We Know All Our Neighbors are Essential So WINK’s Body Shop is Here for You

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The last three months have been a struggle for everyone in and around the Tompkins County area. We’ve all learned a lot, including how vital all our friends and neighbors are to our survival. In fact, every one of our neighbors is essential in some way to our lives. That’s why at Wink’s Body Shop we have always offered every one of our customers the same high-quality automotive services in Ithaca regardless of whether she is a doctor who needs her car to make sure she can get to Cayuga Medical Center or a young man who is an essential worker who needs to get to his job at the local grocery store.

Now Open for Business

As the area slowly opens up for business, Wink’s Body Shop is responding appropriately. We know that

automotive services in Ithaca

every one of you is an essential part of our economy and our way of life. We are making every effort to make sure we can take care of all needed automotive repairs in Tompkins Country in a timely fashion so you can get back to work in a dependable vehicle. If your car has been sitting around for weeks or months, we’ll be happy to give it a once-over to make sure it’s ready to go and provide an oil change and tire rotation to ensure smooth, safe driving and better gas mileage (always a good idea these days).

Online Consultations to Put Your Mind at Ease

If you’ve been thinking about bringing your car in for a tune-up but aren’t yet comfortable coming in for an estimate, consider downloading the Carwise app to your phone. This gives you an estimate of the cost of your repairs. You can also call our office to make an appointment, and our friendly office staff will be happy to schedule an appointment for a time that’s convenient for you. We’re handling more automotive repairs in Ithaca every day, so now is the time to call and schedule a time for any repairs your car needs.

Become a Part of the Essential Solution

Whatever you do for a living, whether you’re a service worker, a hairdresser, an office worker, bus driver, or any of a thousand other occupations, you are essential to your family and to our neighborhood. You support your family with your income. You support our community when you shop locally, dine locally, and attend local events. That includes getting your automotive repairs at Wink’s Body Shop, where we’ve been doing automotive repairs in Ithaca and the surrounding area for over twenty years.

As you get back to your essential activities, keep us in mind. We’ve always known you’re an integral part of our community, and we’ll treat and your vehicle with that way every time. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee proves it.

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