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Before Trading in Your Used Car Consider a Little Body Work at Winks Body Shop

Wink's Body Shop

Did you realize that hanging onto your older model vehicle can be more cost effective than purchasing a newer one?  Granted, having a new car is quite exciting and it does look spiffy.  But the cost…think about having that new car payment AND the increase in your insurance!

Your older car can experience an amazing transformation regardless of the year and condition.  Wink’s Body Shop is your one-stop location to make your older car look brand new again.

Perhaps your vehicle has paint that has just dulled and lost its shine.  We can repaint and clearcoat the entire vehicle at an affordable price.  Maybe you have dents and dings that detract from the exterior and that is a reason you want to trade out.  Again, it’s much less expensive to have those repairs done than to dig yourself back into a hefty new car payment.

Ithaca Body Shop

Wink's Body ShopIn Ithaca, Wink’s Body Shop is well know for its excellent work, customer service and knowledgeable technicians.  Their vehicle body work is second to none and you will be most pleased with the results.

There are not many professional body repair technicians that will give you the personal service you will find with us. When you visit us for the first time, our experienced techs will review the work needed to your vehicle and prepare a detailed estimate.  There is no cost for an estimate…ever.

No matter the amount of work, small or extensive, we have the knowledge and the tools to do the job right the first time.

Body Repairs Vs Vehicle Value

Now, with damage to your vehicle’s body, fading paint, broken lights, scratches, dents or significant collision damage, the value of your vehicle is going to plummet.  Resale, if you ever consider that, would not net you a significant percentage of the value if it were in excellent condition.

Repairing the damage to your car or truck will give your vehicle a whole new lease on life and look awesome.  You will find that repairing those rust spots, paint and scratches will make you much happier and you’ll want to keep the car longer.

WInk's Body ShopDon’t be fooled by people who tell you your car is too old to hang onto.  A personal observation is this writer has a 17 year old vehicle that has been kept maintained, and rather than trading up into a huge car payment, the car was refurbished with rust repair and a new paint job with clearcoat.  Looks brand new as if from the show room.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely.  This car will keep going and looking great for many years to come.

Your Ithaca body shop knows exactly how to restore your vehicle.  Consider the repair work first before trading your car or truck.

Rust is probably one of the worst things that can happen to your vehicle.  Dents and dings will break the seal on the paint and allow rust to settle in.  Before you know it, that rust eats through the metal and the repair becomes more significant.  Deal with it before you have to replace a panel or door.  That’s what Wink’s Body Shop is here for.  Let us put your vehicle back to its original luster and lines.