Warmer Weather in Ithaca Leads to Increased Distracted Driving

June marks the beginning of summer and good times in the Ithaca area. If you’re like most local residents, your car is a gateway to getting out and about to do all kinds of things. For Ithaca Body Shopinstance, there are many fun events involving music, food, wine, crafts and cool live entertainment this time of year. That’s the good part about driving in warm weather. The bad part is when a sudden collision happens out of the blue because of distracted driving.

As a local Ithaca body shop, Wink’s sees a lot of the damage that happens when one driver is not paying full attention to the road. Cars come into our shop with various dings, dents and scrapes. Car owners that escape such incidents with minor damages are the lucky ones. Because we also do top-rate collision repair in Ithaca, we see our fair share of extensive auto damage caused by distraction accidents.

Of course, car damage isn’t the only issue when it comes to the problem of distracted drivers. National statistics show that many people lose their lives in these sorts of accidents. This is why Wink’s is committed to warning our customers about this very important topic. Everyone thinks that this type of accident won’t happen to them – until it does.

The warm weather seems to bring with it more of these types of accidents simply because people are driving more. Also, some people just do not pay attention to local laws and warnings about distracted driving. This is unfortunate. Like many concerned citizens and businesses in Ithaca, we are hoping that more people become aware of the dangecollision repair ithacars of driving while focusing attention on other things like talking on the phone. No phone call is so important that it can’t wait until the driver is no longer operating a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds. If the call is really that urgent, the driver should simply pull over to engage in conversation.

Besides talking on the phone without a cell phone car holder, people do all sorts of things they shouldn’t do while driving. Drivers have been observed applying makeup, wolfing down food, texting, reading, attending to children, gawking at something on the street, etc. Distracted drivers are the leading cause of motor vehicle accidents int he Tompkins County area.

If you, or someone you know, are involved in an accident no matter the cause, requiring automotive body repairs, contact Wink’s auto body shop in Ithaca. We’ll do all the repair work on your car to restore it to good condition. However, we hope that you help us spread the word to your family, friends and acquaintances about the dangers of distracted driving. Educating people is the best way to prevent these types of accidents from happening. Remember, cars can be repaired much easier than people.

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