffers damage, the first call is to the insurance carrier of agent to report the claim.  Information will be taken from you about the vehicle, location, and pertinent information.  You will be contacted by an insurance adjuster from the company who will ascertain how the accident occurred.

Your vehicle will then be assigned to an auto body adjuster who will go to where the car is and evaluate the damages by writing up an estimate.  Typically, if your vehicle is at an Ithaca body shop, the adjuster will go to the facility to view the damages.

With the advancements in technology, the process to determine the parts that need replacement or repair are now done through a software on a computer.  The claims person will input all known damaged areas and the software will add in automatically any adjoining parts that would also have to be replaced.  This is particularly helpful in getting the estimate done right the first time.

Wink’s Body Shop is your Ithaca body shop for any and all physical repairs needed by your vehicle. Some situations are not insured for repair (like rust damage).  We will work with you directly to provide the best repair for your car or truck.

When it comes to working with a claims adjuster from your insurance carrier, we are a reputable facility with a strong reputation in the area for doing the work that needs to be done.  Unscrupulous repair shops have been known to “pad” the repairs in order to make more money off the insurance companies.  And this is why there is generally a fair amount of investigation into the repairs that are reportedly needed to be done.

The insurance adjuster is not looking to use cheap parts or ignore certain damages.  Their job is to return your vehicle to its whole state as it was before the accident.

Wink’s Body Shop Writes Their Own Estimate

Shop-Image-01-300x171Our technicians are well-trained and familiar with dealing with insurance carriers.  We produce our own estimate of repairs, which is then compared to the insurance adjuster’s estimate.  Sometimes it is necessary to negotiate or compromise on certain parts or repair procedures.  But for the most part, the insurance company and Wink’s Body Shop are cooperative together in providing the best repairs and making sure the customer is happy.

Neither the insurance company or an Ithaca collision repair facility wants the customer to sustain damages outside their control.  The mutual desire is for the customer to be fully satisfied with the repairs and the parts chosen for those repairs.

Wink’s Body Shop is pleased to be your Ithaca body shop and will work closely with you to ascertain that your experience with your insurance carrier is a positive one.  Leave this process to us and we will be sure to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.  Contact us today with any questions.