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Don’t Rely on the Luck of the Irish to Keep Your Car Running; Call Wink’s Body Shop

St. Patrick's Day, Luck of the Irish, green car with green top hat and shamrocks

Top o’ the morning to you! St. Patrick’s Day will soon be here, but if you’re relying on the luck of the Irish to keep your car running smoothly, you’re in for a disappointment. There are no leprechauns who can take care of the problem if you need simple fixes like tire rotations or oil changes in Ithaca. In fact, if you ignore minor issues with your car now, you’ll soon need that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to pay for major problems down the road.

How Oil Changes in Ithaca Keep Your Car Running

This is one of the quickest and least expensive maintenance jobs your car or truck needs, but it’s also one of the most important. Topping off your oil is periodically is okay, but you do need to change it regularly to prevent more expensive problems. As oil is used to lubricate the engine parts, it becomes thicker and clogged with dirt and debris. This translates to more friction, which over time, damages the components it is lubricating. You’ll also see reduced gas mileage and shorter engine life if you don’t have your oil changed regularly, costing you more money in the long run.

Cross Your Fingers if You Ignore Brake Problems

Luck won’t help you if your brakes go bad when you’re heading down a steep grade. Professional brake services in Ithaca, NY will keep your brakes and rotors working properly so you can stop quickly and safely without relying on luck to save you. Your braking system is complicated, so having it checked regularly is essential to making sure all elements, including brakes, brake pads, brake fluids, and rotors, are in good condition. This not only keeps you safer, but keeps potential, future repair costs down. It also lengthens the life of your car’s engine.

Tire Care Beats Carrying a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

Don’t rely on luck to keep your tires in top condition. You should not only replace them when the tread is worn, but you should also bring them in for wheel alignments in Ithaca regularly. If your tires aren’t properly aligned, your car can pull to one side when you’re driving, making it more difficult to keep your vehicle on the road. It also makes driving more exhausting if you’re on a long trip and causes annoying vibrations.

How Wink’s Body Shop Keeps Your Car on the Road, No Luck Needed

Wink’s Body Shop offers a complete line of automotive repair services in Ithaca, New York when you need them, but we’d rather you bring your care in before repairs are needed. It’s less expensive to invest in routine maintenance than it is to pay for complex repairs after the damage has gone too far. Regular exhaust services in Ithaca’s best body shop will keep your care running smoothly. Waiting until you need a complete exhaust system replacement will cost you more and will shorten the overall life of your vehicle. There’s no luck in the world, even on St. Patrick’s Day, that can help with that!

Pamper Your Automobile With a Trip to WINK’S Body Shop

Heart Not Under Wipers Pamper Your Car

February is the month of love, and that means doing something special for the people who are important to you. It’s also time to consider giving a little love to your car. After all, she gets you to where you want automotive repair services in ithacato go, protects you from the elements, and can be depended on to be there when you need her, right? At least, your automobile should be that reliable. If you aren’t sure about your car’s performance these days, it’s time to pamper your automobile with a trip to Wink’s Body Shop.

Don’t Just Settle for What’s Necessary

Any time you bring your vehicle in for automotive repair in Ithaca, Wink’s will give your car the repairs it needs. While that’s a good thing, it’s an even better idea to bring your vehicle in periodically before it needs a significant repair. By taking care of the small things before they become big headaches, you’ll prolong the life of the vehicle and prevent future problems.

Oil Changes

Our oil change services in Ithaca are one way to pamper your vehicle that’s both inexpensive and valuable. By changing the oil regularly, you’ll get several great perks, including:

  • Better gas mileage, which means fewer trips to the pump
  • A smoother ride and less engine noise
  • Cleaner engine emissions, which means a cleaner environment
  • Longer engine life due to proper lubrication and protection from debris and dirt

Exhaust Services

Most people don’t think about their exhaust system, muffler or catalytic converter until there’s a real problem. At Wink’s Body Shop, we offer a wide range of automotive exhaust services in Ithaca that not only protect your car and minimize emissions but improve performance. Replacing a standard, single exhaust system with a dual rear exhaust or dual side exit system, you can improve horsepower and efficiency. On the flip side, if you like the sound of a powerful engine, you can pamper your car with a resonator that will boost that powerful engine roar.

