What You Need to Know About Collision Repair

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Collision repair in Ithaca isn’t something that’s on the top of your mind. In fact, you probably hardly body shop in Ithacathink about what would happen should your car be in involved in a big or small collision. The reason why you don’t think about it is because car collisions are unpleasant. However, collisions happen every day and there might come a time when you are faced with having to make a decision about where to take your damaged car in for repairs.
Therefore, since we’re the collision repair experts in this area, it’s our responsibility to share a few things with you about how Wink’s Auto Body Shop handles collision repair.
We Choose Affordable Replacement Parts
When your car collides with another vehicle, or hard object, the impact causes various parts to break or sustain damage. While some damaged parts might be fixable, others need to be replaced in order for your car to run normally again. When we need to order auto parts we let customer know exactly what needs replacing.
But simply knowing that your car needs new parts is only one portion of the repair process. The other portion requires trusting us to use good judgment in selecting replacement parts. Ordering replacement car parts is where years of expertise come into play. The challenge is obtaining quality parts that work well in your vehicle without paying an arm and a leg for them.
We’ve discovered where to find the best auto parts at the most affordable prices. This practice allows us collision repair ithaca, Ithaca Body Shopto provide you with much needed repairs while keeping your repair bill as low as possible. Not only is this great for your budget, but your insurance company is going to be happy as well.
Our Auto Paint Skills are Unmatched
The exterior of your damaged vehicle usually sustains some type of paint damage. The car might have scratches, spots where paint has peeled off or an entire section requires extensive repairs. The amount of auto body painting we do depends on the extent of the damage.
Regardless of whether we do paint touch ups or paint major portions of your car, you can be certain that we’ll always do a professional paint job. Our technicians are current in the most effective auto body painting techniques. We take great care in selecting paint colors that match your car’s original paint perfectly. While our auto painting isn’t considered artistic, we consider our paint application skills to be on par with the best in the industry. Paint application skills are just as important as other repair skills.
How Long Do You Have to Be Without Your Vehicle?
When you must leave your car at an auto body shop for collision damage repairs it’s a big inconvenience in your life. Some repair shops don’t care much about that and take their sweet time. Not Wink’s. We know you are counting the days and minutes to when you’ll be able to drive your car again. That’s why we work as fast as possible to get your car in great shape again.
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