Tips On How to Handle Slippery Driving Conditions

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The big holiday season is here and there are lots of cars, SUVs and trucks on the road filled with drivers going to work, school, shopping, running errands or making deliveries. People ithaca collision repairsare driving to visit family and friends and often filled with emotions ranging from anxiety to happiness. With so much going on it’s easy for drivers to get distracted. Unfortunately, the season to be jolly is also the season of car accidents due to slippery roads.

Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop wants you and your loved ones to remain safe this holiday season, so we’ve put together these helpful tips:

Don’t Drive When Roadways are Dangerous

During a storm stay informed about current driving conditions. When a driving alert is in place and drivers are warned to stay off the roads – listen and stay off the roads. There are times when the best choice is to not drive when road conditions are too treacherous. When ice is a factor, road teams need time to salt the roads and make them passable again.

Slow Down

One of the big reasons why drivers end up in accidents while driving in icy conditions is driving too fast. The dangerous thing about road ice is that you can’t always see it, and when you realize you’ve hit a patch of ice, it’s usually too late to slow down and prevent a collision. The smart thing to do is to drive cautiously at slower speeds, which allows you to have control should your car wheels make contact with ice.

Oh, and if you assume that you can handle your vehicle just fine at normal speeds on icy roads, please be aware that this overconfidence can lead to a serious accident. Your car can have the fanciest antilock brakes and traction control on the planet, and it won’t do you any good if you’re unprepared to handle an ice skid. Winks Body Shop in Ithaca knows that even the best driver’s have trouble controlling a skidding car at normal speeds. Unless you’ve practiced handling your car while skidding dozens of times to regain control, it’s best to simply slow way down.

Ease Up on the Brakes

It’s a common reflex reaction to hit the brakes hard when encountering a slippery patch of road. However, this is sure to lock up your braking system, which means your wheels are ithaca body shopuncontrollable during a slide. Instead, go easy on the brakes while driving as slow as possible, this gives you the best chance of maintaining control.

Turn Into a Slide

When you feel the car sliding don’t panic. Remember to always turn the car’s steering wheel in the same direction the car is sliding. For example, if the rear end is sliding left, turn the wheel left. Look in the direction you want your car to go while turning. If the car goes too far in one direction, turn the wheel in the opposite direction.

Stay Physically Safe

If you end up in an accident on a slippery road, remain inside of the car until help arrives or if you need to exit your vehicle move to the other side of the guardrails which will offer some protection from oncoming traffic. Don’t get out and stand in the roadway. People have been hit and killed after leaving the safety of their vehicle. Icy roads lead to dangerous situations for all drivers. Only exit your car when the roadway is clear, and head for an embankment or area where you won’t be hit.

Anytime you need fast, convenient collision repair in Ithaca, contact Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop for excellent service.

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