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The Steps to Take if you are in an Auto Accident

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Getting into a car accident is one of those unexpected events that can happen in a blink of an eye. The sudden impact can really jar you mentally, Ithaca Body Shop, Ithaca Collision Center, Winks Body Shop Ithacawhile possibly causing you and others physical injury. If you are ever involved in an accident, it is really important that you do your best to remain calm and think rationally. This is the only way to ensure that you have the best outcome from a bad situation.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca, NY recommends the following steps after an accident:

Remain on the Scene

Never drive away from an accident, even if the accident is very minor. Leaving the scene is considered a legal offense that may result in a license suspension, or revocation, and stiff fines.

Set Up Visible Alerts

Turn the blinkers of your car on to alert other drivers that your car is disabled. This is especially important at night. If the lights are not working, use a flashlight or flares as alternatives. It is always a good idea to carry portable flares or a heavy-duty flashlight in your car. Securing the scene of the accident can prevent other drivers from hitting you or your car.

Call for Help

Contact 911 to report the accident. Leave your car where it is so the police can properly assess the situation and secure the accident scene. The dispatch operator will also call an ambulance if one is needed.

Get Medical Attention if Needed

Your health and safety should be a priority after any accident where you sustain injuries. What may feel like a minor bump or bruise could escalate into a more serious condition. Allow the medical professionals on the scene to examine you to ascertain if your injuries require any immediate medical attention. They may suggest you go to the hospital for further tests. Consider taking their advice, even if only to rule out dangerous problems such as internal bleeding or brain swelling.

Take Pictures

Snap photos with your cell phone of the entire accident scene. Get as many photos as you can at all angles. Also take photos of any physical injuries you suffer. Photos make great evidence that can help with the investigation and for future collision repair. Be sure to stay out of the way of the police while taking photos to avoid annoying them while they are doing their job.

Give Accurate Details

The police are going to question you about what happened. Do your best to describe every detail of the accident from your viewpoint. Always stick to stating the facts as you know them. Do not embellish your story or speculate as to what may have happened. If you do not know the answer, or cannot remember certain details, say so. Everything you say is being recorded in an official report. An accurate police rIthaca Body Shop, Ithaca Repair Shop, Auto Body Repair, Collision Repaireport is good documentation that can be used to bolster insurance claims.

Notify Your Insurance Company

As soon as you can, notify your insurance company about the accident. Based on the nature of the accident, you can decide whether or not to file a claim for damages and seek automotive body repairs.

Choose a Reliable Body Shop

Contact a reliable body shop in your area and make arrangements to have your damaged car towed to the shop for repairs. During a time such as this you do not want to send your car to a garage that has other priorities. Wink’s Body Shop located in Ithaca, NY specializes in repairing all kinds of vehicle damages. We can take care of minor dents and scratches all the way up to serious body restoration. Contact us today for a free estimate.