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Obviously, the A/C unit in your automobile sits idle during the winter, and it’s often not until the first hot day that you realize things are just not right.  Wink’s Body Shop is more than just an Ithaca collision repair facility.  We have extensive knowledge and expertise in working with A/C units and can quickly and accurately diagnose the issue.

air conditioningWith the warmer weather fast approaching, getting you’re A/C unit checked over and cleared for the coming season will make for far more pleasurable driving experiences.  There’s nothing worse than a hot, humid day only to find out your air conditioning system is producing warm air or no air.  A vehicle can become stifling in a very short period of time.

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Freon Leak – any leaks within the system, hoses, gaskets will reduce and/or eliminate the a/c unit from producing cool air

A/C Compressor Not Engaging – This could be a result of a corroded or broken system and requires trained personnel to repair.

The Blend Air Door is Stuck – There’s a small vent door within the system that can become stuck in the wrong position and not operate properly.  Easier to determine the cause when instead of cool air being blown into the cabin, you are getting full on hot air.

You Can Feel Cold Air, But It’s Not Blowing – this would indicate the fan is not engaging, either it’s blown, worn out, or a fuse may be tripped.

Wink’s Body Shop Can Get You Cool Again

Your A/C system is complicated, and while there are some easy fixes like adding Freon, there are also more difficult issues that only a trained and certified mechanic can fix. In a few cases, the problem is indicative of more severe issues, but usually repairing the A/C is a fairly simple job, even when a mechanic has to handle it.

We, here in New York, can suffer some pretty extreme seasonal changes.  The summer months are notorious in the area for bringing periods of stifling heat.  You spend a good deal of time in your vehicle as does your family.  Comfort is important and without a properly working air conditioning system, there is little joy in traveling.

air conditioningWink’s Body Shop is your go-to facility in the Ithaca area.  We are well known for our collision repair in Ithaca, but do provide experienced and knowledgeable certified mechanics that can quickly diagnose your vehicle’s air conditioning problems.

An air conditioning system requires numerous working parts and, of course, a refrigerant to carry the heat out.  Many times the issue is simply that the refrigerant level is low.  This needs to be checked by a technician who can properly utilize testing equipment to determine the exact level needed.

One thing many people do not realize is that an air conditioning system is a closed system.  Once a leak develops, immediate repair is necessary.  Failure to repair the leak means you now have an open system…which allows condensation to build up inside.  As you might imagine, condensation and metal do not mix well.  The longer you wait to repair your A/C system, the potential for a higher bill becomes very real.

Contact us, your Ithaca body shop, to give us the opportunity to review your air conditioning system. We want you to enjoy a comfortable ride this summer.


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