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Wink's Autobody Shop - Collision repair in Ithaca NY

Wink's Body Shop has been serving the people of Central New York for over 20 years. Their technicians are able to fix everything from the smallest ding to complete restorations. Since Wink's Body Shop is family owned and operated, the customer can leave their vehicle knowing that the work will be done right. Not only will it look good but the repairs are guaranteed. If there is ever a problem in the future, the customer is encouraged to bring their vehicle back and allow Wink's to fix the problem.

Wink's Warrantee

What people are saying about Wink's

"Getting car repairs can always be a challenging experience but Todd at Wink's Body Shop made it a pleasure. He is excellent in his work, very reasonable and I would highly recommend his body shop to anyone."
Sanjeer Vohra