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One of the most common complaints you often hear from family and friends is that businesses don’t seem to care anymore about delivering good collision repair in Ithaca, Ithaca Body Shopcustomer service. Unfortunately, these complaints are quite valid in today’s world. Too many companies drop the ball when it comes to keeping customers happy and content, and use automated systems or outsourced workers to handle customer issues.

Things didn’t used to be like that. In the not too distant past, providing good customer service was the golden rule of business enterprise. Any business that values its bottom line recognizes that treating customers like gold is the pathway to longevity and success. Sigh. Too many companies have forgotten how to do this, or simply don’t care anymore about putting customer satisfaction above all else.

Is Good Customer Service Dead?

No. Good customer service is still around, but it’s a hit or miss experience for most consumers. That’s why when you find a business that practices good customer service, you want to make sure to let that business know that they are doing things right.

Take Wink’s Body Shop for instance.

Customer Love

Wink’s is an Ithaca body shop that is recognized in our local community for providing great customer service. We may be smaller than the big players in the industry, but make up for our small size by doling out lots of customer love.

Here at Wink’s treating customers with respect and courtesy is a part of everything we do. We know that if you like us, and we do a top-notch job for you, you’ll come back to us for auto body work.

Our staff knows that we’re in the people pleasing business, and that’s why customers are greeted with a smile when entering our shop. It doesn’t body shop in Ithacamatter if you’re a new or old customer. We value all customers.

Our customers often show us love back by telling their family and friends about us and sending referrals our way. Some customers post glowing online reviews, sharing their experiences with people looking for a good auto body shop in town. We’re thankful for these reviews.

We Take the Stress Out of Collision Repair

We first meet a lot of our customers after their vehicles are damaged by a collision. Because we are a top-rated Ithaca collision repair service, many people bring their wrecks in to us for fixing. Collisions are not a positive thing, and customers are rightly concerned about repair issues and costs. When you come to us we understand that our job is not just to fix your car or truck, but to put your mind at ease and take away as much stress as possible. Therefore, feel free to ask us questions about our repair process. We’ll answer all of your questions and let you know upfront what costs are involved. We’re also comfortable working with your insurer, and we do what it takes to get your vehicle back in good running condition.

Contact Wink’s Body Shop today for a free collision repair quote.

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