Time to Get the Rust Out at Winks Body Shop

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Do you sometimes jokingly refer to your car as the old rust bucket?

Even if you don’t joke about it, you may not know that rust in a car is a serious sign of deterioration. Our Ithaca body shop knows that rust damage can begin from something as simple as a scratch in the suwinks body shop in Ithaca, Ithaca body shoprface paint. Most car owners feel they can live with a scratch or two. But, over time those scratches gradually get rusted and once the rusting process starts, it continues to get worse over time.

Driving in Ithaca exposes cars to all sorts of potential risks for rust. Things that can lead to oxidization of metal include dirt, grime, rain, snow and salt. Road salt, in particular, is a major culprit. Each winter in Ithaca the roadways are regularly salted to make them passable for vehicles. While this practice is critical for allowing cars to get around, the downside is that it often leads to rust damage on vehicles. That’s why you may notice that your car has some rust on the underside and bottom areas.

The Danger of Rust Accumulation

When a customer brings their rust damaged car into Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca, one of the first things we do is look to see how deep the rust has gone. Basically, there are two types of rust damage: mild and severe. Mild damage is when the rust is mainly on the surface. We can usually sand it off and repaint the areas. Severe damage is when the rust has gotten so bad that it has penetrated down into the structure of the vehicle. The surface is extremely weak or has holes created from rust. This level of damage requires more extensive repair work.

We let our customers know that at the first signs of rust you should bring your car in to our shop for a touch up. Doing simple repairs is more cost-effective than allowing the rust to grow body shop in Ithacainto a major repair job. Regardless of the extent of the damage, our experienced technicians are able to restore your car and get it looking great again.

What to Do to Prevent Rust

There are some things you can do to avoid car rust problems. Keep your car clean by periodically washing the exterior. Dirt and grime hide scratches, dents and spots, so you may not even know your car is beginning to rust. Once winter is over, check underneath the car for any signs of rust. Or, bring your car in for a maintenance check up. We recommend attacking rust spots right away. Always remember that rust is one of your car’s worst enemies – and, it’s certainly no friend to your budget.

Bring your car, SUV, van or truck into Wink’s Body Shop today and we’ll vanquish all signs of rust when you take advantage of our special rust zapping service.



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