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Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca is Your Central, New York Collision Repair Experts

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The stress involved in experiencing collision damage to your vehicle can be overwhelming. Between the actual impact, dealing with insurance companies, police, the other party…your vehicle is damaged and there may even be injuries involved.

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca can help take the strain off you when it comes to working with the insurance companies and adjusters. Our experienced body shop technicians and our entire staff have built a solid reputation for quality repairs and fairness. We can handle all the negotiations with the insurance carriers’ adjusters and get you back on the road in no time.

Collision Repair in Ithaca

Sure, there are other body shops in Central, New York but finding one that is convenient, reliable, reputable and focuses on customer service can be difficult. Wink’s Body Shop has been a mainstay in Ithaca and due to our customer loyalty, what started out as 900 square foot shop has now become a state-of-the-art collision repair facility.

i-Car certified Ithaca body shopOur technicians have all completed i-Car certification and engage in continued education to not only hone their skills but learn new and better repair methods. All this returns to you, our customer, in bringing you improved repairs as new technology is available.

Summer time can be a busy season with many travelers in the area and more of us out on the road for vacations and day trips. Accidents happen and never at a good time. When you need Central NY collision repair, make your first stop here at Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca.

What Makes Us Different

It all comes down to customer service. And this doesn’t mean that we simply smile and take your keys. Our front counter staff takes each individual as priority. We listen to what you need done, explain the process to you, we stay in contact with you throughout the repair process and we return to you a clean car that has been expertly repaired. We are your hometown Ithaca body shop and want to continue to be that for you and your friends.

Ithaca body shop insurance adjusterDealing with the insurance companies and their adjusters can be taxing. There is an innate distrust in the insurance industry with many upsetting stories and rumors around. Although it’s true that not all insurance companies work for the best interest of the damaged party, the majority do want to do the best possible job all around.

We are well known as an expert in Central NY collision repair. Insurance adjusters are familiar with working with us and do a responsible job. Of course the company wants to save money on claims, but they cannot and will not encourage or demand sub par repairs. The customer has the right to appropriate repairs that are safe and will last the life of the vehicle. We guarantee that the collision repairs we provide will be to your complete satisfaction.

Stress Free Collision Repair in Ithaca

Let us take the stress out of your automobile damage by dealing with the matters at hand. Our body shop technicians will return your vehicle to you in excellent condition, will keep you informed as to the progress, will advise any additional issues that appear and procure your permission to repair. Every vehicle is returned clean and beautiful.

Our paint bays are each protected so your vehicle does not acquire over spray from other jobs and our paint matching system is totally computerized to give you the exact color match. If you need collision repair in Ithaca, call us or stop by today for your free estimate. If your vehicle is not driveable, please direct the tow company to bring the car or truck here for inspection.

For Affordable Collision Repair, Ithaca Turns to Winks Body Shop

collision repair Ithaca

Ithaca is a busy and vibrant town boasting some of the best collision repair in Ithaca. With numerous shops to choose from, Wink’s Body Shop wants to provide you with the best customer service and excellent repairs for your vehicles.

We are an Ithaca body shop and have been in business for over 20 years. Our technicians are highly trained and hold I-Car certifications. Our facility began as a mere 900 sq foot building and now is over three times the size with state-of-the-art equipment that makes your collision repair in Ithaca the best possible work in the area.

Affordable Collision Repair in Ithaca

Let’s face it.  Collision repair in Ithaca can be most costly. Fortunately for most of our customers, insurance plays a large part in covering repair expenses. But what about those small repairs not covered by insurance or under the deductible amounts? This is where finding affordable repairs is of utmost importance.

collision repair in IthacaFailing to repair even the smallest dent or ding can lead to heavy repair bills later on down the road.  We all know how scratches and dents can soon turn into unsightly rust which silently eats away at the metal and often into the frame.  Deciding to not repair damage when it happens reduces the value of your car or truck, so if you plan to trade it in at any point, you will lose value.

Now if you visit us here at Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca, we can provide you with an accurate and free estimate. As a well-established Ithaca body shop, we know exactly how to repair your vehicle correctly the first time, with minimal down time, and cost effectively.

