Which Month Has the Most Traffic Accidents in the Northeast

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Here we are preparing for a beautiful fall and unfortunately anticipating the winter months ahead. Collision repair in Ithaca sees a steady increase in traffic accidents throughout the year and some months more than others.  An Ithaca body shop such as Wink’s Body Shop is prepared to get you quickly back on the road if your vehicle suffers any collision damage.

Why Accidents Happen at Certain Times of the Year

There are as many reasons and hypotheses of why accidents happen at certain times of the year as there are accidents, but there are three major times that bear discussion

  • The first few months a teen is driving.
  • August and especially Saturdays
  • And of course, the first snow falls in the Northeast

Teen Drivers/First Time Drivers

Getting a driver’s license is perhaps the biggest right of passage for teens.  Such an exciting time for them as they become more independent and enter the big world on their own.  Unfortunately, this is also the time when the highest percentage of teen accidents occur.  New drivers are not quite familiar enough with their reaction times, the vehicle, or keeping all the rules of the road in their mind.

Ithaca body shopThere is a lot of information needing to be processed as one simply drives down the street.  New drivers must learn to handle their vehicle, keep an eye on traffic, stay alert to potential dangers along the roadway, remember to use their signals in time, and pay attention to what they are doing.

This is a huge responsibility as we all know.  First time drivers need to be extra careful and alert. No cell phones or loud radios.  These should be avoided at all costs.  We know that the statistics for young people using their cell phones while driving are not good….accidents are at a higher percentage per capita now then ever before because of the misuse of phones and texting.  Instruct your teen driver on their responsibility both to themselves and to others.  If a phone must be used, they should pull over to a safe area and park their car before using a phone.

Why Would August Be a High Traffic Accident Month?

Collision repair in Ithaca is often at a fair steady level during the summer months, but particularly in August.  This is an interesting though sad fact.  The majority of fatal accidents occur in the month of August and especially on Saturdays.

The reason being is that the traffic is extremely heavy with vacationers from other states not knowing the area, people in a rush to get where ever they are going, and inattention to the road conditions.

Many drivers become complacent and a bit tired come August.  They try to drive longer distances in order to reach their vacation destinations or get back home.  Exhaustion and inattention seem to be the biggest cause of August accidents and the severity of them.

Winter – Collision repair in Ithaca

And here we are at the biggest month for traffic accidents.  Truly, it’s not just “one” month but a series of winter weather that throw people off.  That first snow fall is notorious for sending the fender benders to an Ithaca body shop for repairs.

Ithaca body shopIt’s just a huge change in driving methods when that first snow hits the ground.  Drivers seem to always forget there’s a significant change in how you react to traffic, how your brakes/tires work on snow and ice, and that they just can’t cruise along like they do in summer or clear weather.

So the biggest month for traffic accidents in the Northeast is whatever month the first couple snow falls hit..and then throughout the winter as road conditions are constantly changing.

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Don’t leave your collision repair in Ithaca to chance.  Use the premier body shop in Ithaca, Wink’s Body Shop, to get yourself back on the road.

No matter what time of year or season, you are in control of your vehicle.  Don’t let your guard down or take chances.  Keep your eyes open and your mind focused on everything around you.  Drive safe out there!


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