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What’s the worst thing that can happen to your car?
If you said a collision, you’re right.
Collisions, or as they are more popularly known – car wrecks – often cause extensive damages inside and collision repair in Ithacaout. Usually, collisions are the result of one car smashing into another car, bending and twisting metal, glass and attached parts. The average car weighs thousands of pounds, making it very likely that any type of forceful impact is going to do some major damage to your car in just a few seconds.
Ithaca is a small city that has less traffic accidents than larger cities, but drivers here still get into collisions every once in a while. When that happens car owners must contend with deciding where to take their damaged vehicle for repairs. In some cases, the damage is so extensive that the owner wonders if the car is even worth fixing. The only way to find out for sure is to take your vehicle into an auto repair shop that specializes in Ithaca collision repair.
We’re Like a Hospital for Cars
When you go to your primary care doctor for a major sickness your doctory refers you to a specialist, if he can’t handle the problem with conventional treatment. In some cases, you may have to go to the hospital for specialized care. When your car is in bad shape do you just chose any old mechanic to check it out?
If so, you should reconsider that strategy. Car collisions do all sorts of damage to a car’s inner workings, body shop in Ithacaand these days most cars run on sophisticated computer technology. Not only does the body require special repair work, but certain mechanical parts and wiring must be restored. All this work must be done with expertise in order to avoid costly mistakes that can cost you additional time and money.
We hope you are never in a collision, but if you are, or your car sustains major damage while parked somewhere, take it to technicians who know exactly how to diagnose what’s wrong, and then provide you with a great quote for repair services. Wink’s Auto Body Shop specializes in collision repair in Ithaca and the surrounding areas. You could say that we’re used to doing a medical triage of sorts on cars that come into our shop with all sorts of damages.
Customers who are fortunate, only have banged up doors or rear ends that are fairly easy to fix on our end. However, there are some cases that require complex repair skills, and our technicians are certified to handle these tricky cases. Auto repair technicians at Wink’s stay up-to-date with auto repair certifications, which helps us perform our best work for our customers. Frankly, if we can’t fix your car’s collision damage, it’s probably beyond hope.
Bring your collision damaged car to the local experts who can diagnose the problem quickly, provide you with an affordable quote and restore your car back to health. Contact Wink’s Auto Body Shop today.

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