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Top Causes of Collisions Around the Finger Lakes

Wink’s Ithaca Body

The Finger Lakes has a reputation for being an idyllic place to live, work and attend school. Simply going out for a drive is enough to prove this perception is true. The cities and towns have a cozy neighborhood feel that is often missing from larger metropolitan areas. Still, Ithaca, and other 44282212communities in the Finger Lakes, does have its share of car accidents involving collisions.

As a local Ithaca collision repair shop, Wink’s Body Shop is on the front lines when it comes to seeing what types of damages happen to vehicles in a road collision – it’s not pretty. By the time our shop gets the damaged vehicle, the collision event is over, and we (and the car owner) are left with putting the pieces of broken glass and metal back together again.

But, just how do these collisions happen?

We decided to do a little digging and find out. We discovered some of the main reasons for car collisions, besides run ins with the local wildlife and we hope that you take heed to be aware of these high risks while out on the road.


There’s a famous line from a popular movie where the character excitedly states, “I feel the need for speed.” Sure, that’s a fine attitude to have when you’re flying a fighter jet high in the sky where there are mostly clouds to contend with. That attitude isn’t so hot for driving in normal traffic on the ground.

Yet, there are those drivers who seem to have an unquenchable need for speed, and exercise this bad judgment when they think they can get away with it. Driving down neighborhood streets , exceeding the speed limit, is not a good way to show off your driving skills. It does increase your risk of hitting a car coming out of a driveway. Likewise, speeding through intersections, failing to be cautious at yellow and red lights, and breezing through Wink Body Shopstop signs can lead to disaster, if this happens to you contact our Ithaca collision repair center.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving continues to be a nagging problem that affects drivers and passengers alike. New York has strict drunk driving laws and penalties, but people who drive drunk ignore them, or feel they aren’t really too drunk to drive. These are the drivers that cause the heartrending collision stories you read or hear about in the news. Each year, precious lives are lost due to drunken driving accidents.

Talking on the Phone

Mobile phones are great devices that allow you to chat with anyone while on the go. They become problematic when you think you can safely drive while chatting away on one. Good driving requires that your eyes be glued to the roadway at all times. It’s amazingly easy to get caught up in conversation and become distracted to the point of not seeing that oncoming vehicle, or a yellow light turning red, or another driver speeding through an intersection.i was the only person in the car. Try not to consider the circumstances for how I got this shot.

Texting While Driving

Texting is another form of distracted driving very similar to talking on the phone. Texting while driving has proven to be just as dangerous, and has taken countless lives. Please don’t text and drive.

Bad Weather

Finger Lakes region weather can be testy, and change from nice to bad on a dime. Be prepared for rain, sleet, snow and slippery ice conditions to avoid a collision in nasty weather.

Whenever you need the best collision repair in Ithaca contact Wink’s Body Shop for great service.