Brake Services

It’s easy to ignore your braking system – until you can’t ignore it anymore. Waiting until the brake light comes on or your coast through a stop sign because your brakes are too soft isn’t the most efficient way to keep your braking system in good repair. We offer brake services in Ithaca for significant projects like brake line repair and brake replacement once there’s a problem, but we can also pamper your car with regular brake maintenance. This keeps you ahead of more expensive repairs. Drop off your vehicle for a brake inspection and we can advise you what needs to be done and how to maintain peak brake performance.

Wheel Alignments

This doesn’t sound like a meaningful way to pamper your car, and many people don’t bother to get their wheels aligned regularly. Pampering your vehicles with a wheel alignment will, however, yield some benefits. It will keep your car in better condition and on the road longer because it improves fuel efficiency. Correctly aligned tires will also reduce shimmy and other problems, such as difficulty steering that can lead to an accident. Finally, an alignment protects against uneven tire wear, which can lead to costly tire replacement or lead to an accident if your tires aren’t properly gripping the road.

Give your car a little bit of love this month by pampering it with a complete maintenance check at Wink’s Body Shop. You’ll benefit from our excellent service and support, and your car will reward you with better handling and longer life.

The Start of the Year is a Good Time to Service Your Automobile at WINK’s Body Shop in Ithaca

2020 Happy New Year with Toy Car, New Year good time to have car serviced

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions that fall into a few categories, such as getting healthier, saving more money, or spending more time with our families. We don’t think about more mundane things like taking our care for automotive repair services in Ithaca. But taking good care of your car is an excellent way to kick off the new year AND make it easier to keep your resolutions at the same time!

The Healthy Car/Healthy You Link

If you want to focus on getting healthier, bringing your car in for regular tune-ups and wheel alignments Auto Technician checking paperwork for automotive repair services in Ithaca.in Ithaca can help. Most drivers don’t realize how much a poorly aligned vehicle can contribute to their health. If you’re continually having to pull the steering wheel to one side to keep your car on the road even on a straightaway, your arms, torso, and hips are fighting against the pull of the tires, leading to tense muscles and a backache. Don’t succumb to tensed muscles and overly tiring drives when a wheel alignment can relieve those aching muscles.

Even more critical to your continuing health is making sure your car is as safe as possible for you and your family. Our automotive services in Ithaca that includes guaranteed Brake work is provided by professional technicians who are familiar with all makes and models. You’ll drive away from Wink’s Body Shop in your auto or truck with brakes that will never let you down. No worries about brakes that don’t respond quickly enough or perform well on slick roads. What better way to improve your health than to minimize the chances you’ll be hurt in an accident?

Saving Money

There’s an old saying that sometimes you have to spend money to make money. The same can be said for saving money. If you want to save some extra money this year, take care of your car before it needs major repairs that can add up to significant expenditure. Regular oil changes at Wink’s Body Shop are a great way to keep your car running at peak efficiency. You’ll have fewer repairs, and you’ll get better gas mileage. Every day you drive your car when it’s past time for an oil change, your gas mileage will be impacted, leading to more fuel expenses. Regularly scheduled oil changes will improve your car’s performance, saving you money in the long run.

More Time With Your Family

It sounds counter-intuitive to say, bringing your car in for preventive maintenance or exhaust services in Ithaca will lead to more time with your family. Still, preventative care in the New Year can undoubtedly lead to more family time. Just imagine planning a Saturday spent with your family, driving up the coast, or going to visit grandparents. You all pile into the car, but when you turn the key, the knocking and hissing exhaust means you’ll have to spend the day getting your car worked on instead of hanging out with the kids.

Proper preventative maintenance and auto repair services that include brakes, oil changes, cooling systems, batteries and more in the Tompkins County area can also prevent a breakdown on the road when you least expect it. You’ll end up spending more time and money on repairs, cutting into family time, saved money, and cause you unhealthy stress. Let Wink’s Body Shop take you into the New Year with a car that purrs like a kitten and is ready for all your family adventures!

