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Car collisions can be a real pain to deal with. Not only must you contend with a damaged vehicle, but you Shop-Image-02-300x171also lose the mobility that comes with owning a car. At Wink’s Ithaca Body Shop, we understand what it’s like to be without personal transportation, and we know that each time a customer leaves their car with us for repairs, they want to know how long those repairs will take.
Well, the honest answer is that the amount of time it takes for us to repair the damages to your car depends upon unique circumstances, because each situation is different. However, what we can tell you is that we won’t artificially inflate the repair time like some shops do. Because we perform the best collision repair in Ithaca, we value our reputation enough to give you a realistic time frame. Repairs usually take anywhere from a few days to a week or more.
Regardless of how long it takes us to do the repairs, one thing is for sure – we’ll repair your vehicle as quickly as we can.
How do we determine the estimated repair time?
That’s a good question.
Here’s our formula for coming up with a time frame:

The first thing we do before making a determination is to inspect your car thoroughly. This involves you body shop in Ithacabringing your car into our shop and having us take a look at the damages. We’ll take a close look at the exterior and interior of the car, and then determine what type of repairs we think have to be made in order to return your car to its running condition.

After the initial inspection is done by one of the trained repair technicians at Winks Body Shop, we then calculate the number of days it will take to order and receive replacement parts, install auto parts and make other needed repairs. All of this requires a deep understanding of how the cycle of auto shop repair works at Wink’s. Our technicians draw on their long-term experience with similar types of repairs to determine how long each step is going to take.

Project Management
Our technicians are always busy doing repairs on various vehicles, and your car is added to our project schedule. Each project takes up a certain number of work hours per day, and there may be one or more cars ahead of yours awaiting repairs. We have the flexibility to speed up certain repair jobs, depending on delivery of parts and availability of technicians.

Customer Needs
Every customer who brings their car into Winks Body Shop in Ithaca for repair has specific needs in regards to their vehicle. We’ll chat with you about the repairs we intend to make, and give you a time frame of when we feel we can get the work done. Let us know about personal and work issues that make it imperative to get your car back as soon as possible. We’ll do our absolute best to meet your deadlines.
Call Wink’s Body Shop today for courteous service and fast repairs.

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