Ithaca Body Shop

Wink’s Body Shop has excellent testimonials and obtains a lot of repeat customers through word of mouth and community recommendations.

Our team here is excellent at working with insurance companies and adjusters as our reputation provides them with peace of mind that the work will be done right and the appraiser will not have to make repeated trips back to the shop because of additional damage not noted on the first estimate and appraisal.

Affordable collision repair in Ithaca is simply a phone call or visit away. Our staff here is eager to help you get your vehicle back on the road and have you be a satisfied customer. No matter the size or nature of the body repair your car or truck needs, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done.

Your Ithaca body shop should provide you with excellent customer service, attention to detail, and repairs that you can be proud of. Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca provides all this and more. We will work closely with you and/or your insurance carriers involved to come to an agreeable repair that suits your budget and your vehicle.

We will also be straight with you when it comes to deciding whether the cost to repair collision damage is worth the value it provides or not. Some older vehicles that have had body damage are simply not worth repairing due to the vehicle’s market value. We want you to be aware of this and do not want you to have to pay for something that will not give you long term results. Your specific needs are our concern and we won’t sell you something you don’t need or we wouldn’t do to our own vehicles.

For excellent collision repair in Ithaca, see us first, get your free estimate and let’s help you get back on the road in no time.

Don’t Let the Insurance Companies Dictate the Body Shop You Choose!

Winks Body Shop Ithaca knows that when your car is damaged due to an unexpected auto accident or mishap you naturally turn to your insurance company for assistance. Your car automotive body repair ithaca, collision repair ithaca new yorkneeds collision repairs completed as soon as possible to return it to its former condition. You assume that your insurance company is going to do what’s in your best interest. Unfortunately, this is a wrong assumption. There is a little secret that you may not know about insurance companies when it comes to recommending auto body shops. They will try and mislead you into getting inferior car repairs.

Why Insurance Companies Mislead Car Owners

You may be wondering why on earth would my insurance company want to mislead me?

It all boils down to saving them money. The less they have to spend on your auto repairs the better. To this end insurance companies make deals with certain auto body shops. The shop owners agree to be on the insurer’s preferred body shop list in exchange for referrals. As part of the agreement, some of these body shops on the list agree to use lower cost parts, which are of inferior quality. Cheaper parts that do not maintain the same standards as original car manufactured parts get placed in vehicles. It doesn’t matter if the parts are not the best match for the car. All that matters is that they do not cost the insurance company top dollar. The level of service may also be substandard.

When you are on the phone with your insurer you will be asked to select a body shop from their preferred list. Ask them why and they may tell you that this is a requirement for having them cover car repair expenses. If you explain that you have already chosen a body shop, they may suggest using a shop from their list because repairs will be cheaper. It sounds like they are helping you to save money, but the truth is they are steering you towards cheaper parts with lower quality service.

Don’t Let Your Insurance Company Pressure You Into a Bad Decision

Regardless of what your insurer says, you have the absolute right to choose whatever body shop you want. It doesn’t matter how your car became damaged or who is responsible, none of that matters when it comes to making this important decision. The simple fact is that your insurance company can suggest a body shop, but they cannot force you to take collision repair ithaca, body shop ithaca, ithaca body shopyour car there. And, don’t fall for their line about not being able to guarantee the work. A good quality body shop stands behind their work 100 percent.

You need to be totally involved in the decision over restoring your vehicle. This is a case where quality trumps cost savings. A bad repair job can end up costing you more in the long run, simply because you’ll need to have preventable errors fixed.

How to Handle Repair Estimates

The insurance company is going to send their adjuster to do an estimate on the cost of repairing the damages. This is okay. Go ahead and choose your own car repair experts like those found at Wink’s Body Shop. Get an estimate from them. The insurance appraiser will come to the shop to get an estimate that works more in their favor. Get a copy of this estimate. You now have two estimates. Let your insurance company know that you want your car restored to its pre-loss condition using the estimate that requires higher quality parts and service.