Give Your Automobile a Gift with a Trip to WINK’S Body Shop in Ithaca

Close up of man's arm putting new tires on car and doing tire alignments

It’s the season for giving, and your car is probably working overtime this time of year. You’re driving to the mall, the grocery store, to holiday events and more. Your car is working overtime to make sure you get to where you’re going and are able to take care of everything you need to do to make the holidays auto body shop and collision in Ithacaunforgettable for those you love. You’re probably taking your car for granted – it’s dependable and reliable and you don’t know what you’d do without it, right? That makes this the perfect time of year to give your automobile a gift from Wink’s Body Shop. We offer the finest automotive repair services in Ithaca and would love to give your car a little TLC this holiday season.

Get Rid of Those Dings and Scrapes

If your car’s finish has seen better days, why not bring it in so we can get rid of the dings, buff out the scratches and give it a glossy new paint job? You can give it a new paint job for the holidays and transform it into a gleaming chariot that looks like it just rolled off the new car lot!

Buy New Tires & Get Them Aligned

New tires will also be appreciated by your automobile this season. Good snow tires mean your car won’t have to work so hard to keep you safe on the road. Older, worn tires are hazardous in any conditions, but trying to drive on them when it’s icy and slick means your car has to work even harder. Don’t fight with the roads – have new tires put on your car. We offer wheel alignments in Ithaca so you can ensure your car and those new tires are perfectly balanced and working together to give you a smooth, safe ride.

Brake Services in Ithaca from Wink’s

New brakes and rotors are another thoughtful gift you can give your car. Faulty brakes or worn rotor both have the potential to lead to disaster, but new brakes, brake pads and rotors will have your car stopping on a dime if necessary. Your car will thank you with quick, clean stops when necessary, smooth braking and a blessed silence. No more squeaking or grinding when you approach stop lights.

Replacing Your Exhaust

Your car doesn’t want to announce its arrival a block before you get to your destination and it doesn’t want to turn heads because everyone hears the muffler banging. Invest in our exhaust services in Ithaca so your car will feel young again, purring like a kitten instead of backfiring or announcing your arrival with high decibel exhaust sounds. Your neighbors will also thank you for it!

Automobile Gifts for Everyone

Wink’s Body Shop can also help you please those hard-to-buy-for people on  your list this year! Not sure what to give to your father-in-law? We offer oil changes in Ithaca for every make and model, so we can take care of your father-in-law’s older car and you’ll be giving him a gift that says you want him to be safe. Worried about your daughter who’s one a budget and driving a clunker? Call Wink’s and set up an appointment for an oil change and tire rotation. We can do thorough checkup to make sure her car is safe and reliable.

The gift of work at Wink’s Body Shop is truly one size fits all!

Before You Travel This Holiday Season, Take Your Car to WINK’S Body Shop

Car driving during winter snow taken through a windshield covered with blured snowflakes.

If you’ll be traveling home or visiting friends or relatives this holiday season, take the time to stop in at Wink’s Body Shop to take advantage of our new automotive repair services in Ithaca. Even minor damage to your car can lead to potential problems when you’re driving farther than normal. Spending collsion repair in Ithacathe holidays in a repair shop in another town or stranded on the road won’t make your holidays jollier.

Minor Damage Can Lead to Major Rust

You may be thinking you’ll wait until after the New Year to take care of recent dents and dings but waiting even a few weeks this time of year can quickly lead to rust, which in turn can lead to other problems, including a hole in your muffler.

Get an Oil Change Before You Go

If you’ve been putting off an oil change or if you aren’t due for one for a few hundred miles, go ahead and take care of it now. We offer oil changes in Ithaca that are quick and convenient. You can even relax in our clean and bright office area while we take care of the change and be on your way in no time. While you’re here, we’ll be sure to check your oil filter and air filter as well so your car will be purring on your holiday travels.

Nix the Shimmy

Is your car shimmying or shuddering when you drive? This isn’t just annoying, it can be dangerous, particularly on slick or snowy roads. Bring your car into Wink’s Body Shop for proper wheel alignments. In Ithaca, no one does alignments better; we guarantee you’ll be on the road with the smoothest possible ride for more confident driving and a safer journey.

Don’t Let Your Exhaust Ruin The Sounds of the Season

Is your muffler too loud due to a hole or rust-through? Is the exhaust system poorly maintained, leading to overly loud exhaust emissions or backfiring? No one wants to hear your car coming from a distance, particularly when they’re trying to listen to Christmas carolers or holiday music. Don’t be that person who announces his arrival long before his car is seen because he hasn’t bothered to take advantage of our exhaust services in Ithaca.

