Wink’s Body Shop Proudly Uses Environment Friendly Paints

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Wink’s Body Shop wants our local customers to know that we are an environmentally friendly auto repair shop serving Ithaca and surrounding areas. This was a conscious decision made Ithaca Body Shop, Ithaca Repair Shop, Auto Body Repair, Collision Repairon our part to go in an earth-friendly direction. Our shop is at the forefront of an important transition happening in the auto repair industry. For decades paints made from solvents that contain harmful toxins were used for car paint jobs. Every shop pretty much used the same type of paints, because it was standard practice. However, within the past several years new enviro based paints have arrived on the scene. There are several reasons why Wink’s has chosen to switch to these green paints.

Healthier Work Environment

Wink’s Body Shop collision repair Ithaca is committed to providing a healthier work environment for our talented auto repair technicians. It only makes sense that we would want our staff using paints that meet current environmental standards for safety. Waterborne paints do not emit the high level of toxins into the air when spraying a car. We all breathe easier knowing that Wink’s is a safer environment for employees and customers.

Reduction of Air Pollution

The EPA is encouraging body shops like ours to make the switch over from solvent paints to low VOC paints that have a lesser impact on air pollution. It is not only the exhaust coming out of the engine that causes pollution. Car paint can also lead to a more invisible type of air pollution. When paint is sprayed tiny pigments are cast into the air and drift out into the open. When paint is stripped the same thing happens. And, when cars sit around deteriorating under the sun paint toxins are released into the air. Car paint made with the newer water based technology reduces the level of toxins floating around.

Quality of Finish

Besides reducing the toxic footprint on the environment, these waterborne paints make our job a lot easier. In our opinion, the quality of car color and finish with these paints is vastly collision repair ithaca, automotive glass repair ithacasuperior. This has to do with the way the paints are created and applied.

At first, we were a bit worried that green paints would not allow us to obtain exact color matches. However, we have been pleasantly surprised to find out that color matching is excellent. In fact, paint restoration quality has improved to the point where we would never even consider returning to old paint methods.

Switching from solvent to low VOC paints required additional training and expenses on our part to learn the new technique. However, we think it has been well worth the effort. When you bring your car into Wink’s for repairs, or a new paint job, you can be assured that your car is going to leave our shop looking awesome.

Wink’s Body Shop Ithaca is proud to provide superior quality custom paint jobs that customers love. We are also proud that we do this while protecting our precious planet.

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