Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca Reminds You to Slow Down This Winter Season

Winter weather can be unpredictable at times, and that unpredictability can sometimes lead you to believe that roads are safer to drive than they really are. Ithaca is a city that is especially prone to drastic Collision Repair in Ithacaweather changes. In a single day, winter weather can go from mild to cold rain to heavy snow. After you’ve lived in Ithaca for a while, these type of weather changes are not that unusual.

Why We Care About Safe Driving
Our dedicated technicians here at Wink’s Ithaca collision repair know what can happen to drivers who run into driving mishaps in the winter. Frankly, it’s often not a pretty sight to see a car come into our shop with severe collision damage after an unfortunate accident. While you can go to work and not have to think much about that accident you passed by on the roadway, our technicians are often on the front lines of dealing with automobile damage after collisions, and the sad truth is that many of these damages could have been avoided.

Our staff here at Wink’s Body Shop in Ithaca, love what we do, and we’re always happy to help out our customers when they need us the most. However, we also want to let customers, and all drivers, know that the best way to avoid expensive auto damages is to drive carefully during the winter months. Being a little more cautious while you’re out there on the roads can mean the difference between a minor fender bender and major collision damage, making your car inoperable.

Additionally, we hate to hear about customers getting injured during one of these bad weather collisions. Sometimes drivers and passengers in one or more vehicles get hurt. That’s sad, and again, we just want you to understand that it’s crucial for you to be extra careful while driving around town when snow and ice are abundant. Remember, it’s much easier to fix a car than a body.

Slow It Down
We don’t mean to sound like nagging parents, but one of the main reasons people get into road accidents body shop in Ithacais due to speeding. It’s very tempting to race through the intersection as you see the light about to turn from yellow to red. This is a risky driving decision during good weather, but when the roads are icy, and patches of black ice are difficult to see, it’s downright dangerous to try beating every red light.

All it takes to spin out of control is rubber hitting a patch of ice, and before you know it, you’re in trouble. Cars end up in snowbanks, smash into guardrails, utility poles or other vehicles. Going faster than the posted speed limit is another risk you shouldn’t take, because again, you often won’t see that hidden ice, or be able to stop quickly when the driver ahead of you stops suddenly.
Winter auto accident? Bring your car into Wink’s for the best collision repair in Ithaca.

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