Braking Properly in Winter

Brakes that work properly and respond quickly are crucial when you’re driving long distances in cold, wet and icy conditions. Your brakes may respond more slowly in extreme weather conditions, so it’s important to take advantage of our brake services in Ithaca before you hit the road. We’ll check your brakes, pads and rotors to make sure they’re functioning at peak performance and repair or replace them if they aren’t.

Don’t jeopardize the joys of the holidays by neglecting your car’s upkeep and risking an accident or damage to your vehicle this holiday season. Wink’s Body Shop is here to make sure you’ll arrive safe and sound no matter where your travels take you.

Nobody Cares for Your Car Like Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca at Holiday Time

automotive repair services in Ithaca

The holidays are coming up and you’ll be doing a lot of extra driving to go Christmas or Hanukah shopping, visit friends and family, attend holiday open houses and special events. You’ll be putting a lot of wear and tear on your car or truck, so be sure you keep it in top condition by taking it to Wink’s Body Shop before you run into a problem. We do everything from routine oil changes in Ithaca to extensive body work and brake repairs in one convenient location to keep your car running smoothly and safely throughout the holidays. We’re quickly becoming one of the most popular places for automotive repair services in Ithaca for a number of reasons.

The Gift of Experience

Wink’s Body Shop has been doing automotive repairs for over 20 years, so you can bring your car to us

automotive services in Ithaca

20408592 – young hispanic mechanic draining engine oil from a car for an oil change at an auto shop

with confidence. Many of our technicians have been with us for years, working closely together and working on a wide range of cars, trucks and SUVs. They draw on that experience every day to ensure every car they work on gets the finest care available. Experience takes the guesswork out of caring for your car. When we do body work, engine repair or wheel alignments in Ithaca, you can be sure we’re backed by years of doing this type of work and perfecting every step of the process.

The Gift of Professional Training

Anyone can say they are an auto mechanic or car repair technician, but not everyone is professionally trained through the i-Car Professional Development Program. The i-Car program provides professional training that is recognized nationally as one of the finest auto technician programs in the country. Our technicians also take continuing i-Car courses to make sure they are always current on the latest in automotive technology, including computerized systems and welding techniques.

The Gift of the Latest Technology

We don’t skimp on equipment, either. All our automotive repair services in Ithaca are backed by the latest technologies, including computerized diagnostics to check the entire system. We also have computerized measuring systems for detecting structural problems, an alignment rack for proper suspension and the latest in welding technologies and heating and air conditioning service equipment. Whether you need complete brake services in Ithaca or a simple oil change to keep your car running smoothly during the holidays, we have the expertise and equipment for every job.

The Gift of Calm

Bringing in your car for repairs or service during the holidays is just one more stressful chore. We know you have a not on your mind. You don’t want to worry about having to leave off your car for brake services in Ithaca when you have so much to do. And you don’t want to have to wait in a dirty, noisy garage while work is being done. Our main office is an island of calm in the middle of your day. It’s clean, bright and comfortable, located away from the noise and odors of our shop so you can relax while you’re waiting to pick up your car or truck. There will be fresh, hot coffee, clean bathrooms and comfortable chairs so you can take a deep breath and relax for a bit while we give your car the professional care it needs. When you leave Wink’s Body Shop, both your vehicle and your peace of mind will be restored. It’s one less thing to worry about this holiday season!

Don’t Keep Turning Up Your Radio to Drown Out Those Noisy Brakes, Stop by WINK’S Body Shop Today

Foot on Brake Pedal, safe brake repairs in Ithaca

You’re driving down from Cornell when you hear a sound that is definitely not normal. It may be a grinding noise, squealing or just a minor squeak that’s getting on your nerves. Whatever it is, you shrug and turn up the radio to drown out the noise, figuring you’ll take care of it later. The problem is, those automotive repair services in Tompkins Countynoises can be an indication that there is something seriously wrong with your brakes. But ignoring a brake problem could lead to a serious accident or worse. Fortunately, Wink’s Body Shop provides complete brake services in Ithaca that can take care of the problem so you won’t have to resort to banging out music at levels that will annoy your passengers. What noises can indicate a brake problem? There are several different sounds that could indicate a brake problem that needs addressing.



