Watch Out for Black Ice This Winter Season

Perhaps you’ve heard the weather reporter warning about black ice, but don’t really know what that is. At Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop, we feel it’s collision repair in Ithacaimportant for you to know what it is so that you can be extra careful when driving in black ice conditions.

What is Black Ice?

Black ice is not much different than regular ice. The main difference is that this type of ice tends to blend in with the asphalt, making it much more difficult to see. Black ice usually forms when the temperature outside drops to 32 degrees or below. During the winter, freezing rain or sleet mixes with warm rain, which becomes icy as it hits the ground. Due to the cold air, frozen water creates a glassy sheet of ice over the sidewalk or road.

How to Spot Black Ice

Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca knows that black ice is notoriously difficult to see, unless you’re specifically looking for it. However, there are a few telltale signs. Listen carefully to weather reports in your area about freezing rain or sleet mixed with rain. If the temperature is in the lower 30s or below, this is your first clue of a possible black ice hazard on roadways.

Another way to tell is to go outside and check the sidewalk for patches of black ice. In general, most of the pavement is going to be dry, but you’ll see sections that have dark, glossy ice spots. You can bet that if there’s black ice on the sidewalk, it’ll probably be on the roads as well. Another place to Ithaca Body Shop, collision repair in Ithacacheck for black ice is driveways, or areas of pavement that are covered in shade.

Be Extra Cautious Driving in Black Ice Conditions

If you suspect black ice on the road, slow down and drive with extra caution. Black ice can cause your car to slide suddenly and veer sideways, or go completely off the road. Be particularly careful when driving on icy roads early in the morning or at night, when visibility for ice is at the lowest point. Also, drive cautiously while on bridges, overpasses and areas shaded heavily by trees. These areas are prone to developing black ice, because the rain freezes more slowly.

Should you inadvertently hit a patch of black ice while driving stay calm and:

* Keep your hands firmly on the steering wheel

* Gently lift your foot off of the accelerator

* Avoid over correcting the steering wheel during a slide

Call for Help When Necessary

If you end up in a collision due to black ice, stay calm and call for help. The important thing is that you and others are not hurt. Any damage done to your car can be fixed quickly and efficiently by calling Wink’s collision repair in Ithaca.

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