If you’re hearing a high-pitched, metallic squeal that stops when you hit the brakes, you might think that’s not a brake problem but it is. These are the brake pad wear indicators, which squeal when the come into contact with the brake rotors. You’re hearing the sound of metal and metal, which is a sign you need new brake pads. If you put it off too long, you’ll end up having to replace damaged rotors as well, which is a pricey fix. It’s a good idea whenever you take your car into Wink’s Body Shop for routine oil changes in Ithaca to have our team of technicians check your brakes and rotors as well so you can avoid problems like squeaks and squeals.


Any time you hear a grinding sound when you use your brakes, it may indicate a problem that’s easily remedied, such as a bit of rock or gravel caught in your calipers. It’s an easy thing for the technicians at Wink’s Body Shop to fix so you can get back on the road quickly. While we have your car, you may also want to consider having us do any other needed automotive repair services. In Ithaca, it can be difficult to find a place that can do it all, but Wink’s is your one-stop auto shop for everything from brakes and alignments to frame repair and touch-up paint.

If the grinding in your brakes is severe it may indicate that your brake pads are worn through. If they are, the metal on metal grinding could mean damage to the rotors. Alternatively, grinding may mean the rear drum brakes aren’t being lubricated properly. Either of these problems need an immediate fix to prevent a potential loss of braking power.

Scraping or Vibrating

If the brake rotors are scraping or you feel a wobble when applying the brakes, an uneven rotor may be to blame. The rotors should be wearing evenly for safe stopping, so take the time to have them checked if you hear them scraping.

Other Signs of Brake Problems

While unusual noises are often a sign of brake problems, there are other signs you should watch for, including:

  • A spongy or “splashy” feel when braking
  • Your automobile pulling to one side when you brake
  • A sharp, burning smell after you’ve been braking a lot

Some sounds you hear may not be a sign of a brake problem. A loud rattling sound or an extremely loud exhaust sound can indicate you need exhaust services. In Ithaca, Wink’s Body Shop can check your brakes, muffler and all other systems as well as performing wheel alignments. For all you automotive repair services in Ithaca, no one’s better at keeping you safe on the road all winter long.

Now is the Time to “Winterize” your Car at WINKS Body Shop in Ithaca

Man jumping car in winter snow. Wink's Body Shop can prevent this with proper car winterizing.

Winter is coming, bringing with it colder temperatures, icy roads and snow. Smart homeowners take the time to do a bit of winterizing before the temperatures drop too dramatically, but many people don’t realize that it’s important to winterize your car as well. Just like your furnace needs a new filter before automotive repair services in Ithacayou fire it up,  you should check your car’s working parts before bad roads take a toll on your vehicle or cause a serious accident. Wink’s Body Shop now offers full winterizing as well as automotive repair services in Ithaca. We can take the work of preparing your car for winter driving off your hands and ensure that your car is performing at its peak for colder conditions and icy, snowy roads. As part of winterizing, we’ll check the following:


Proper brake performance is always important, but it becomes even more critical during the winter, when roads are frequently coated with ice, sleet or snow. Icy conditions, slick intersections and brakes that don’t respond quickly enough can lead to major accidents. We offer brake services in Ithaca to make sure your brake pads and rotors are in good condition. If they aren’t, we’ll replace them so your brakes grab properly every time.


Your car has several fluids that keep it operating properly. When the temperatures drop, some of these fluids don’t perform as well. In addition to offering a place to get your oil changed in Ithaca, Wink’s Body Shop will check other fluids, including transmission fluid, wiper fluid and coolant. The proper mix if antifreeze and water is crucial so that they don’t freeze in your radiator. Some cars should also switch to a thinner motor oil, as oil thickens in colder weather and may not properly lubricate your engine. If you’re not sure whether you need to switch to a thinner motor oil, our technicians can replace your car’s oil with the proper winter oil for optimum performance and safety.


The right tires are just as important as brakes that are in peak condition when driving on icy or snowy roads. While the correct tire pressure is important, it isn’t enough. When you winterize your car, make sure your tires have plenty of tread and are properly inflated, as underinflated tires lead to less control. Since the Ithaca area can be hit with a substantial amount of snow, investing in snow tires is a good idea, as they will give your more control and grip icy or snow-covered roads better. Of course, you should always have your car’s new tires properly balanced to prevent wobble and uneven wear. We offer wheel alignments in Ithaca for a fraction of the cost of most other shops and back it with our satisfaction guarantee.


Imagine getting into your car, turning the key and hearing nothing but a sluggish attempt at a start. Your car’s battery is much more finicky in cold weather, when frigid conditions sap the battery’s life and prevent it from starting your engine. Winterizing y our car should always include checking the battery, terminals, cables and fluid to ensure you won’t get stranded.

Exhaust System

Your exhaust system will be stressed during cold weather for a variety of reasons – damage from potholes and other road hazards and frequent stops and starts during cold temperatures will both contribute to wear and tear on your muffler and exhaust system. To avoid having to use our exhaust services in Ithaca for repairs, have your system checked before winter strikes. We’ll check the muffler, catalytic converter, valves, oxygen sensors and more to protect you from potential problems this winter.

Wink’s Body Shop can also inspect your four wheel drive system to make sure it’s engaging smoothly and operating as it should. Belts, hoses and spark plugs will also be checked when you bring our car into our shop for professional winterizing. We’ll get your car in the best shape possible to keep you on the road safely this winter.

Winks Body Shop is Now Your Ithaca Hometown Automotive Service Repair Shop as Well

Auto Technician checking paperwork for automotive repair services in Ithaca.

For over a quarter century, Wink’s Body Shop has been providing customers with exceptional auto body repair work. We now also offer automotive service and repair as well, making Wink’s Body Shop your

automotive services in Ithaca

20408592 – young hispanic mechanic draining engine oil from a car for an oil change at an auto shop

one-stop shop for all your automotive needs from routine maintenance to major repairs. Now you can bring your car in for automotive repair services in Ithaca and get the same exceptional care we’ve always offered when doing body work and painting.

Familiarity Means Attention to Detail

You can take your car to any number of places for everything from oil changes to brake services in Ithaca and you may get acceptable work done. If you bring your car to Wink’s Body Shop, however, our professionally trained technicians will give you service that’s above and beyond. Our familiarity with your car means we may notice minor things that could become major problems sooner than a stranger would. We take pride in our work and always provide service that’s one step above just doing the work; we’ll take a look at your entire vehicle, check our records to see when it was last serviced, and keep you informed of our progress so there are no unpleasant surprises. It’s personal attention you won’t find at other shops from technicians who don’t know you or your vehicle.

Paperwork Helps You Track Your Service and Repairs

We keep meticulous records so you’ll have a complete history of all the work we do. Whether we provide you with something small like routine oil changes in Ithaca or more extensive service work such as our exhaust services in Ithaca, we keep written records of all work performed and give you a copy so that you  can keep track of what has been done on your  car over the years. By having Wink’s Body Shop do both repairs and routine maintenance, you ensure continuity of service and support with fully backed paperwork. When it’s time to sell or trade in your vehicle, you’ll have complete records showing how well you’ve cared for your vehicle.

Guaranteed Maintenance and Repairs

Wink’s Body Shop offers our customers the same exceptional guarantee on maintenance and repairs that we offer on all our body shop and paint work. If you’re unhappy with the work or don’t feel like we’ve done the repairs to your satisfaction, simply bring your  vehicle back and we’ll correct the problem, no questions asked. We will work on your automobile or truck until it’s like new every time.

Preventative Care Prolongs Automotive Life

While you might get to know Wink’s Body Shop for the first time when you bring your car in for body work, we want to get to know you before there’s an accident. Proper preventative care and routine maintenance will minimize the chances of an accident and keep your car or truck operating at peak performance. We hope you’ll never need us for major body work, but we do want to see you for routine, preventative care that will keep your car on the road for years to come. From air filter replacement to wheel alignments in Ithaca, we are your one-stop routine care stop helping you keep your vehicle running smoothly and on the road. Call us today at  (607) 277-7775 to schedule your next routine maintenance appointment or talk to us about your automotive repair needs. We’re here for you and your car!